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DATE OF BIRTH: 10/22/1955

MOBILE PHONE: 0058-4146153511
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I am degree qualified in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).

Encompasses the processes and procedures used to ensure that the company’s
operations and projects will not inflict harm on personnel, the public, and the
environment. With over 32 years’ experience working for nationals and internationals oil
and gas companies (upstream/downstream, on-shore/off-shore), major construction
industry and petrochemical. I am well accustomed to best industry practices.
Experience includes adapting ,development of corporate HSE procedures, the
preparation of HSE instructions for the contractor’s personnel . Well aware of
international HSE legislation. Full interaction with work-force regarding HSE in order to
develop a smooth and safe operations. . In addition to this, waste management,
emergency response, drills and debriefs, H2S operations, employee workplace
rehabilitation. Excellent communication skills and aimed at the realization of operational
and maintenance goals in a safely manner . High ability to work under pressure
I adapt well, and enjoy working and living with a multi cultural workforce and contractors
,that speak English as Second Language.


• Safety / Health and Environmental Specialist, University of Zulia (Zulia-


• High Specialty in Safety, Health and Environment, applied to Oil and Gas .2011
• High Specialty in Safety, Health and Environment, applied to Heavy
Construction .2012

• Hazardous recognition, incident/accident investigation (failure tree), safety based

on behaviour (BBS).
• HSE advisor on norms, laws and regulations Safety Plan development.
• HSE Team Lead reports and HSE Statistics.
• Philosophy of HSE, hazard communications, safety transportation, safety in
operations, waste management, work permit, OSHA regulations, work sites
inspections, first aid, safety for management safety driving, risk assessment
• HSE Management of multi-Billion Dollar Oil / Gas, Heavy Construction and
Petro-chemical projects .
• Legislative and best practice advice to senior management, client, project team.
• Safety in Operations in Construction Projects and Drilling Rigs, Work-Over and
Pulling, STOP program, H2S, ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 & ISO 19000.
• Fluid English
Native Spanish

Expatriate Service Locations

• Saudi Arabia
• Kuwait
• United Arab Emirates
• Greece
• Spain
• Venezuela
• Ecuador

Attended several courses and seminars, such as:

• Worley Parsons: British Standards (BS) and NEBOSH (UK Standards).

• Dickson/Gis: philosophy of HSE, hazard communications, safety transportation,
safety in operations,
• Shell/Bechtel: waste management, work permit, work sites inspections, first aid,
safety for management safety driving, risk assessment analysis.
• Statoil/Chevron: OSHA regulations, training, first aid, near miss ,routes of escape
design, accidents Investigations, safety based on behaviour (BBS).
• Chevron/Pride: Safety in drilling, work over and pulling, STOP program, H2S,
ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 & ISO 19000.
• Saudi Aramco: Hazardous recognition, incident/accident investigation (failure
tree), permit to work, safe operations in drilling rigs and workover. emergency
drills response, risk analysis identification (job safety analysis), fall protection,
heavy lifting procedures, firefighting , first aid, lock-out and tag-out training, safety
leadership skill-path training, safe completion of power operated platform health
and safety and safe operation.
• Dragados: Fall protection, rigging and slinging (heavy lifting equipment), scaffold
inspection, mobile equiptment inspection, firefighting program, incident/accident
investigation , safety excavation, trenching, sloping ,piling.
• Well Control School: Rig Inspection, Well Cap, Rig Pass, Fundamental Drilling.
• OSHA: OSHA Standards 2008 up-dated. General Industries and Construction.
• Fire School: Up-dating Firefighting (prevention and control), H2S, Accident &
Incident Investigation (failure tree), Safety Driving, Confined Space, falls
protection equipment, well control basic, well control CAP, fundamental drilling.
• IASP/NASP: Environmental, Health & Safety Specialist. 2008.
• IASP/NASP: Petroleum Safety Specialist. 2010.
• IASP/NASP: Construction Safety Specialist.2010
• ModuSpec: SaudiAramco In House Training Course.2014 (Mike Horiza)
• NEBOSH: SaudiAramco In House Refresh Training Course. 2014 (Mike Horiza)
• The role of the HSE in fracking process: Saudi Aramco In House Training Course
2014 (Mike Horiza)
• Bow-Tie Methodology: SaudiAramco In House Training Course 2016 (Keith

