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The Word of God1 at the synod of the saint archangels, Michael and Gabriel2

All My heavenly glory is here. The day of My angels’ feast is above and below. This
day is very sweet and its feast is sweet. The angelic hosts startle above and below near the table
of My teaching with you, sons of My people from My spring of word, and with you, those who
have come to embrace each other with the glory of My feast, with the saints and with My angels

I am the Lord Jesus Christ, and My voice feeds you and brings you to the spring, to My
joy and the Father’s. When We meet you here, We escape a little time of sufferance, for suffer-
ance is heavy. We are here now, a great multitude, in groups by groups, and in the same way
We are sitting down, as We are sitting down and staying like that in heaven as well.

We are meeting you, those who have travelled to the spring. The table and its house are
prepared, and those who wait for you in the threshold are prepared too. Oh, peace to you! This
is the greeting of the Lord! My angles have come with you on your way, as I have commanded
them to do that as many times as you start to get ready for My spring of word. Oh, how much
joy! The days of Sunday or the days of heavenly feasts are days of love between you and
Us, those in heaven, between We and you, those on earth. Oh, how much preparation of love
for the Lord and for His saints is done! The Christian does something sweet for such days. Oh,
how beautiful! For the joy of the holy days man gives something to each other, he goes to
church, he shares something sweet, a wafer, or some fruit and cake. Behold, I, the Lord, too,
am setting a sweet table and We are gathering around it, We and you.

Behold what advice I am giving you: take care always, always, of those that are not
seen, of those in heaven and take care of those who have come to heaven from the earth,
take care for them to be able to spend with you always, to be able to work with you always. Do
not cast them out, do not make them sad and do not disappoint them by your carelessness for
them. They are with the heaven near you to come with you on earth, for they mean heaven,
they are with you and stay with you together with their homeland, with their entire heaven. Oh,
do not spoil their feast with you! You need them all the time in all your spiritual and fleshly
work and in everything the Lord needs with you and from you. Oh, those on earth have to love
those in heaven very much.

Behold what else I am telling you: be fond of Me and for Me, well sons. Affection makes
the man’s heart sweet, it makes his nature sweet with everything and with all around him. Oh,
this is how are those on whom I, the Lord, rely when I come to you as word, and their affection
for Me is for you too, even if you do not have power enough to understand the miracle in their
little hearts. Oh, no one of you should insist to put any burdens on them thinking that they can
carry them or that they have to do it for you. Oh, no sons, no, because even so they feel all the
heavy burdens and protect themselves as much as they can against their spiritual and fleshly
weaknesses, because they have to take care of Me, and they have to be ready for Me always
and they cannot do this if they do not keep their strength for Me. Therefore, you have to know
this and protect them, sons, and be gentle, be tender and tender, and you will live the moments
more intensely, more alive, more as in heaven, well sons.

God’s Word in „Holy Citadel New Jerusalem” monastery, Glodeni – Romania, redactor note.
Translated by I.A.


I have come on earth to suffer for man. I had suffered much before I came to receive a
body among people, I had suffered in the Father and I am still suffering with the Father now,
after went to the Father after My resurrection, and I am suffering with the Father as in the time
after the man’s fall, for I lost him. Oh, sons, whoever loves Me with all his heart, with all his
being, that one loves My sufferance as well and comforts it for Me when he suffers for it with
his affection in him, but whoever does not love Me, he flees from sufferance, he flees from
God, from the One Who suffers for each man and from each man. Oh, why should I suffer from
something else but for man, for My building in whom I put My life? I also suffer for the angels
who were deceived by man when man exalted himself above Me after his creation and when
the angels served his thought, My closest angels and closest to the work of My heavenly
glory, and then there entered wickedness against the man who used them for his pride, by which
My closest angels fell after that, for pride does not have any place with God, and man was not
able to stay near Me with it either and he went away from God’s presence like the angels who
served his pride at his beginning with God. However, now, My angels, do not serve the man’s
pride but flee from the proud man and from his sins and they help only those who are humble
and stooped under the burden of their heavy sins and those who seek after the Lord for their

