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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Trigonometry in Grade 9

Objectives: at the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

A. Solve the missing part of the right triangle using the six trigonometric function.
B. Practice solving right triangle using the six trigonometric function
C. Solve real-life situation that involves the six trigonometric function
Topic: Solving Right Triangle using the Six Trigonometric Function
Materials: Cartolina, calculator, crayons flashcards
References: Berggren, J. Lennart. "Trigonometry." Microsoft® Encarta® 2009 [DVD].
Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008.
Value’s Integrated: Cooperation, Team-building

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

A. Preliminary Activities
Good Morning Class (Miss Berdin will lead the prayer)

Okay, Miss Berdin, Kindly lead us the

Before taking your sit, kindly pick – up the (Students will pick-up the pices of paper under
pieces of paper under your chair. their chair.)
(Students will take their seat.)
Let us check your attendance.
Last meeting I gave you an assignment.
Kindly pass it forward and then to the center
B. Review
Class, last meeting we already discussed
about the introduction of the six trigonometric
Do you still remember?
Yes ma’am
Very good!
So today were going to have an activity. With
your seatmate/partner list the six
trigonometric function of this triangle.

8 C
I give you one minute to write your answer.

Time’s up class.
Now, who would like to give the answer for
sin 34°? (Students will raise their hands)

Yes, Mara?
Excellent, Mara! 6
sin 34° =

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C

How about cos 34°?
(Students will raise their hand)
Yes, Olie Andrie?
cos 34°=

How about tan 34°?

Yes, Arjon? (Students will raise their hand)

tan 34°=

Very good class! You surely mastered our last


C. Motivation
Class, I will group you into three groups for
our activity. I have here a maze puzzle and a (Students listen to the instruction)
phrase to be discovered. Select two or three
members of your group who will solve the
given maze. Select also one member to will
act as a messenger who will deliver the
answer from the puzzle solver to the rest of
the group to discover the hidden phrase. I will
give you five minutes to finish the activity.

The hidden phrase.

5 4 1 1 7 6 2 4 7 S O C C A H T O A

2 8 7 5 T R I A N G L E S

Time’s up. Class, go back to your proper seat.

May I ask group three how they finished their (The leader of the group three will report to the
work? class the how they finished the tour. )

Ma’am All of the problems were relate to

Pythagorean theorem where one side of the
triangle were missing. Therefore, our group uses
Pythagorean theorem, c2 = a2 + b2, to finish the

Good to hear it Group three. (The student will take his/her seat.)

What phrase did you discover after solving

the maze? (Students will response in chorus.)

Very good... What does this phrase means? (Students will raise their hands.)

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C

Yes, Princess I guess ma’am, SOH-CAH-TOA is one of the
concept to solve the sides and the angles of a given
You are right Princess. And that’s will be our
lesson for the today.

D. Lesson Proper
1. Presentation
Class, Before we start, last meeting I told (Students will bring out their calculator)
you to bring a calculator. Kindly bring out
your calculator.

Before we compute the value of the missing

part using the trigonometric function, let me
teach how to use your calculator to
determine the value of the six trigonometric
function. Just follow these steps. Kindly
read everyone. (Students will read the steps.)

If you are finding for the value of the side:

Step 1 find the “sin, cos or tan” depending upon
the needed data in your calculator
Step 2 press “sin, cos or tan”
Step 3 give the numerical value of the angle
Step 4 press the equal sign
For example, class.
Sin 65º what will be the answer? (Students will raise their hands)

Yes, Angela? 0.906307787

Correct Angela.

How about cos 75º? (Students will raise their hands)

Yes, Bong?

Very good, Bong. Now class, continue If you are finding for the value of angle:
reading. Step 1 find “shift”
Step 2 press “shift”
Step 3 press “sin, cos or tan” be sure that it will
give you “sin-1, cos-1 or tan-1”.
Step 4 give the numerical value of the given side
Step 5 press the equal sign.
Let try, sin-1 0.64?
(Students will raise their hands)
Yes, Kristine?
Do you understand now class the steps on
how you will use your calculator? A little, ma’am.
Don’t worry, I will leave it pasted on the
board so you can have your guide
throughout the lesson.

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C

With your partner, solve for the missing
parts of the given triangle. (Ellanie will read the definition)
c =?
a =?
b = 16

Time’s up class, please go back to your

proper seat and well discuss your answer.

Who would like to solve for the hypotenuse (Students will raise their hand.)
of the triangle?
Cos 20º =
Yes, Michael h
h = cos 20º

h = 17.03

Good work Michae!

Who would like to solve for the shortest (Students will raise their hand)

Yes Mara? a
Sin 20º =
a = (Sin 20º)(17.03)
a = 5.82

Good job Mara!