PetroCarabobo (CICSA/REPSOL/PDVSA Join Venture Project). HSE Project

Leader. Construction and Engineering/100 bpd Extra Heavy Oil Production facility
April 2018 at Present
Site: Petrocarabobo Upstream and Downstream production facilities/Venezuela
Assigned by Petrocarabobo as HSE Project Leader to supervise the designated
contractor’s during the star up and final construction of the extra heavy oil production
main station plant and facilities. Ensuring the overall HSE compliance throughout the
development of the project. Provide ongoing support to organizations to assist them in
implementing the company's HSEMS ,assisted the Deputy Manager and Construction
Manager, assisted internal and external HSE audits during the project execution, to
establish action plans in order to close all the remaining open items resulting from
audits , conduct weekly field inspections and daily follow ups. Assisting in developing
safety processes related to risk assessment and management such PTW , JSA,
procedures implemented, safety training, asset integrity, safe operations ,prevention
program, contractor safety, emergency preparedness plan to ensure it was suitable
with existing resources, incident/accident investigation. Supervision of the
environmental plan .Supervision of implementation and maintain procedures based on
HACCP principles/Food Safety Management . Applied Bow-Tie Methodology as a
safety help.

La Guajira Simultaneous Project Wind Energy and / Photovoltaic Solar

Joint Venture (PDVSA/Corpoelec/IMPSA). HSE. Project Manager
Alta Guajira,. Venezuela
January 2017 at March 2018
Site: Caño Sagua y Caño Paisana
The objective of this project is to strengthen the National Electric System/SEN
(Increasing 10000 MW) in the Alta Guajira. Assigned as HSE Project Manager to
develop and executing health and safety plans in the work place according to legal
guidelines. Preparing and enforcing policies to establish a culture of health and
safety, evaluating practices , procedures and facilities to assess risk and adherence
to the international and local law, also be able to discover opportunities for improving
conditions and execute various safety programs , communicate guidelines to a
multidisciplinary workforce, conduct training and presentations for health and safety
matters and accident prevention ,inspect equipment and machinery to observe
possible unsafe conditions, investigate accidents or incidents to discover causes and
handle workers compensations claims, recommend solutions to issues , improvement
opportunities or new prevention measures, report on health and safety awareness,
issues and statistics.

MAS/SaudiAramco. HSE Safety Advisor.

Site: Manifa Area and Udailiya .
DGG Unit.
June 2011 at december 2016
Saudi Arabia

Manifa/Northen Area/Udhailiyah On-Shore/Off-Shore project (expansion

oil/gas/engineering) and GDD (Gas Drilling Deparment) unit.
Provide a complete effective SMS support to VP-D&WO. Typical operating area
responsibility covers 5,000-60,000 sq. km conventional and unconventional oil
wells .HP/HT (High Pressure/High Temperature) Hydraulic Fracturing, including up to
15,000 Aramco and contractor employees, monitoring operating functions such as
onshore and offshore drilling & work over operations. In addition, ancillary service
functions such as well site construction, and Water well maintenance and
Environmental Remediation. Ensuring D&WO Operations are conducted in a socially
responsible and environmentally sensitive manor in accordance with all applicable
legislation, regulations, standards, policies and procedures. To assist the loss
prevention department. Incumbents reports to and receive administrative guidance
from the unit HSE corporate director. Conduct SMS audits, incidents investigations.

TRs/HellenicPetroleum. HSE Project Manager. January 2009 – May 2011

Site: Elefsis refinery up-grade project.
Hiundai. HSE Project Manager
Abu Dhabi refinary upgrade project.
Greece/Spain/Abu Dhabi

Responsible to create and apply the HSE corporate manual, administer appropriate
safe work practices/procedures for the project, promote a high level of safety awareness
on the Site through orientation /induction session and contact with supervisors, attend
Contractor kick-off meeting, to ensure that Works Contractor is informed and aware of
all health, safety and environment requirements. Analyze and approve Works
Contractor Health and Safety Work Plan. Ensure the correct location of Works
Contractor within its assigned work area and in particular that hazardous materials are
rationally and safely stored, requesting permits from the competent authorities,
according to the applicable regulations and to its Health and Safety Work Plan. Review
and approve the Emergency Response Plan for the site. Distribute to Works Contractor
standards, procedures or any other document that may be required to organize works
safely. Together with Works Contractor Safety Team, pay special attention to the
specific risks of operations that have to be carried out in hazardous areas or in
presence of harmful substances. In the event of accident participate accident
investigations, Promote Motivation activities to increase health, safety on Site. Attend
scheduled Safety meetings and organize jointly with Works Contractor Representatives
the Safety meetings required to discuss particularly important topics on health, safety
and environment. Attend (him or his designee) Weekly Safety Inspections. Monitoring
the implementation of the present Construction Health and Safety Plan. Conducting
Safety Audits and coordinate with Safety and Health Coordinator during the project
execution stage any adjustment of the HSE plan.

Dragados/WorleyParsons. DAP Project (Phosphate Plant and Infrastructure).

