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MAG3D (32bit)

VERSION 4.0 (Nov 2008)

Developed by UBC-Geophysical Inversion Facility

(C) Copyright 1992-2008, The University of British Columbia

All Rights Reserved

Distributed by:

Pitney Bowes Business Insight

This disk contains the MS DOS executables, MS Windows utilities executables

and test examples of the MAG3D program library.


Before installing and using this software, an authorised representative of your

organisation must sign the UBC Licence Agreement. As a user of the software you
are bound by the conditions of the signed agreement.

NOTE: The inversion programs are protected and can only be operated on
computers with the appropriate Hardware Lock attached to the USB port of
the computer.


MAG3D is a program library for carrying out forward modelling

and inversion of multi-component magnetic data from airborne,
ground, and borehole surveys in three dimensions.
These programs were developed at the UBC-GIF by:
Yaoguo Li, Douglas W. Oldenburg, and Roman Shekhtman.

The theoretical framework for MAG3D is provided in the papers:

(1) Li, Y. and Oldenburg, D.W. 1996, 3-D Inversion of Magnetic Data:
Geophysics, vol 61, pp394-408.

(2) Li, Y. and Oldenburg, D.W. 1997, Fast Inversion of Large Scale
Magnetic Data Using Wavelets: 67th SEG Expanded Abstract, pp490-493.

(3) Li, Y. and Oldenburg, D.W. 2000, Joint Inversion of Surface and
Three-Component Borehole Magnetic Data: Geophysics, vol 65, pp 540-552.

(4) Li, Y. and Oldenburg, D.W. 2000, Fast Inversion of Large-Scale

Magnetic Data Using Wavelet Transforms, accepted in Geophys. J. Int.

The research that generated MAG3D Version 3.0 was

primarily funded by the mineral industry consortium
"Joint and Cooperative Inversion of Geophysical and Geological Data"
which was sponsored by NSERC and the following companies:

BHP Minerals
CRA Exploration
Cominco Exploration
Hudson Bay Exploration and Development
INCO Exploration & Technical Services
Kennecott Exploration Company
Newmont Gold Company
Noranda Exploration
Placer Dome

Version 3.1 adds a GUI interface. This was developed

principally by Roman Shekhtman, and it has allowed
MAG3D to be distributed as part of the UBC-GIF Outreach

This disk contains the MAG3D program library.

This library is made up of the following files and directories:

Readme-MAG3D.txt - this file.

exe\ - directory containing all MAG3D programs & the interface.
mag3dDOC\ - documentation for MAG3D in pdf format.
Examples\ - two sample data sets:
Mystery\ - mystery data set used in the Workshop.
pyramid\ - sample data set showing topography effects.


The MAG3D program library is made up of the following programs:

MAGSEN3D.EXE - calculates sensitivity and the depth weighting function.

MAGINV3D.EXE - performs the 3D magnetic inversion.
MAGFOR3D.EXE - performs forward modelling.
MAGPRE3D.EXE - multiplies the sensitivity file by the model to get the
predicted data.

In addition, a graphical user interface to the above inversion

program is provided:

mag3d-gui.exe - main program to start up the interface.

gm-data-viewer.exe - a utility used by the interface to display the data.
MeshTools3d.exe - a utility to display the recovered model.

The above seven programs are stored in the exe\ subdirectory.

To run the inversions, you first must start the interface by executing

If you are using an older version of Windows 95, you might get an error
message when MeshTools3d is started, telling you that you need opengl.dll.
You can download this file from:

Note that MeshTools3d requires the colour setting on your PC to be

at least 16 bit.


The documentation for MAG3D is stored in pdf format and is located

in the DOC subdirectory. To view the documentation, you need the
Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded from www.adobe.com.

There is more documentation on the UBC website at: