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Gondor is fictional kingdom within JRR Tolkien's fantasy world of Middle-Earth. It is often
described within Tolkien's writings as the greatest realm of Men in the West of Middle-
Earth, by the end of the Third Age. Gondor is the main setting for the conclusion of the
trilogy The Lord of the Rings, titled The Return of the King. Which concerns the Final
battle of the War of the Ring and the destruction of Sauron and the crowning of Aragorn
as the High King of Men.

The Realm of Gondor was Founded in the Second Age of Middle-Earth by the brothers
Isildur and Anarion recent exiles of the now sundered realm of Numenor. It was initially
ruled by Anarion and after he fell at the Siege of Barad-Dur before the first defeat of
Sauron the rule passed to his last surviving son Melendil. 31 Kings have followed Anarion
who claim direct descent from him until the last died childless and rule passed to the
stewards. Gondor was the sister kingdom of Arnor which was founded by Elendil, the
father of Isildur and Anarion and chieftain of the Numenorean exiles. Following Elendil's
death in single combat with Sauron rule of Arnor passed to Isildur before his death at
the Gladden Fields, Isildur's death led to the split of Gondor and Arnor as a single entity
ruled over by one man. That being said Isildur's descendants remain the rightful
claiments to the Thrones of both Gondor and Arnor and the crown of the High King.

Gondor can attribute its power in its early years to its vast Navy built by the
Numenoreans who were at their core a seafaring people and its mighty Military
machine. this combination allowed Gondor to control an area of Middle-Earth ranging
from Lamedon in the Northern province of Gondor all the way to the Southern
Wastesland of Far Harad. An area covering Thousands of Leagues, similar in size to the
Roman Empire which covered most of Europe.

Gondor faced a steady decline during the Third Age due to a multitude of factors.
Internal strife culmulating in a Civil War, The Great Plague which Decimated much of
Gondor's people and from which they never fully recovered, and continued attacks from
Saurons minions who attacked from all sides leaving Gondor in a perpetual state of war.
Gondor's ascendancy was restored at the end of the Third Age following the final defeat
and destruction of Sauron, It began with the crowning of Aragorn as High King of both
Gondor and Arnor uniting these two realms once more. During the early part of the
Fourth Age under the rule of Aragorn GOndor reclaimed much of its former territory and

Gondor's capital is Minas Tirith it became the captial in TA 1640 following the Fall of
Minas Ithil (renamed Minas Morgal) to the Ringwraiths, and Osgiliath Gondor's first
capital was deemed too close to Mordor and too difficult to defend should Gondor be
invaded, a point that was proven when it fell at the start of the War of the ring and
Gondor had to spend much of its manpower to reclaim it only to lose it again soon after.
Another Fortress of Note is Dol Amroth in the Province of Belfalas, home to the Swan
Knights who some consider the greatest Heavy Cavalry unit in Middle Earth second only
to the Riders of Rohan.