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This Mouse Touch Gestures chart is a look-up of all shortcuts relevant to this interaction mode of

DesignSpark Mechanical. We recommend you print this Mouse Touch Gestures chart and use it when
transforming your next big idea into a real concept design.

Mouse and touch gestures

• To gesture with a mouse, hold down the right mouse button
and drag in the gesture pattern. Orienting Modes
• To gesture with a touchscreen or touchpad, touch with two fingers, Sketch mode
pause, then drag in the gesture pattern. With a pen, touch and Spin Up for the top tool
drag in the gesture pattern while holding the pen button.
Section mode
• To cancel a gesture, pause for one second. Pan Over and back for the
middle tool

General Documents Zoom 3D mode

Undo Down for the bottom tool
Open Zoom in one level
Like a letter O Like pulling the view closer
Cut Insert Zoom out one level New window
Like pushing the view away Like a capital letter N
Like a lower-case letter I
Like an upside-down paste
New design Zoom extents Previous window
Paste Like a letter N
Like its hotkey Ctrl+V
Rotate 90° clockwise Next window
Delete Save as
Like using an eraser
Like a quick letter S Rotate 90° counter-
Measure clockwise Views
Like a thin M Print Home view
Like the top of a letter P Like a shelter
Insert tools
Sketch tools Trimetric view
Close document Plane Like rising from a plane
Line Like a flattened letter P
Like the letter L Plan view
Editing Axis Looking down on a plane
Rectangle Like drawing Y and X axes
Like a small letter R Previous view
Select Shell Like a left-pointing arrow
Like a shelled cube
Circle Next view
Select all
Offset Like a right-pointing arrow
Like drawing an S curve Pull
Mirror Hide object
Three point arc Like a capital letter M
Like drawing an arc Move
Intersect tools
Tangent arc Detailing
Like drawing an arc Fill Combine
Like a capital letter C
Like a square to be filled
Trim corner
Replace Split solid
Like a stylized letter R Ruler dimension Like a letter S
Trim away
Up To (tool guide)
Project to sketch Note Split face
Like going down then up to

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