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This CONTRACT OF LEASE made and entered into by and between:

FELIPE LANDICHO, residents of Purok 1, San Carlos, Valencia City,

Bukidnon, Philippines, hereinafter referred to as the LESSOR;


MIRASOL SORIA, Filipino, of legal age, and resident of Purok 13,

Poblacion, Valencia City, Bukidnon, Philippines, hereinafter referred to as


WHEREAS, the LESSOR is the owner of a residential lot with a house thereon
located in Purok 13, Poblacion, Valencia, Bukidnon, Philippines;

WHEREAS, the LESSEE is desirous to lease the aforementioned house and the space
on which the main house is built, and the LESSOR has agreed to lease the said premises to
the LESSEE subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) That the term of this contract shall be for one (1) year beginning July 1, 2019 until June
30, 2020, renewable at the will of the LESSOR.

2) The monthly rental shall be FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P500.00), exclusive of VAT which
shall be shouldered by the LESSEE, payable every first day of each month.

3) The above-listed LESSEE are to be treated as individual lessees and not collectively;

4) There is no security deposit, and the lessee is prohibited from sub-leasing the premises.

5) The LESSEE shall use the subject premises exclusively for residential purposes only,
and shall keep the property in a habitable manner.

6) In case the LESSEE shall introduce or construct any improvement thereon which are
permanent in nature, it shall be done with the written consent of the LESSOR and the
same shall automatically belong to the latter. Whatever improvements the lessee has
introduced to the premises shall belong to the LESSOR.

7) All ordinary repairs and ordinary maintenance shall be at the expense of the LESSEE.

8) The LESSEE shall observe all health, police and safety regulations in the use of the
premises and that the LESSOR shall be totally absolved from any such violations
and/or infractions including any liability that may arise therefrom.

9) The expenses and/or charges for the use of electricity, water, gas, telephone, garbage
disposal and other services of the leased premises shall be for the account of the

10) The LESSEE hereby assumes full responsibility for any damage that may be caused to
the person or property of third parties while the lease contract is in force and in any
part of the premises leased to the LESSEE. Moreover, LESSEE further binds itself to
hold the LESSOR harmless from any such claim for injury or damage.

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11) The LESSOR or her authorized agent shall, by prior arrangement with the LESSEE,
have the right to enter the leased premises anytime to examine the same or make
alterations or major repairs, or for any purpose which may deem necessary, for the
operation and maintenance of the building or its installations and, during the last six
(6) months of this contract, to exhibit the leased premises to prospective tenants.

12) In the event of any breach of agreement by the LESSEE and the LESSOR be compelled
to seek judicial relief against the former, the LESSEE shall pay the LESSOR attorney’s
fees in an amount equivalent to 25% of the total amount due, but not less than

13) The LESSEE agrees that all the covenants and agreements herein contained shall be
deemed essential conditions hereof and that if default or breach be made on any such
conditions then the LESSOR shall have the right to terminate and cancel this contract
extra-judicially, by giving the LESSEE at least thirty (30) days written notice.

14) In case of late payments or if the checks issued by the LESSEE shall be dishonored upon
presentment for payment when due, a penalty of ten (10%) percent per month of the
total amount due shall be added. The computation of ten (10%) percent penalty shall
commence from the date of issuance of the dishonored check and for purposes of
computation, a fraction of a day shall be considered one (1) whole month.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto affixed their respective

signatures this ____ day of June 2019, in Valencia City, Philippines.


Lessor Lessee
ID # _____________ ID # _______________
Issued on ____________ Issued on ___________
Issued at __________ Issued at ____________

Signed in the presence of:

1. ____________________________ 2. ______________________________


Republic of the Philippines )

Province of Bukidnon )s.s.
City of Valencia )

BEFORE ME, this _____ day of __________, in the city of Valencia, Bukidnon,
Philippines, personally appeared the parties with their respective proof of identification as
above-written, all known to me to be the same persons who executed the foregoing lease
contract consisting of four (4) pages, including the page within which this
acknowledgment is written, and they all acknowledged to me that the same is their free
and voluntary act and deed.

WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL on the date and place first above-written.

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