Oh, how sweet is My Spirit, how sweet I am speaking to you! I have given you the news
that I am waiting for you at the spring with sweetness, with longing and with My sons who are
attending at My table of word and at the feast from the table, and you have come to the spring.
There is so much singing, so much commotion and much love in the air and near you! Oh, I am
sharing with you so much comfort, only for you to feel it, sons! My word and the whole heav-
enly activity are like a song in the air here, and you are little trees. (See Matt: 13/31,323, Mark:
4/32) Be faithful for everything that I am speaking to you about My glory with you here. If you
pass through a grove you hear the singing of the birds, you hear their various chirps and even
if you do not see them, you believe them; you believe that they are there and they chirp standing
on the sprigs above you. You hear all their kinds of chirps and you believe that they are there.
Oh, in the same way I am, and I am with the saints in the air and I am speaking with them
and those who have ears to hear with them hear Me, and I am telling you all these to know,
sons, that the Lord is speaking and that His voice is heard. (Matt: 25/64) Oh, how can say
those who hear the Lord, how can they say that the Lord is not, that the Lord is not speaking?
Behold why I, the Lord, urge you to be gentle for those who are not gentle do not believe the
Lord and do not love Him like some children. He who does not love the Lord is not a child and
leaves the Lord’s presence as though he were a grown up and little by little he gets lost, and
then tears are needed for him, as I, the Lord, Who built the man, have for him.

You, Christian mothers and fathers of this word, you, who have children that left for the
world after they had stayed little for Me for a while, pray, oh pray to pull them out of this deep,
so enticing to lose the man, and your prayer with power will be effective, because I prayed and
I pray to the Father with supplication to receive and then to fulfill that which I have been asking
Him for.

«Jesus also presented another parable to them, saying, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of
mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field. It is indeed smaller than all seeds, but when it is
grown, it is the biggest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air can come and find shelter in
its branches.”» (Matt: 13/31,32)
«But at midnight there was a cry, ‘Behold! The bridegroom is coming! Come out to meet him!’»
(Matt: 25/6)


I am teaching you very sweetly, sons. This is how I want you to be, to love and to be,
for love is sweet sufferance, it is not joy, well sons, for joy is like a shadow, it is passing, but
love is sufferance and it brings eternity to man, it brings the Lord of life and sufferance for life,
sons. Oh, since I have chosen a people, and behold I have a people now, I am able to write now
My tear into the book, My sufferance because of My love for man, and the longing, which keeps
love alive. I am speaking now about the angelic work, for this is how My angels are, those who
love Me suffering with Me after man, sons. I have taken of their feelings and I have been speak-
ing to you about these, but they also have the joy to give you now. Oh, receive their comfort,
sons. Amen.

— We are giving you comfort, as the Lord is telling us to work. It is an angelic feast
here now, and the Lord is speaking upon you. Be angelically blessed, for the angels are blessing
you. Here with us and with you are now those who have come from the earth to heaven, and
those whom you have remembered on this day with us. They all are full of heavenly peace, full
of sweet gentleness and holy fondness, and they are walking very softly, they are tender, they
are looking at you and bowing in thankfulness before the Lord and before you. You have laid
the table with the Lord and they have come too, for they were called to come. The chiefs of the
angelic hosts, the leading angels, celebrated before the feast of the angels of today, we are
asking from the Lord for you power for sacrifice, and sacrifice is born out of the man’s humble
spirit and out of the Lord and His angels’ humble spirit, too. The Lord wants from you a broken
and tamed heart, sons.

Oh, on this say one remembers the day in the night the cross was raised victoriously
over the symbol church and we are gathering and embracing it like a steadfast watchman over
the little garden of the Lord. Behold a holy feast and only love above and below and comfort
by the word! Holy commotion of angelic wings breathes around your little bodies and fills you
with a gentle spirit.

Oh, bless Lord the Romanian country! Raise Your voice for it now. Amen.

— I have blessed it and I will keep on blessing it, My working angels.

Since I chose the people of the word of My coming now on earth from the Romanians,
a people who is receiving Me so that it may be heard the voice of My word with which I am
speaking from heaven, since then I have kept on loving with much longing and I have been
blessing even more My Romania, My today’s country. (See the selection topic: „Romania –
The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan5”, r.n.)

Oh, I am hurrying more to you, My today’s dear country, oh, and how many people
without watch for My word of today stay carelessly within you! However, I have breathed

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over My country and I have given My Spirit and it got up at My will and has fulfilled as
I, its Lord, wanted from it and for it, for it got up according to My word spoken for it and
gave and gives away from it those who have had no mercy on it, for My Spirit has worked
upon it by the word and no one understands this from among those who asks themselves:
How was it possible to come out like that?

