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Request: What does Increasingly do?


- Increasingly offers one product, an AI-based cross selling platform that can be used for
AI Bundling.
- The competitors of Increasingly include 2Checkout, BloomReach, and Infinite Analytics.
- Increasingly works together with other companies such as iMomoko and WorldSIM.

In this study, we found that Increasingly is an AI-based cross selling platform that changes how
retailers approach cross selling by raising increasing basket revenue, AOV, and life-time value.
The company was funded by Sri Sharma and Satish Jayakumar and has been inspired by
Amazon. It works together with other companies such as iMomoko, Travis Perkins, and
WorldSIM. Please refer to our attached spreadsheet for this study. Furthermore, below is a
detailed explanation of our methodology and findings.


We initially started the research by searching for Increasingly’s basic information such as what it
does, part of its history, its products, team, successful cases, headquarters and other locations,
and rewards from its company website. We also searched for the company’s overall history from
reputable business and government-related websites. From these sources, we found
Increasingly’s founding information. Lastly, we attempted to search for three most important
companies that provide platforms with highly similar or the same features such as being sellers
of bundle platforms for purchasing optimization, and using AI or algorithms to customize
promotions or discounts depending on the customers’ profiles. We have identified that the most
important companies are those that work together with major sellers, show important
testimonials of helping businesses or clients, host or participate in big events, and give or win
excellent awards.


Increasingly is an AI-based cross selling platform. This technology aims to change how retailers
approach cross selling to generate revenue. The advantages of this technology for the clients
include convenience, experience and value based discounts, and increasing basket revenue,
average order value (AOV), and life-time value. Increasingly works with other companies such
as Samsung, Travis Perkins, and MET Group.


Increasingly was incorporated on December 2, 2016 and was inspired by Amazon. The company
is a micro SME with below 10 employees. It is headquartered in London (U.K.) with offices
located in Lisbon (Portugal) and Bangalore (India). Increasingly did not have any changes in
senior leadership. The company has won awards such as E-commerce Product of the Year and
Breakthrough Retail Innovation of 2018, and has been featured in Forbes as a retail tech
disruptor. It also has won many recent awards including Retail Recharged Award in 2017, Retail
System Awards in 2017, Tech Awards Finalist in 2017, E-commerce Awards in 2018, Retail
Week Award in 2019, and NTA Awards in 2019.


Increasingly offers one product, an AI-based cross selling platform that can be used for AI
Bundling where an AI matches different products depending on a particular customer’s behavior
and availability. Customers can configure the features of their products and add to cart in a single
click. Next, the product is useful in cross-sell overlays where an algorithm shows the customer
essential categories with highly relevant products using a customer behavioral trigger during
buying process. The AI-based cross selling platform is also helpful in cross promotions by
setting up visibility for promotions for products combinations and offering incentives to the
customer to buy more bundle sales at a larger basket value. Lastly, the product can be used in
personalization or set bundle discounting depending on the customer type and traffic channel.


Increasingly receives funding rounds of Force Over Mass Capital. Its total shareholder’s fund in
2017 amounted to £244,905. The last account made is until December 31, 2017. The next
account will be made on December 31, 2018 and will expire on September 30, 2019.


Travis Perkins claimed that since Increasingly built a strategic pillar for its business, there has
been an incremental revenue up to 14%. iMomoko is a cosmetic retailer. It had to reduce its
purchasing steps for a better customer experience. Using Increasingly’s AI bundles, the customer
can configure and add products directly to cart in a single click. Increasingly is driving two
additional days of trading revenue monthly. Lastly, WorldSIM used Increasingly’s AI bundles in
making promotions and offering more visible and more attractive to the customers. This strategy
reversed the trend of single item purchases that drove up items per order to 2 or 3 and increased
AOV up to 10%.



The company sells dynamic bundles (quantity promotions) based on the number of products in
the shopping cart. These bundles can also be used when launching a new product or top products.
The bundles help in maximizing sales conversion rates. The company works alongside top sellers
such as Nero and Advisera Streamlines and won important awards including “Best Payments
Solution” SIIA CODiE Awards in 2018.

BloomReach utilize big data applications that enhance customer experiences regarding buying
online and make them more personalized and relevant to the customers’ needs. This platform
helps in matching the customers’ needs and wants with the online products through natural
language processing and machine learning. The company works together with drugstore.com,
Tillys, Guess, and Neiman Marcus and they organize big events including BloomReach Connect
and BloomReach MVP Awards.

Infinite Analytics provides the latest features such as natural language search, semantic search,
phonetic spelling, multi-faceted string search, auto-completion, implicit signals, and many more
that aim to produce quality search and recommendation results. The company also uses
proprietary analytics algorithm for personalization of search to reveal and adjust customer
signals. It integrated both style and taste into search in helping retailers with search tools that
allow comparisons between the style and product catalog. Infinite Analytics’ clients include
some big names in retail and e-commerce globally including AirBnB, Comcast, B2W Digital,
BabyOye, eBay, Future Group, Infibeam, NBA, Trendin, Craftsvilla, and Caratlane. The
company was listed as a major player in the Recommendation Engine 2019 Global Report.