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9/1/2017 32bit 64bit - Installing 32 and 64-bit Oracle client but 32-bit installer crashes - Stack Overflow

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Installing 32 and 64-bit Oracle client but 32-bit installer crashes

I am trying to install Oracle 12c instant 32-bit client alongside my 64-bit installation because I can't connect Visual Studio to the 64-bit version
(throws BadImageFormatException). I run the installer and give it another directory for home, so it's like this:

64-bit: D:\app\MyUser\product\12.1.0\dbhome_1 (previously installed)

32-bit: D:\app\Lazar\product\12.1.0\dbhome_x84

The installer performs the checks and sends me to next step. I click install and it crashes!

Can someone please help?

32bit-64bit oracle12c oracleclient

asked Mar 24 at 17:49

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1 just thoughts... Would it be worth installing one of them (32 bit version) in a virtual pc initially? That way you
can use both versions without them confusing each other? data can be shared between them. –
Ryan Vincent Mar 24 at 17:51

@RyanVincent The problem is I have a due date on a faculty project and don't have the time to install
Oracle, .NET and Visual Studio all over again. Would you recommend where to learn more on how to use
Oracle installed on VM from standard OS? – dzenesiz Mar 24 at 17:57

1 maybe interesting? oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/virtualbox/downloads/… – Ryan Vincent Mar 24

at 18:07

1 What 'installer' are you running for the instant client? You can just unzip the distributed files? – Alex Poole
Mar 24 at 18:23

1 I have no idea if .NET supports the instant client, but I don't see why not. You unzip whatever packages you
need into the same folder though, yes. I mentioned instant client because the first line of your question
does: Are you really trying to install two versions of the full client? Or the full 32-bit client alongside a full 64-
bit server? Either way the logs should give you some idea why it crashed. – Alex Poole Mar 25 at 17:17

1 Answer

I've actually run into the same problem. It looks like it is some sort of issue with the registry.

It appears to be a missing registry entry for the location of the Oracle Inventory. The below
blog explains the following steps to add the missing registry key:

1. Open regedit
3. Create a new key with name "Oracle"

https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43006067/installing-32-and-64-bit-oracle-client-but-32-bit-installer-crashes 1/2
9/1/2017 32bit 64bit - Installing 32 and 64-bit Oracle client but 32-bit installer crashes - Stack Overflow
4. Go to Oracle and then create a new String Value with name "inst_loc"
5. Give the value as "C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory"
6. Retry installation

This blog post has more detail on the fix (though not much) and is where I originally found my


edited Jul 18 at 19:00 answered Jul 18 at 18:41

Andrew Hale
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https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43006067/installing-32-and-64-bit-oracle-client-but-32-bit-installer-crashes 2/2