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Rubric for Engineering: Simple Machines

Goals/Objectives 1 2 3 4
Understand what I struggle to I can I understand I completely
a simple make a recognize a what a simple understand a
machine is and connection few simple machine is and simple
how it helps with what a machines and how it helps machine and
engineers simple struggle how engineers. can create my
machine is they help own ideas
and how it engineers and explain
helps how it helps
engineers engineers.
Identify and I struggle to I can I can identify I can identify
Understand Six know what recognize with all of the and explain
Type of Simple the six types some of the six types of the six types
Machines of simple six simple machines and of simple
machines and machines but know the machines and
what they are struggle to majority of how they
and need to explain their their function with
review more. functions. functions. examples.
Understand the I do not recall I struggle to I am willing to I can fully
same physical information see how understanding explain the
properties used on how long simple and make the connection
today to build simple machines are connections of with modern
were employed machines in modern day simple day
in the ancient have been skyscrapers. machines in technology to
times to build around modern day ancient times
pyramids. buildings.
Create a model I struggled to I was not I was able to I achieved a
simple machine work with a following make a simple functional
and record partner, directions machine, and I simple
evidence of create a into creating a recorded some machine with
distance and designed simple of the data. all the data.
accuracy simple machine.
Points Points Points Total of
____/16 points