Site: As Raz Zawr; Saudi Arabia.
Dragados/Initec-Energia/flúor. Refinery Upgrade.
Site: Olefins Complex Project/ Al-Shuaiba- Kuwait/Spain
HSE Project Manager. February 2003- December 2008

Responsible to the project in all activities related with safety. Monitoring all construction,
installation, testing commissioning activities for safety measures. Administering
appropriate safe work practices and procedures for the project, checking adequacy of
original safety action plan, evaluating sub-contractor program, developing and
maintaining risk assessment for all significant HSE hazards identified, coordination of
HSE team, MSDS, attending all the relevant HSE meetings, inspections, audits,
continuously evaluating construction working conditions and safe work practices,
participating in accident and incident investigation, participate in planned and unplanned
task observation, housekeeping and HSE inspections, audits, administering the first aid
medical program and maintaining medical facilities and equipment, training, mobile
equipment plan, emergency evacuation, injury and rehabilitation plan, environmental
plan, supervising all contractors and sub-contractors.

ITM/SaudiAramco. HSE Project Manager .

January 1998- November 2002
Saudi Arabia

Perform various safety/operations/maintenance duties, downstream, upstream on

drilling and work over rigs including safety training, operational assistance and technical
support on maintenance programs. Ensure contractors meet all requirements of
contract from safety standpoint, correct any unsafe practices and making sure all rig
personnel comply with Saudi Aramco established safety standards and procedures.
Coordinate safety courses for employees between superintendent of drilling and work
over training unit.
Work closely with Saudi Aramco Loss Prevention Department in developing programs
and achieving safety goals and objectives. Resolve operational, maintenance issues
with Saudi Aramco Rigs Maintenance Unit.

CNPC America LTD. HSE Site Manager.

March 1993 – December 1997.
Site: Intercampo Norte/Maracaibo Lake.

Creation of HSE Corporation Manual (HSE plan, environmental plan, mobile equipment,
evacuation plan, emergency procedures), full interaction with work force regarding HSE
and proper procedures in order to develop a safe operations (local and expat
personnel), incident/accident investigation, risk analysis identification ,review for
approval all JSA/Method of statement, observation and follow up HSE standards, hook
up and commissioning activities, daily safety meetings, inspections (cranes, life saving
equipment, derrick, rig floor, firefighting equipment and other work areas), new
employee orientation, supervisor of HSE for contractors and sub-contractors, drill rig
safety procedures (land rig/water rig, production platform), rigging and slinging,
monitoring rig move’s, safety marine transportation, safety driving course, first aid,
monitoring different step of operational jobs, STOP program training, H2S induction,
waste management control, general manager’s advisor in HSE, responsible for the
relationship with the communities, authorities and others companies.
HSE Project Coordinator. January 1987– December 1992.
Site: Maracaibo Lake-Venezuela

Apply safety standards of PDVSA, PRIDE, PETROBRAS, TECPETROL, API, ANSI,

OSHA and CHEVRON/TEXACO. Responsible of monitoring, put in place the Health,
Safety and Environmental system. Emergency and evacuation plan, Injury and
rehabilitation plan, Mobile equipment procedures, firefighting prevention and control,
JSA analysis, drilling, work-over and pulling, emergency drill response, H2S, PPE,
safety driving , policies of drugs, smoke and fire arms, first aid, monitoring rig’s move,
permit to work, risk assessment, rigging and slinging procedures, safety audits,
inspections (Cranes, lifesaving equipment, derrick, rig floor, firefighting equipment, and
other work areas), safety marine transportation, STOP program application. As HSE
coordinator, also training (prepare instruction related HSE for the Company and
Contractor’s Personnel). Regarding to the adaptation of HSE policies of foreign
companies-Operators- (before beginning operations in Venezuela or when necessary
and important adjustments are made), as Instructor adapts such Policies and
Procedures to the Spanish language, always in conjunction with Client’s
Representatives. Then these recommendations are accepted, put in place as Corporate
Regulations and displayed to the work force (training). .

EXGEO C.A. Safety/Health/Enviroment Supervisor. April 1980- November 1986

Site: Exploration Proyect/Maraven-Venezuela

Apply safety procedures, operations procedures, training, control of sub-contractors,

Instruction of the personnel concerning to the protection and operations. During the
development of the job many risks were involved due to the fact of the different
operations were taking place, such as lifting (rig-up and rig-down of equipment,
transportation of dangerous materials, crane operations and forklift. Concerning HSE,
all the techniques and principles were also in place and I was the responsible to
develop such system.
Support to operations, permit of work, work site inspection inspect sub- contractor
training, emergency procedures. Responsible with the Safety Manager to put in place
the Safety System which considered in the following: Pre-Operational Safety Meetings,
Pre-Tour Safety Meetings, Weekly Safety Meetings, Inspections (cranes, lifesaving
equipment, firefighting equipment, and other work areas), Drills, Unsafe acts/conditions
Audits, Incident Investigations, etc. The standards used in order to perform his
positions were monitored the job site.