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Escuela De Sophia Of Caloocan, Inc.

Block 31 Lots 1&2 Narra St. Rainbow Village 5 Phase 2, Bagumbong Caloocan City


Grade: 12 Semester: 1st semester

Core Subject Title: PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND HEALTH No. of Hours/Semester: 20 hours/1st semester
Type of Subject: Physical Education
Description: Physical Education and Health offers experiential learning for learners to adopt an active life for fitness and lifelong health. The knowledge, skills and understanding
which include physical and health literacy competencies support them in assessing, synthesizing and evaluating information, making informed decisions; enhancing and advocating
their own as well as other's fitness and health.
Power Standard: Leads recreational events with proficiency and confidence resulting in independent pursuit and in influencing others positively.
Highest Enabling
Strategy to Use in
1st Quarter Performance Standard Learning Competencies Highest Thinking Skill to Assess Developing the
Highest Thinking
Skill to Assess
KUD KUD Enablin
Content Beyond Class Beyond Class Assessment g
Content Minimum Minimum RBT Level g
Standards Minimum ificat Minimum ificat Technique General
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s LC11, LC14, Represe
Remembering Group
understandin Leads LC1,LC3 LC16 ntation
g of recreational Organizing
HOPE 4 on
recreation in events with an inter- Commu
optimizing proficiency school
A. Recreational nication,
one's health and competition Varied
Activities Applying, Connect
as a habit as confidence to upgrade LC4, LC5, Group
B. Mountaineering their skills
LC4,LC5,LC9 Analyzing, ions,
requisite for resulting in LC9 Dynami
C. Aquatics and Evaluating Reasoni
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activity persuit and in
swimming Proofs
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events Role
performance others
LC6, LC12, Playing
and as a positively. LC2,LC7, Problem
LC13, LC15, Creating /
career LC8,LC10 Solving
LC17 Simulati
Performance Task: The students are assigned a designated task for a swimming competition at the end of the school year. As
a swimming committee/officials you need to point out the application of different strokes during the duration of the event
and the effective organization of swimming competition, your audience are HOPE Students, Teachers and Coaches. They will
be assessed according to efficient delivery of task assigned and the efficiency of the task performed in relation to the
success of the year end swimming competition.

Literal Transfer Task: Developing self-efficiency in choosing a varied sports activities to enhance holistic wellness at the
end of the school year.