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Anecdotal Notes – Making Inferences

Does not make any - Daniel has been absent throughout most of our inference
inferences about a lessons
Daniel character. - When asked to write a diary entry in the perspective of one of
the main characters from Stray Dog he wrote a very basic entry
from his own perspective about this day at school.

Makes more than two - Cathy is increasingly improving her writing ability and making a
inferences about a huge effort to include new vocabulary and interesting twists in
character using her writing and this emphasises her strength in reading
descriptive language strategies, such as making inferences.
Cathy to outline events and - In her latest work sample, she wrote a diary entry from the
the character’s perspective of the dog in Stray Dog. She included many
inferred reaction to inferences she made based on the clues given by the author
those. and her own thoughts/opinions. It was really interesting to read
because she included inferences I would not have thought of.
Makes an inference - Kingdom is beginning to demonstrate a greater understanding
about a character and of making inferences about characters. He wrote some surface
briefly states a level inferences that were mostly based on clues given by the
Kingdom feeling/reaction the author.
character may have to - I definitely Kingdom could go deeper in his inferences especially
an event. if he finds intrinsic motivation within him to do good work. He
is very switched on and knows how to make an inference, as he
has demonstrated verbally, but my judgement is that he takes
the easy way out by speeding through work without giving it as
much thought/attention as he has potential to.
Makes an inference - Mira challenged herself by writing her diary entry from the
about a character and perspective of one of the minor characters in Stray Dog.
briefly states a - It is interesting that she decided to incorporate the concept of
feeling/reaction the inferencing within her entry, as she was asked to show how you
Mira character may have to make inferences about a character. E.g. “Tomorrow morning I
an event. will get a book I haven’t read before and make an inference
about the book”. I am happy that she understands infering I
would just encourage her to show me how she can make
inferences about what the character would be thinking.
Make at least two - I was very impressed by Makenzie’s inferences made in the
inferences about a form of a diary entry. She wrote about the events within the
chosen character from story, the dog’s feelings in relation to those events and included
Makenzie “Stray Dog” including WOW words and great sentence structure, especially as a diary
the event and entry.
character’s feelings. - I will try to extend Makenzie to continue this depth of inference
she has made in future tasks we do together.