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Industrial Networking

An industrial communication network is a backbone for any automation system

architecture as it has been providing a powerful means of data exchange, data controllability,
and flexibility to connect various devices.
LAN (Local Area Network, which is used in a limited area) or WAN (Wide Area Network
which is used as global system) enabled to communicate vast amounts of data using a limited
number of channels.
Industrial communication network is a special type of network made to handle real-time
control and data integrity in harsh environments over large installations. The examples of
industrial communication networks include Ethernet, DeviceNet, Modbus, ControlNet, and
so on.
A fieldbus is another local control area network used for real-time distributed control systems
in complex automated industrial systems. It is a digital two-way multidrop communication
link between controllers and intelligent field devices such as smart
sensors/actuators/transducers. It replaces the conventional point-to-point communication
system that consists of as many wire pairs as the number of field devices.