2. Analysis
Class, in our previous activity you learned
how to use the six trigonometric function to
solve the missing part of the right triangle.

Now, let’s focus in this situation.

A rectangular box was divided into 2

triangular parts. The smallest side of the box
measures 4 inches and the angle opposite of
the smallest side is 35º. Find the two
missing part of the triangular box.

Now, can you solve this problem using the

Pythagorean theorem? No ma’am.

Why? Can you explain?

(Students will raised their hands)
Yes, Kathrina?

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C

Ma’am it’s not possible to solve the missing part
of the triangle using the Pythagorean theorem
because there is only one side given. In order for
us to use the Pythagorean theorem, we must have
at least two given side. It either a and b, b and c or
a and c.
How about the given angle? Can’t we use it
in Pythagorean theorem? (Angelo will raise his hand.)

Yes Angelo?
Ma’am, in Pythagorean theorem, there is no angle
needed, at least two sides is needed to complete the
missing parts of the triangle..

So, how can we solve for the missing parts?

(Students will raise their hands.)
Yes Vanessa?

We can easily solve the problem when we use the

six trigonometric function, Ma’am, Since it has an
That’s right Vanessa. angle and there is only one side given.
Who would like to solve for the diagonal
Yes, Lemery. (Students will raise their hands.)

(Lemery will go to the board and write the


Sin 35º =
Hyp =
sin35 º

Very good Lemery. Hyp = 6.97 in.

How about the other side?

Yes, Allen? (Allen will raise his hand.)

Cos 35º =
Very good Allen.
Cos 35º =
b = (Cos 35º)(6.97)
3. Abstraction
b = 5.71 in.
A while ago, you able to solve the situation
by using the six trigonometric function.
How do you come up to use the
trigonometric function?
(Students will raise their hands.)

Ma’am, there is only one given value of triangle

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C

and an angle. Pythagorean theorem is not
applicable to solve the problem. Therefore, we use
Great Angelli. the six trigonometric function to solve the

(Troy will raise his hand for a question)

Nice question Troy. Who would like to How can we determine the necessary function to
answer Troy’s question? use in a given situation?

Yes, Christian (Students will raise their hand)

In order for us to know what function to be used in

a certain situation we must identify first what are
the missing and given parts. After identifying the
parts, if one of the missing parts is opposite to the
given angle, we must use sin function. If the
adjacent side is missing, we will use cosine and if
the hypotenuse is missing, we can use either sine
Excellent Christian or cosine.
What if the missing part is the angle?
How do you solve for the angle?

Yes, Kevin?
(Students will raise their hands.)

Well done Kevin. If the angle is missing, we will use the anti-
function, which are the “sin-1, cos-1 or tan-1”. For us
4. Application to know the missing angle.
Class, I have here 3 different situations.
With the same group, I need two members
of the group to solve the problem and the
rest observe and analyze their work.

Do you understand class?

So, two representative from the group

kindly go in front and solve the following
problem. Yes, ma’am.

Solve the following situation: (Selected students will go in front and solve the
1. A ladder 40 ft. long rest against a wall. Its given situation.)
foot has a horizontal distance of 33 ft. from
the base of the wall. What angle does the
ladder make with the ground? With the
2. A pole broken by the wind forms a right
triangle with the ground. If the angle of the
broken pole makes an angle of 30º with the
ground and the distance from the tip of the
pole to the foot is 63 ft. How tall was the

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C

3. A rectangular box is 85 ft. long by 142 ft.
Find the length of the diagonal and the
angle the sides makes.
E. Evaluation

Let have an activity. This time you work on

you own. I tell you to give one peso to your
classroom treasurer and bring one any
colored crayon for this activity.

Test I

1. 0.


77 76

2. 0.

89⁰ 0.5
0 1 0
0.5 1



Test II
1. Solve the right triangle ABC if angle A is
36° and side c is 10 cm.

C = 10


Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C

2. Solve for the missing parts using the
trigonometric function.

c = 8 cm

a =?
b =?

F. Assignment
Solve the following question. Write it on one-
half sheet of paper. Crosswise.

1. A boy is cutting a triangular plate. One of

the sides is 7 cm and has 35 º angles. If
the hypotenuse of the triangle is 10 cm
what is the measures of the shortest side.
Solve it by using the six trigonometric

Prepared By:
Ison, Lyka C.

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C


My Instructional Materials used in my Demonstration

Ms. Lyka C. Ison while discussing the procedure of the game as her motivation at room A1,
Edtech Room last February 17, 2016

Crafted by: Ison, Lyka C., BSEd II-C