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Kraft/Work — 05.07.19
Kraft/Work Index

Dr Philip Drake
Head of Education, Faculty of Arts and Humanities 01 What now
Clare Knox- Bentham
Outreach Manager, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and 02 Kraft/Work
Centre Manager, Marketplace Studios Stockport

Eleanor Simms
03 The Programme
05 Workshops
Project coordinator – Faculty Enrichment, Faculty of Arts
and Humanities

Lisa Bach
Project coordinator – Faculty Enrichment, Faculty of Arts
and Humanities
07 Masterclasses
Sara Merkaj 13 The Offer
Outreach Assistant Manchester School of Art
15 Additional Offer
What Now?

Humanities, Languages and Social Science

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
You are finishing your studies and wondering how you are going
to make a career from your degree. Perhaps you are thinking
about setting up your own business, studio, product line, social
enterprise, or perhaps you want to develop your employability
through skills and professional training?


... is a transition into employment project aimed at ambitious and

talented new graduates from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
who are looking to develop their creative, social enterprise and
business skills. We are looking for interesting, capable people
who are committed to developing their career skills, translating
Manchester School of Art
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

their creative practice into income or developing their own

employability to work with us for the duration of this weeklong
programme. You don’t need a full business plan, but we’d like
you to have some idea of how you envisage developing your
creative business or career aspirations.

If you are considering becoming self-employed, we know that

most new enterprises fail within their first three years, so Kraft/
Work offers not just an opportunity to develop your area of
study after graduation, but will provide you with the support,
advice and opportunities to get your career successfully off the
ground. Included in the programme will be networking time and
opportunities to meet creative industry businesses from Greater
Manchester, start now to build solid foundations for graduation.

01 02
The Programme

01 — 02 — 03 — 04 — 05 July 1
Day One
10AM — 3.30PM Get to know one another and set yourself
up to enter the graduate market, begin
to unpick who you are and what you
wish to offer the world in a supportive
The Shed, Digital Innovation environment. Find out what work
Manchester Metropolitan University experience we have on offer.
Day Two
Is about training and development to help
you devise and present an ‘elevator pitch’
and learn interview skills.
Day Three
Focuses on a variety of enterprise and
business training and skills workshops to
fast-track your employability, sign up to
a selection of masterclasses to tailor your
Kraft/Work experience.
Day Four
Get one to one feedback from our external
mentors and prep for potential interviews.
Day Five
Time to pitch! Interviews with external
partners offering work experience or

Then it’s celebration time!

Awards, networking and celebrating your


Master LinkedIn in 60 Minutes + Practical Session How to Present Like A Professional + Practical Session

With more than 12 million users in the UK alone, LinkedIn is the Presenting is a key skill. You may be asked to present at an
world’s biggest professional networking site. Knowing how to interview, assessment centre or pitch your ideas - this can be
work your way around LinkedIn will put you in the best possible daunting for everyone! Get top tips for how to prepare for and
position to market yourself. This interactive session shows you structure a professional presentation, deal with any nerves, and
how to develop and improve your own LinkedIn profile, whether manage and impress your audience.
you are an active user or new to the site; as well as offering
tips on using LinkedIn to network effectively, increase your
connections and link to employers.
Presentation practice

LinkedIn Practical Using skills from the presentation workshop, create and
develop a brief persuasive ‘elevator pitch’ (roughly 5 minutes)
presentation about yourself, a project, idea, or product to
Create or update your profile on LinkedIn and build and expand present to your peers. Receive feedback on strengths and areas
your network. Join the Kraft/Work LinkedIn Group and receive for improvement to develop your presentation prior to pitching
skill endorsements from your peers. for 2019 Kraft/Work opportunities.

Please note you will need a laptop for this session

Successful Interviews: Get That Job!

Interviews are your one chance to impress and get ahead of the
competition. This workshop explores the interview experience
from start to finish - get advice to maximise your performance
and boost your confidence, learn how to prepare and hear tips
for handling difficult questions.

05 06
Masterclasses from a range of industry professionals, internal
and external to the university. These masterclasses include:

Mark Lippman
Scruff of the Neck

This masterclass from Mark, Scruff of the neck, will be an

insight into how creatives fit within the music industry. Mark will
discuss general strategies for artists/designers/freelancers when
releasing music and developing fanbases and how creative fits
within this. This session will leave participants with clear ideas on
how the music industry works and how their skills can be applied
to opportunities, plus offer help in finding these opportunities.

