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bss) OOWW 63469535 GOVERNMENT OF TELANGANA REVENUE DEPARTMENT ‘Application No {TVA 0Bc021500417724 Date 03/09/2015 OTHER BACKWARD CLASSES (OBC) CERTIFICATE This Is to verify that Sri/Srmathy/Kumer! DEVAPOOJA CHAKRADHAR S/o /D/o /W/o /F/o /M/o /G/o of ‘Sri/Srimathi/Master/Kumari DEVAPOOJA _RAVISHANKER of MALAKPET _Village/Town of AMBERPET Mandal/Municipality of HYDERABAD District/Division in the Telangana State belongs to the NAYI-BRAHMIN (MANGALI, MANGLA, BHAJANTHRT) (OBC) community which Is recognized as a Backward Class under the Govt., of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s , Resolution no's: ‘Reson no-12011/8/93-BCC(C) dates 20/05/9 pubsed inthe Gazette of naa Exranrinary Far Seon No. 266 ate 13/05/93 ‘Resolution Ho. 12011/9/34-BCC(C) dated 19/10/98 ables inte Gaeteof nda Entrardrary Part section { No. 163 dated 2070/94 fevelion Ne, 12011/7/95-8C5(C) dated 24/5/95 publn in the Gazette f Inia Extraordinary Pat section TH, 88 dated 25/5/95 fesoition Ne. 12011/96/94-BCC(C) dated 09/03/96 publshed i the Gazette of tnia Extraordinary Pr I Section I Wo.60 Oated 113.86 Reseliton Ne, 12011/44/96-BCC{C) date 06/12/96 publahed in he Gzete of nds Extraordinary Fr section 1 No, 210 dated 3/32/96 fasion Ne. 12033/33/97-8CC(C) date 03/12/97 publahed in the Gases of nda Extraordinary Prt secon No. 239 Dated 371297 Reseliton Ne. 12011/99/94-8CC(C) dated 11/12/97 ublshed in he Gazete of naa Extraordinary Prt I secon { No, 236 Dated 12.12.97 ‘Resolution No. 12011/68/98-BCC{C) dates 27/10/98 oublaed inthe Gate of nda Extraordinary Pat scion 1 No, 241 Dated 27.10.93 Aeseliton We. 12011/88/96-8CC(C) date 06/12/99 publshed i the Gazete of nda Extraordinary Prt I secon 1 No. 270 dated 06/12/98 Resolution Nl, 12013/36/99-8CC(C) dated 04/4/2000 published Inthe Gazette of nla Eatraesiary Part T section 1 No.7 dated 04/04/2000 ‘Resolution No. 12011/4/99-BCC(C) deted 21/08/2000 published nthe Gazette of Inala Exvvorinary Part I section | Wo 240 dates 21/08/2000, Fesoution Mo, 12015/9/2000-BCC(C) dated 06/09/200s pubished nthe Gazette fla Extracrinay Part I section I Ne. 246 dated 6 8.2003 Reseluton No. 12013/1/2001-BCC(C) cated 19/06/2003 pubsned in the Gazette of india Extraordinary Port section f No, 151 dataé 206.2003 Reson Ho, 12011/4/2002-BCC(C) dated 13/01/2004 pubsned nthe Gatto Ins xtraorinary Part zecton I No, 9 dated 131.2004 Resslution Wo. 12011/09/2004-8CC{C) died 16/01/2006 pubsned nthe Gazeta of Inala Extraordinary Part I sacton IN. 10 dated 17/01/2006 Resoutn Ne, 12011/14/2004-8CC{C) ated 12 3.2007 publahed inthe Gazete of Inia Extraordinary Prt eacton {No 67 dated 123.2007 Fesouton No. 12015/02/2007-8CC dates 18/08/2010 pubishe nthe Gazateof Ina EzaOrsnar Part 1 secon 1 Mo, 232 data 18/08/2010 ‘Resolution No, 12015/02/2007-8CC dates 11/10/2010 published nthe Ganeteof india ExraOrdinary Part 1 Seton 3 No, 274 dated 12/10/2010 ‘Reson No. 32015/35/2008-BCC date 16/06/2011 publated nthe Gate of naa ExraOrdinary Prt 3 zeton 4 No, 423 dated 16/06/2033 ‘esoition No. 12018/:3/2010-86.1¢ated 08/12/2011 pubsned in he Gante of nda ExraOranary Parti secbon 1 No, 257 dated 08/12/2011 eso He. 12015/13/2011-8C.1éated 17/02/2014 pulsed inthe Gant af Inta ExtraOrdnary Part eecton 4 No, Al dated 3702/2086 ‘Sri/Srimathi/Master/Kumari DEVAPOOJA CHAKRADHAR and his/her Family ordinarily reside(s) in MALAKPET Viloge/Town HYBERABAD-Distc/Divsion of Telengane Sate, Thi is also to cory tate doesnot belong to persons /sections (Creamy Layer) mentioned in the column No.3 of the schedulé to the Government of India, Department of Personnel & Training, O.M No, 36012/22/93-Estt(SCT) Dated, 08/09/93, which is modified vide., O.M No, 36033/3/2004 Estt.(Res), dated, 09/03/2004 and O.M No.36033/3/2004-Estt(Res) Dated 14th October 2008. Certified By — Name: K.BALA SHANKER Designation: TAHSILDAR Mandal: AMBERPET ‘Note : Ths is Digitally Signed Certificate, does not require physical signature. And this certificate can be verified at http://www.tg.meeseva.gov.in/ by furnishing the application number mentioned In the Certificate.