Oh, I, the Lord, I have worked, Romanian people, I have given away the danger from
you, I have put you under the shelter and I am going to protect you, oh, My today’s country,
for those set upon you by this have spoiled everything as the Lord was supposed to work. My
angels ordain for you comfort and faith and you have to stay higher and higher among nations,
as from you the world will come to life and will be renewed, because I, the Lord, work this
into your midst with the people of My word, by which I perfect My word. Oh, peace to you
now! I hold you in My arms as My treasure. The Lord is keeping you into His arms so that you
may not fall, so that those, who love you for themselves and that is all, may not cause you to
fall, and this to be done against you, for they do not know how to love and they do not know
how to love you.

Oh, My country, I reached out My hand to you and I kept it above you on the day of the
drawing of the lots, (At the election for a new president, r.n.), and you do not know through
whom I slipped My help for you. I have the one whom I love because he loves you, and
whom I have kept up to this time at the helm over you. I have put My Spirit full of power
and word and he has called out like a strategist over the country to call you to watch, My
country, and then you have worked according to his word from mouth to mouth and it has
given you this victory against those who still suck you until they will fall down completely, for
your helmsman by this time (Traian Băsescu, the former president, r.n.) had obeyed Me much,
he loved and loves you much, even if love does not come back with the same love for his love
toward all your beloved ones. Oh, how much hatred had been nourished in the hearts of so many
people in such a way that they had come to hate him, but those who have hated him fell and
keep on falling disgracefully and now they are crying shamefully, after their so much bitterness
with hatred in them, by which they nourished each other to come out for high places, but behold,
they go up in flames, they go and do no longer come back for they have deceived many people.

I, the Lord, thank the helmsman you have had by this time with gratitude for the love of
his country and for his people and I am telling him this now: behold, I am breaking your obstacle
and you will return among the people to counsel them and to take care with your little mouth
of every Romanian, who is clean in his heart, and to tame the one who is stubborn, to urge him
on the way of the wisdom of the things and truth, for love is great wisdom and teacher. Be
gentle and be patient and watchful and work with My Spirit in the midst of those who want you
and listen to you for the good that has to be, for I, the Lord, will fight with those in heaven for
you to be useful to Me, and We will fill with love those without love so that there may be love
of brothers in the Romanian people. This is what I am telling you for your new beginning.

— Oh, bless Lord, the Romanian country now and forever, for we have spoken with
You, and You have spoken with the Romanian country on our day of synod, the day of Your
angels. May holy love and gentle spirit be in the Romanian people, oh, Lord. We are Your
servants for it and with it and we are chiefs over all the angelic hosts that serve You. Your holy
glory is upon it and Your speaking is sweet with it. Oh, peace to You on a day of the synod of


Your angels! It is a sweet and great feast in the midst of the Your word’s people that receives
You because it listens to You! Amen.

— My heavenly glory is all here now, oh, My dear and praised angels. (See the selec-
tion topic: „The glory of God6”, r.n.) This day is very sweet indeed. I am comforting you and
rejoicing you with those who receive Me here when I come as word on earth. We are comforting
them, too, and We are comforting all those who are making the effort and come to the voice of
My word, which brings them together in My Spirit, and I am giving them with peace and heav-
enly protection their return to their things, until the meeting that is going to take place for the
day of Epiphany, when We will be here again, they and We, and My people here will serve Us,
it will come to meet Us in the threshold and it will set Us at the table, for he who listens is

I let My heavenly hand over the Romanian land to be under My protection. Amen.

I have kept you at watch and in prayer for the country near Me, near the saints and near
My mother, people of My word, but during this time you have been working with your body
for My glory, for everything is to be done. I thank you son; I thank you affectionately and you
should be likewise, always, always, to be able to work for Me and for man, well son. I, the
Lord, am your help from above and below, for I am on earth as in heaven, even if those on earth
do not know Me by sight as those in heaven do; however, I sing like the birds that are perched
on the twigs of the trees and My voice is heard and is shared then and the Lord is word on earth
and it is shared His word and Spirit, who speaks and then fulfills.

I am Who I am! Retinues of angels carry Me and glorify Me and they are My glory, the
Lord’s glory. Amen, amen, amen.

Text emphasis in bold belong to the redactor (editor).

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