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Bac 2019

Épreuve d’anglais LV2 ES-S


Doc A:
a) = Arizona State University,
b) playing instruments
c) singing
d) more than 1,000 clubs
e) five

2) It shows that being invovlved in an axtra-curricular activity is very popular among university
B. 1) TRUE “among the more than 1,000 clubs and organizations are several dozen related to playing
an instrument or singing”
2) FALSE: “freshmen (…) can be involved in several different activities.”

1) Adriana sings.
2) She has been singing since age 9.
3) she joined an all-female Pitchforks group.
4) She saw them and fell in love, and she had to try out.

Personal benefit: To feel a sense of pride.
Academic benefit: the sense of belonging and contributing to a community/students who are
involved in university life are more likely to stay in school and graduate.

Doc B:

E. 1) Craig and Perry.

2) In a University.
3) They are roommates: “the doorway of their room”.

F. a) Midterms: “Craig had, himself, only one exam (…) His fellow students had harder schedules”.
b) Studious:
-> “Where you been, man?” (…)
“The library. Studying”
-> People sat separately, absentmindedly lifting forkfuls (…) to their mouths while staring intently into
the textbooks open beside their plates.

G. 1)

Craig Other students at Godwin

How they got accepted a) The dean is his dad’s friend
How they study b) he reads the outline ate the back c) All day, even when they
of the book the morning before are eating, and sleep only
the test a few hours
Why they go to the c) to download CDs e) they study in groups
2) Craig is “frightened and puzzled”, he can’t imagine how a student can spend so much time working
for getting a A+.

3) Craig would like to spend time with his mate, but Perry focuses so much on his studies that he
doesn’t pay attention to him; he hasn’t invited Craig to join the study group.
Craig is not integrated, even segregated since he is not concerned as they are. “They were different

Doc C:
H. Oprah Winfrey is a talk-show presenter, she is very famous in the US. Here she is delivering a
speech at Harvard U. (one of the most prestigious US universities) for the Harvard students
association, Her arms open, she is encouraging students to join Harvard, she looks enthusiastic, her
posture evokes pride to be part of the association.

I. It’s an honor to be accepted at Harvard, Oprah is now someone important, maybe the picture
means that graduating at Harvard makes you a very important person.

J. The common point is the enthusiasm and pride you feel if you enter a university and if you commit
to a group of students.

K. Adriana encourages commitment and extra-curricular activities so as to become better students.

Craig feels isolated because he just want to experience student parties. Oprah evokes pride and
strength and soundness, just like the students Craig cannot stand.

II – Expression écrite (10 points)

1. Among the two universities below, choose the one you would prefer to go to. Write your
application letter. (± 200 mots)

 On attend du candidat qu’il rédige une lettre de candidature (formule d’introduction

« Mister X », et de prise de congé « yours faithfully » ou « best regards », par exemple)
avec un vocabulaire approprié (I here apply for…) en étant énumérant les raisons qui ont
orienté son choix pour cette université (notion de cause : « because, hence, as a matter
of fact…»).

2. Discuss the following statement: (± 200 mots)

True education does not only consist in acquiring knowledge, but also in building one’s personality.

 On attend du candidat qu’il exprime une opinion avec un vocabulaire approprié (« I think
that, as far as I am concerned, in my opinion… ») sur le fait que l’éducation contribue au
développement de sa propre personnalité, en soutenant ses propos par des arguments.