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A. Schedule of Deployment and Dress Code

The students’ Work Immersion Schedule is as reflected below:

Thursday – Grade 12 Amare

11:30 AM – Dismissal from school
11:31 AM to 12:59 PM – Alloted for lunch and travel time to work assignment
01:00 PM to 05:00 PM – Work Immersion Duty

Friday – Grade 12 Servire and Grade 12 Veritas

11:30 AM – Dismissal from school
11:31 AM to 12:59 PM – Alloted for lunch and travel time to work assignment
01:00 PM to 05:00 PM – Work Immersion Duty

Students must wear the School’s prescribed dress code for Work Immersion, slacks and collared polo

B. Salient Provision of the MOA

1. Responsibilities of the School

The school will:
 continue to exercise its Special Parental Authority under the Family Code over the Senior High
School student under immersion in the premises partner.
 monitor each student’s progress throughout the duration of the entire work immersion program
so as to make sure that tasks assigned to each student are meaningful, challenging, and
applicable to his/her particular programs, and are able to maximize the quality of the learning

2. Responsibilities of the Partner Institution

The partner institution will:
 assign a competent Immersion Coordinator from the partner institution to liaise with the school
and supervise the students without prejudice to the special parental authority of the school, its
administrators, and teachers for the duration of the Work Immersion Program so as to ensure
efficient implementation of all stages of the program.
 agree to the required number of hours of the immersion program set under the DepEd SHS
 provide students with an orientation about the partner institution, its line of business, and the
work its employees do, and expose them to the various stakeholders of the community in which
the partner institution operates for the students to get a holistic understanding of its business.

3. General Provisions
 The training, even though it includes actual operation of the partner institution’s facilities, is
similar to training provided in an educational program.
 The training is for the benefit of the student.
 The screening process for the Immersion Program is not the same as for employments, and
does not appear to be for that purpose. The screening only uses criteria relevant for admission
to an independent educational program.

C. Pre-deployment Activities

Relevant orientations were conducted on the following dates:

October 19, 2018 – Amare, Servire, Veritas

November 15, 2018 - Amare
November 16, 2018 - Servire, Veritas

The following topics were discussed:

a. The Dignity of Human Work
b. Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace
c. Work Ethics and Professional Development Workshop
d. Work Immersion Program Implementing Policies and Guidelines
e. Work Immersion Requirements and Portfolio Guidelines
f. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
g. Data Privacy Act
Other pre-deployment activities are:
a. Creation of Application Letter, Resume, and LinkedIn Profile
b. Creation of Individual Work Immersion Portfolio
c. Submission of internship application
d. Screening of students by partner institution/s

D. Grading System

Work Immersion Grade will be based on the following:

On-site Supervisor Evaluation 40%

Performance Task 30%
Weekly Journaling 20%
Work Immersion Requirements 10%

S.Y. 2018 - 2019

Date: To be picked-up from school

To commute on their own

Dear Ms/Sir:

We have read the letter and we would like to express our support for the said academic activity. We hereby allow our
son/daughter of Grade 12 to participate
the Work Immersion Program.

In case of emergency, contact us through the mobile number or landline .

Parent/Guardian’s Signature over Printed Name

*Information provided will be handled in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012. No information will be shared
without your consent.