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Difference between training

evaluation and effectiveness:-


It is the process by which you Training is effective when the employee
1. DEFINITION can determine if you have met demonstrates the desired behavior change (new
those objectives and whether skill, new knowledge, etc.) they learned during
there is a better and cheaper the training.
way in which to do so in the
It is a best measure learning, It is a measure that examines the degree to which
2. MEASURE with no measure of the training improved the employee’s knowledge,
learner's ability to apply what skill, and behavioural pattern within the
they learned on the job and organization as a result of the training.
no measure of the impact on
organizational performance.

If any weak spots, it rectifies it If the training programme does not show
3. RECTIFIES THE in the next session and any effective results then more sessions
evaluates new measures to are conducted to rectify the weak spots
WEAK SPOTS overcome weak spots. and to make the employees more

It is flexible. It may or may not be flexible.


It concentrates on large set It concentrates on small set of

5. CONCENTRATES of varibles. variables.
 Lack of time  Lack of commitment
6. PROBLEMS/  Lack of support  Inadequate metrics
 Not having the right
OBSTACLES skills and tools
 Inable to link training
FACED with the objectives

An organization embeds best practices in adult learning and
training design, development, and delivery into its standard
training methodology (yes – that’s right, you need a
methodology) enabling the organization to achieve the goal of
“Right Training delivered by the Right Trainers to the Right
Persons at the Right Time to achieve the Right Outcomes.”
Periodic assessment is likely to happen at an individual site
level, but can be a coordinated effort to look across a larger
global organization that has multiple sites. Assessing the
effectiveness of training occurs after employees participate in
the training and should be part of an identified periodic

This assessment is done by collecting data on whether
the participants were satisfied with the deliverables of
the training program, whether they learned something
from the training and are able to apply those skills at
their workplace.