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Bautista, Francis Gabriel J.


I have only one word to describe what my SHS life is all about and that word is
“Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never
go back to the person they once were.”
- Unknown
The abovementioned quote summarized what my past two years was. I was changed. I
became brand new.
It is with no doubt that all of us had been through a lot since the first day of school back
in 2017. There were conflicts, misunderstanding, annoyance, tears, headaches and of course
stress. It was not all rainbows and sunshine. It was not all smiles and laughter. It was not all
peace and comfort. In short, our experience was not perfect.
What made my experience different from the others is that I embraced every hardship and
learned through it. As an adolescent or even as a person, we do not want to be in any
inconvenient situation. Unfortunately, most of us fail to recognize that every adversity or
problem is something that works on our advantage. Most people tend to weep than face it.
As a matter of fact, I suffered a lot of backstabbing, and ruthless judgments which once
involved my family in the company of my classmates. Their actions resulted to my isolation,
sadness, anxieties, and severe damage to self-esteem.
C.S. Lewis once said:
“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”
In spite of the ridiculous experiences I went through my classmates, I learned to be
strong. All of the bitterness and anger I felt toward them contributed a lot to my maturity as an
When it comes to my studies, I understood why I need to observe more discipline and
responsibility in working because of all the tremendous workload of academic activities that
passed on my plate. Oftentimes, I was put in situations of extreme pressure and exhaustion that
made me realize I need to work smarter.
Throughout the past two years, I have been tremendously changed to a person that I was
not expecting to be. From a pessimistic person, now, I have come to embrace optimism and hope
to view and face life. From an immature person, now, I am proud to say that I gained a lot of
wisdom through all what people threw at me.
I am so grateful for everything that I have experienced in the past two years of being in
Baliuag University.
Disappointments, hurt, anger,
frustration, annoyance, doubts,
trust issues, bitterness, cold –
those are just a few of the
things I felt to them.
I also felt of not attending
school because I was
becoming deeply unhappy in
their company.
It felt like I was in a kind of
weakening misery.
Despite all the negativities I
felt, I will never ever forget
these people. These people
made a positive and a
significant impact on my life.
I set aside all of the hate that I
had towards them before
because through them I
learned how to truly forgive
despite the pain they caused. I
learned the true meaning of
happiness despite the
depressing loneliness
Once, there was a person who
said “people come to our live
for two reasons: to be a
blessing or to be a lesson.”
You know what they came
both ways. I am so grateful to
God for meeting these
amazing people that would
change me forever.
They hold a special place
inside of me.
And I am what I am right now
because of them.