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√ New Employee Checklist Who Will Complete Action Date Completed

Pre-Offer Acceptance
Send offer letter. Should include position, title,
salary,etc. (see sample templates on HR website)
Pre-Hire Preparation
Complete Hire iForm and submit appropriate hire
paperwork to Duke Human Resources and Corporate
Payroll Services
Send Department Welcome Letter to new employee
which should confirm position, title, salary,
supervisor and when/where to report (See template
Department Welcome Letter). Include union contract
if appropriate. Include any other documents you
want employee to have in advance of first day of

Call new employee to confirm receipt of Department

Welcome Letter and confirm start date, place, etc.

Send internal memo to department announcing new

employee's arrival date and responsibilities (see
template New Employee Announcement)
Ensure cleanliness and order of work area. Set up
office space with phone, computer, supplies, office
keys, etc.
Order/install telephone, phone number and voicemail
Arrange for computer login and password setup,
Developsetup, and any welcome
department required software installation
and orientation binder
(see template Orientation Binder Suggestions for list
of items you may want to include)
Register employee for Duke orientation at
php]. Benefits packets are distributed at the Duke
orientation event.
Select and train an orientation buddy
Create a schedule for new employee to include
introduction to orientation buddy, required training,
attendance at Duke orientation event, meetings with
supervisor, meeting with working colleagues within
and outside of department, etc.

Coordinate a meaningful first work assignment

Arrange team lunch with supervisor for first day of
New Hire Introductions (First Day through First Week of Employment)
During first day
Greet the employee and introduce to co-workers and
work areas

Introduce employee to orientation "buddy" and

explain role of orientation buddy

Review information provided in department

orientation binder

Review job description and expectations

Assign first project/assignment and schedule follow
up meeting to discuss any questions employee may
have after beginning work on project/assignment

Review first week schedule of activities

Take staff member to ID office and parking
Welcome lunch with supervisor and orientation
During first week
Review Duke's mission, vision and guiding
Ensure employee understands relationship between
their job, the department and the institution
Review job responsibilities and expecations (30, 60,
90 days), work relationship with others in the
department and department/Duke policies
(work rules, work schedule, time away from work,
meal break/work breaks, pay policies and
procedures, office supply order procedure, severe
weather plan, work attire, emergency procedures,
parking, building access, telephone/email policies,

Review department priorities/key projects for

coming year
Employee should complete online workplace safety
trainings relative to position and work location
Host welcome celebration with department

Develop department personnel file for employee. If

employee is transfer within Duke, obtain department
personnel file from employee's previous department.

New Hire Orientation (First Day through First Month of Employment)

During first month

Ensure employee attends Duke orientation to gain

overview of organization, mission, vision, values,
total compensation and HR programs. Benefits
representatives will be present to assist in
enrollment. Staff handbook will be provided.
Follow up with employee after orientation event to
ensure understanding of critical messages and
Encourage employee to take advantage of the many
cultural events and unique offerings available at
Duke. [See Benefits Unique to Duke website:

Department Orientation (First 30, 60, 90 Days of Employment)

Meet regularly with employee to answer questions
and ensure they are becoming acclimated to
department and position
Conduct 30 and 60 day meetings with supervisor to
review employee questions and establish
performance expectations/goals. Ensure employee is
becoming acclimated to department and position

Obtain signed copy of Duke Staff Handbook

Acknowledgement of Receipt and Confidentiality
Agreement. Keep in department personnel file
Ensure the employee has signed up for benefits
within 30 days of date of hire
Conduct 90 day evaluation meeting and form (end of
Orientation and Evaluation (new hire) or Trial
(transfer) period). Decision should be made to
recommend successful completion, extension of
period for 30 days, or discharge because of
unsuccessful completion of review period.

Assess the department's orientation process,

encourage feedback from employee
Review and determine employee's professional
development plan for coming year
Ongoing Onboarding (After First 90 Days through First Year of Employment)
Schedule and conduct 120 day meeting with
supervisor to review progress of employee towards
performance expectations and goals

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