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It is hereby agreed by and between the Board of Directors ("Board") of Monroe School District No. 103 ("District"), located in Snohomish County in the State of Washington, and Dr. Kenneth E. Hoover ("Superintendent") that the Board, in accordance with its action at its meeting held on March 9, 2009, has and does hereby employ Dr. Hoover as Superintendent of the District. Said employment is for the period commencing July 1, 2009 and ending June 30, 2012. Effective July 1, 2009 this agreement supersedes and replaces all earlier agreements.

1. The Superintendent shall perform the duties of the Superintendent of

Schools of the District and Secretary of the Board of Directors as prescribed by the laws of the State of Washington, the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education and of the Board of Directors of the District, and the Codes of Ethics of the State and National Associations of School Administrators. The Superintendent shall devote his time, skill, labor and attention to the duties of Superintendent and shall also perform such additional duties as the Board may from time to time prescribe.

2. Subject to Board approval, the Superintendent may organize, reorganize,

and arrange the administrative and supervisory staff, including instruction and business affairs, which in his judgment best serves the District. The responsibility for selection, placement, and transfer of personnel shall be vested in the Superintendent, subject to approval by the Board.

3. The Superintendent, with Board approval, may attend appropriate

professional meetings at the local, state, and national level, the reasonable expenses of said attendance to be borne by the District. The Superintendent, with Board approval, may attend national conferences.

4. The Superintendent, with approval of the Board, may undertake

consultative work, speaking engagements, writing, lecturing, or other professional duties and obligations that do not conflict with his duties as Superintendent and are in accordance with the law.

5. The Superintendent shall reside within the boundaries of the District.

6. It is mutually agreed that the Superintendent’s job performance will be

evaluated annually as required by law. If this contract is not to be extended for an additional year beyond June 30, 2012, the Board shall give written notice of the same to the Superintendent no later than June 30, 2010. Absent such notice, the

Superintendent’s contract shall be deemed renewed for 2012-13. Subsequent annual

renewals will likewise occur unless the Board gives the requisite written notice to the Superintendent by June 30, of each subsequent year. The Superintendent shall remind the Board of the existence of this renewal clause by providing a written notice to each Board member between April 15 and May 1 of each year. Failure by the Superintendent to provide this notice shall invalidate the next renewal of the contract for one additional year.

7. The Board and the individual members thereof shall promptly refer to

the Superintendent for study and action or recommendation, all material criticisms, complaints, and suggestions called to the attention of the Board or any member thereof.

8. The Superintendent's annual salary for the 2009-10 contract year shall

be the same amount as the 2008-09 contract year ($211,692), to be paid in twelve (12)

monthly installments because the Superintendent has elected to waive any increases

that might accrue based on the applicable annual survey.

years, the annual salary increase will be set by board action prior to July 1 st and after

completion of the Superintendent’s annual evaluation and receipt of the most current annual salary survey as set forth in this paragraph. The annual survey will determine the average total annual compensation (inclusive of any annuity, monthly car allowance, and vacation buy-back) of superintendents in neighboring districts (Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Arlington, Stanwood, and Marysville). In the event the District inadvertently goes beyond any applicable statutory limits in compensating District employees, it will become necessary to recover the difference in amount paid to said employee(s) beginning immediately in the contract year of the overpayment. All such computations will be based on finalized State reports.

For subsequent contract

9. In addition to annual salary, the Superintendent shall receive the

following in consideration for the faithful performance of the duties of the

Superintendent of the District:

A. Twelve (12) days annual sick leave with compensation for illness, injury, and emergency, with unused leave treated in accordance with law and District policy for certificated administrators.

B. The same leaves and paid holidays granted other certificated administrators and as required by law.

C. The same medical, dental, and other insurance benefits provided other certificated administrators.


In-District and out-of-District mileage and other expense reimbursement for official business as provided by law and District policy for certificated administrators.


District payment of the annual dues for the Superintendent to professional and civic organizations, in accordance with Board- approved guidelines and procedures applicable to each contract year.


Twenty-five (25) days of vacation annually. Unused vacation may be carried over to an ensuing year under this contract, to a maximum of forty (40) days. Such accumulated vacation may be taken in the ensuing year, provided that no more than four (4) continuous weeks of vacation may be taken at one time. In circumstances where his responsibilities materially limit the annual utilization of vacation, the Superintendent may, at the end of each year (June 30), elect to receive compensation for up to five (5) days of unused vacation at the per diem rate of 1/223rd. Upon termination of employment, unused vacation days up to thirty (30) shall be compensable at the then-applicable salary rate, 1/223rd per day, to the extent the District will not thereby incur a pension charge- back. Vacation accounting will be on a first-in, first-out basis.


In accordance with law, the Superintendent is entitled to have a comprehensive medical examination each year. The cost of such medical examination shall be paid by the District, to the extent not covered by the medical plan.


The District shall defend and hold harmless the Superintendent from

any claim, action, or legal proceeding arising out of the Superintendent's performance or failure of performance of duties for, or employment with, the District, provided that the Superintendent was acting in good faith and within the scope of his employment and in compliance with the policies and procedures of the District. Where the District so defends, it will indemnify the Superintendent against any resulting judgment or settlement payment. The District's obligations under this paragraph are limited to

civil claims and litigation, shall not apply to action by the District relating to the Superintendent's employment status, and are only effective to the extent that they are within the authority of the District under the laws of the State of Washington.

11. The Board may terminate this contract at any time after the

Superintendent has been absent from his employment for whatever cause for a continuous period of four (4) months by written notice to him. Any further obligation of the Board shall cease upon such termination. The Board reserves the right to

require the Superintendent to submit to a medical examination when the Board deems the Superintendent disabled. The physician shall be selected and paid by the Board. If the Superintendent is certified to be disabled such that he/she cannot perform his duties, the Board may terminate this contract, whereupon any further obligations of the Board shall cease. In the event of termination due to extended absence or disability, the Board shall permit the Superintendent to utilize his accumulated vacation and annual leave to the extent appropriate in the circumstances.

12. During the term of this contract, the Superintendent will be subject to

discharge for sufficient cause; provided that the Board shall comply with all applicable provisions for notice and hearing under Washington State law; and subject to the following modification:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law or of this contract, the Board may at its sole discretion and for any reason determine to terminate the employment of the Superintendent during the term of this contract. At such time, the Board will also determine whether the termination is for sufficient cause. If it is for sufficient cause as so determined, the termination will be subject to statutory review procedures. If not for sufficient cause and not for disability or extended absence, the termination will obligate (1) the District to pay the Superintendent the equivalent of eleven (11) months' salary, and, (2) the Superintendent to release and discharge the District, the Board, and District employees from any claim arising from or relating to the termination, except for salary and benefit entitlements expressly provided for in this contract.

13. If, during the term of this contract, it is found that a specific clause of

the contract is illegal under federal or state law, the remainder of the contract not

affected by such a ruling shall remain in force.

14. This contract represents the total agreement between the parties

regarding the employment of the Superintendent by the Board, and there are no oral agreements which modify its terms.

15. This contract shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in

accordance with, the laws of the State of Washington and may be amended to any time by mutual agreement of the parties.

By signing the foregoing contract, Dr. Hoover and the Board of Directors of Monroe School District No. 103 agree to its terms.

Accepted this

day of

Dr. Kenneth E. Hoover

Superintendent of Schools



Board of Directors of Monroe School District No. 103, Snohomish County, Washington

Board President

Board Vice-President