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10  Quick Test Beginner

GRAMMAR A Is there a bar near here?

B No, ________.
Tick (✓) A, B, or C to complete the sentences.
A  not there    B  there isn’t    C  isn’t there 
Example: There aren’t ________ people here. 20 They ________ at school yesterday.
A any  ✓   B some    C a  A wasn’t    B isn’t    C weren’t 
1 ________ your friends at the airport? 20
A Was    B Were    C Is 
2 Where ________ you yesterday? VOCABULARY
A were    B was    C are 
a Tick (✓) the word that is different from the bold
3 ________ any hotels near here. word(s) A, B, or C.
A  There aren’t    B  There isn’t   
Example: a spa  A reception    B  a gift shop   
C  There are 
C  a pillow  ✓
4 ________ a good view in that room.
A  They is    B  There is    C  There are  1 a city  A  a town    B  a beach   
C  a village 
5 Is there ________ doctor here?
A a    B some    C any  2 a restaurant  A  a gym    B  a chair   
C  a spa 
6 Three people ________ in the swimming pool
at 2 o’clock. 3 a supermarket  A  a museum   
B  a hospital    C  a street 
A was    B is    C were 
4 a bath  A  a toilet    B  a pillow   
7 I think there are ________ hotels in the town.
C  a shower 
A not    B some    C any 
5 a chair  A  a swimming pool    B  a table   
8 There ________ children at this party.
C  a bed 
A  aren’t any    B  aren’t some    C  isn’t any 
6 a museum  A  a park    B  a street   
9 Where are my glasses? They are ________ the table.
C home 
A in    B at    C on 
10 ________ any problems in the office today? b Tick (✓) the correct word A, B, or C.
A  Is there    B  Are there    C  There are  Example: There is a bath and a shower and some
11 Is Mark ________ school today? towels in this place.
A at    B on    C in  A bedroom    B gym   
A Is there a lift in the hotel?
12 C bathroom  ✓
B No, ________. 7 There are some houses, a supermarket, a post office,
A  it isn’t    B  there isn’t    C  there it isn’t  and 300 people in this place.
A Was Tom late for work?
13 A  a city    B  a village    C  a town 
B Yes, ________. 8 There are waiters in this place. You can have
A  he late    B  was he    C  he was  dinner here.
14 Was ________ in the gift shop at 3.00? A  a restaurant    B reception    C  a spa 
A we    B you    C she  9 You use this to go to the fifth floor.
A Where was your daughter’s birthday party?
15 A  a park    B  a lamp    C  an elevator 
B It ________ the park. 10 You can do exercise here.
A  was in    B  were in    C  was there  A  a lift    B reception    C  a gym 
16 ________ good stories in that magazine? 11 You use this to turn on or turn off the TV.
A  Is there    B  Was there    C  Are there  A  a remote control    B  a double bed   
17 ________ vegetables in the kitchen. C  a parking lot 
A  There’s a    B  There aren’t any    12 You can see this from the window in a good hotel.
C  Are there some  A  a toilet    B  a view    C  a cupboard 
A There was a box in our room.
18 13 It is on the bed, you can sleep on it.
B What ________? A  a towel    B  a light    C  a pillow 
A  was in it    B  were in it    C  was in 

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10  Quick Test Beginner

14 You can make food here. PRONUNCIATION

A  a bathroom    B  a kitchen   
C  a hotel 
a Which word has a different sound? Tick (✓) A, B,
or C.
c Tick (✓) A, B, or C to complete the phrases. Example: A toy    B pool  ✓   C toilet 
Example: There’s a lamp ________ the table. 1 A year    B hair    C here 
A under    B on  ✓   C in  2 A work    B her    C near 
15 My room is ________ the first floor. 3 A where    B here  airport 
A on    B at    C under  4 A up    B computer    C was 
16 There are three books ________ my bag. 5 A here    B nurse    C first 
A at    B between    C in 
6 A very    B hair    C were 
17 Rosaline isn’t ________ work today.
A on    B in    C at  b Which is the stressed syllable? Tick (✓) A, B, or C.
18 My school is ________ London. Example: A re|cep|tion  ✓  B re|cep|tion   
A at    B in    C on  C re|cep|tion 
19 In the rain, you walk ________ an umbrella. 7 A vi|lla|ges    B vi|lla|ges   C vi|lla|ges 
A on    B in    C under  8 A ev|ery|bo|dy    B ev|ery|bo|dy   
20 John was ________ his car at 9.00 in the morning. C ev|ery|bo|dy 
A in    B at    C on  9 A res|tau|rant    B res|tau|rant   
20 C res|tau|rant 
10 A yes|ter|day    B yes|ter|day   
C yes|ter|day 

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50

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