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Printed Pages—3 MBA018

(Following Paper ID and Roll No. to be filled in your Answer Book)

PAPER ID : 7108 Roll No.


Time : 3 Hours Total Marks : 100

Note :– Attempt all questions.
1. Answer any four of the following :– (5×4=20)
(a) Write short note on body of a letter.
(b) What is e-mail ? How has e-mail revolutionised
communication ?
(c) What is meant by interview ? Discuss its advantages.
(d) Write down 7 C’s of communication.
(e) Why is it desirable to avoid the use of jargon ?
(f) What is an Office Memo ? What purpose does it serve ?

2. Attempt all of the following :– (10×3=30)
(a) Write an application for the post of Asstt. Welfare Officer
addressed to Personnel Manager of M/S Duggal
Enterprises, Kanpur, in response to the advertisement in

MBA018/DLT-44226 1 [Turn Over

(b) Make out a complaint to the Postal Department stating a 5. Describe the types of the cases with the various approaches of
certain parcel you booked a month back has not reached case analysis.
to the address. Also request them to have an enquiry to OR
find its whereabouts.
Enumerate clearly the basic principles of good report writing.
(c) Define business circular. Draft a circular letter for your
What factors would you like to take into account while preparing
retailers mentioning that you have increased recently the
a report on market survey which was conducted by you in the
price of your products, reasons for the increase in price
recent past for exploring the sales potential of a consumer
and assuring them of good quality of your products in future.
product ?

PART–III (12.5×4=50)
6. Prepare a notice intimating the members of the General Body
3. “Communication is the nervous system of a business
that the meeting of the General Body will be held on a specific
organization”. In light of this statement, explain the meaning
date, time and place to consider some important issues.
and significance of communication in organisational context. Also
describe the various principles of communication.
Explain the concept of business etiquette. What are the basic
rules of business etiquette ?
What are the different stages in communication cycle ?
Bring out the important barriers to the smooth and free flow of
communication. What do you suggest to remove these
barriers ?

4. What do you understand by body language ? How does body

language supplement verbal communication ? Explain.
Describe briefly the important rules of good writing. What
precautions would you take in order to make your writing more
effective ?

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