Clare Knox-Bentham
Outreach Manager, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and
Centre Manager, Marketplace Studios Stockport

Marketplace Studios in Stockport is an exciting initiative

providing startup business support to creative graduates from
Manchester School of Art. You can join us by renting a place to
set up your creative business from our two floors of incubation
studio space, or simply access our Professsionalising Practice
Project to receive business support tailored towards the
Creative Industries to help you succeed in your new enterprises.

We also support & mentor graduate practitioners to develop

product ranges or creative workshops for our Gallery/Shop
and Project tetsting spaces on the ground floor of Marketplace
Studios, used for exhibitions and retail and a wide programme
of creative workshops for the public.

07 08
Masterclasses from a range of industry professionals, internal
and external to the university. These masterclasses include:

Marie Basting
Getting Published

When Marie Basting was fifteen, she was told by a careers

advisor that girls like her don’t become writers. For a long time,
she believed this. But then something magical happened and
Marie finally came to realise that girls like her can do anything
they want. Princess BMX is her debut novel.

Marie has an MA Creative Writing and is an experienced learning

and development practitioner. As an Assistant Regional Advisor
for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators,
Marie supports the development of writers and illustrators at all
stages of their careers. She also offers freelance creative writing
tuition to both adults and children and is an Associate Lecturer
at Manchester Met University. She lives in Manchester with her
husband, son and a giant, hairy woo-dog called Polly.

Find out more at mariebasting.com


Elle Simms
Project coordinator – Faculty Enrichment, Faculty of Arts
and Humanities

The Creative Futures Team at Manchester School of Art help

others to develop the skills to tell their own creative stories. We
do this through materials, making, writing, playing and tinkering
to push the boundaries of pedagogy by exploring creative
education through collaboration and risk-taking.

This sometimes results in failure, which we encourage as a tool

to develop resilience and perseverance to succeed.

Masterclasses 1:1 Mentoring from:
Masterclasses from a range of industry professionals, internal
and external to the university. These masterclasses include:
Creative Career Mentoring
Kaylee Jenkinson, Exhibitions and
Events Officer Manchester Craft and
Finance and Accounting Design Centre
Bespoke Film and Media Mentoring
The fundamentals of pricing products/services and some basic
financial accounting.
Luke Barnett, Videographer, Producer
and Editor, Social Communications
Bespoke Product Mentoring
Marketing, Social Media and Branding Clare Knox-Bentham, Centre Manager
Marketplace Studios
A workshop looking at how to brand yourself online to be
creative and bold. Understand your brand, your audience and
how to reach them online.
Bespoke Workshop Writing Support
Elle Simms, Project Coordinator

Writing Creative Workshops

Careers and Employability Mentoring,
Careers Team Man Met Uni
Practical session looking at how to plan creative workshops
aimed at a range of audiences, production planning and some
Business Mentoring
safeguarding & risk assessment.
Bespoke Writing/Publishing Advice

11 12
On successful completion of the Kraft/Work programme,
you will then be eligible to apply for a variety of exclusive
opportunities including:

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

— Summer placement: Exhibitions &
Events assistant
Product Development and Mentoring
from Marketplace Studios Manager
Old Bank Project Assistant — 2 weeks
work placement
Marketplace Studios Creative
Residency, project support and public
facing outcome
Cooler Projects — Project Assistant,
Paid role
Cycles of Good — Project Assistant
Paid role

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Evaluation Assistant for Outreach and
Enrichment team

Manchester School of Art

aAh! Magazine — Various Roles
Opportunities to pitch creative
workshop delivery
Black Milk Cereal work experience

13 14
Additional Offer

You will also be eligible to apply for up to 12 months’ of

tailored business support and mentoring, comprising:

Teaching + Workshops LinkedIn group and Endorsement

Invitation to deliver workshops for Marketplace Studios’ public Access to LinkedIn group with other Kraft/Work attendees and
facing short course programme. skills endorsement from peers and members of staff across the

Masterclass Programme

Peer support and mentoring from members of staff across the

University and Licencees of Marketplace Studios, Stockport. Access to tailored business support masterclasses through
our links with Innospace Manchester and Marketplace Studios
Three year access to Careers and Employability services and Stockport. We will provide you with access to a series of
consultants after graduation. workshops devised and delivered by Manchester Met staff
and alumni; as well as external partners sharing best practice,
keeping each other informed of their latest initiatives for
graduate start-ups, and providing support to each other in the
running of the spaces.
We’ll also use our good contacts with industry to set up regular
networking events and professional talks on areas such as IP,
insurance, marketing and finance.
Marketing and promotion through Faculty Channels.

15 16

— 05.07.19