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(Dd-Mmm-Yy) (15-Feb-19) (20-Mar-19) (22-Mar-19) (27-Mar-19) (28-Mar-19) (13-APR-19) (17-April-19) (19-04-19) (20-April-19) 04-2019)
Doc No.:A10245001SS
Self cleaning basket strainer assembly DN 350
General :-
G1 Please indicate strainer TAG no in GAD. Done Noted and closed. Closed
G2 Please indicate QTY of strainer. Done Noted and closed. Closed
G3 Description about Detail B and Detail C Done Noted and closed. Closed
Update strainer GAD showing both strainer together LCP stands for Local control panel,
Response not received. Please provide Closed
G4 with LCP. Also, mention recommended pitch distance Please full form of term LCP meant! please refer the GA and update the Done. Closed.
between two strainers. positioning of LCP.
Mechanical :-
Please Indicate sub-quality of material IS 2062 GR.
M1 Done Noted and closed. Closed
E250 wherever used.
ASTM A240 Gr 316 is a Plate/Sheet
M2 Strainer element shall be ASTM A 240 Gr. 316 Material.Screen is made from Wire and Noted and closed. Closed
M3 Provide counter flange for N3 & N4. Confirmed Noted and closed. Closed
Hydrotest shall be done according to ASME code i.e, Closed
M4 Confirmed Noted and closed.
1.5*design pressure. Please confirm.
Different values are mentioned in the
Mention bolt torques for Body and cover flange, Cover Flange - M30 - 545Nm , GAD.Please provide values seperately Closed
M5 Updated in GAD. Noted.
Companion flanges. Inlet/Outlet Flange - M24- 275Nm for 14" SCS and 18" SCS and basis of
obtaining the values.
1. 14" SCS Dry Weight - Approx 856
Kg , Wet Weight - 1262 Kg 2. 18" Closed
M6 Please indicate the dry and wet weight of strainer. Noted and closed.
SCS - Dry Weight -Approx 1260Kg , Wet
Weight - 2026 Kg
Please provide another sectional view indicating the Closed
M7 Confirmed Noted and closed.
postions of support legs and drain valves.
M8 Drain and vent valves shall be of globe valve type. Confirmed Noted and closed. Closed
Refer addition comments marked on Closed
M9 Indicate foundation bolt pocket requirement. Confirmed Done. Refer comment no. C1
M10 Indicate strainer element removal path. Confirmed Noted and closed. Closed
Indicate component with maximum weight which
M11 may go under maintenance for designing handling 14" - 251 Kg ,18" - 328 Kg Noted and closed. Closed
Information not found in GA. Please Closed
M12 Provide cross section of strainer element. Provided Provided. Noted.
check again.
Update painting as per painting specification Closed
M13 Confirmed Noted and closed.
Annexure-1, painting system no. PS-03A.
M14 Provide SS fasteners which is wetted by fluid. Confirmed Noted and closed. Closed
Washer shall be used for making pressure tight joint
with each nut. Washer material shall be ASTM F436
TYPE-3. Hardness of washer shall be between 38 to Closed
M15 Confirmed Noted.Please reflect this in GAD ok Noted.
45 HRC. Washer dimension shall be as per ASME
B16.21.1/PCC-1. Please ensure that washer shall not
clash with hub of flange.
M16 Indicate CG on GAD with locating dimention. Confirmed Noted and closed. Closed
Please refer GA and provide the Closed
M17 Locate all Terminal Points in plan and section view. Confirmed This shall be reflected in GAD. Done. Noted and closed.
dimensions indicated.
M18 Indicate mounting floor as FFL 0.0 M. Confirmed This shall be reflected in GAD Comments are not taken care. Done & shown in GAD. Noted and closed. Closed
M/s Steamlok has prepared combined
Nozzle pipe thickness shall be 8mm.
Please update the nozzle schedule for drawing for DN 450 and DN 350 SCS. It Closed
M19 Which is shown in your input data sheet Done. Noted and closed.
both the strainers in GAD is requested again to reflect DN 350
size SCS nozzle schedule.
Please make sure that the orientation
M20 of the DPS line shall be as indicated in Confirmed. Noted and closed. Closed
the GA Drawing.
C&I :-
Not updated. We are unable to find Noted for updation of Old Drawing is deleted
wiring diagram for Differential pressure wiring diagram.
transmitter. (Refer page 12 of 12 However, We understand
wherein DPS has been indicated). that old JB details are not
Please note that specifications of the applicable. Please clarify &
Vendor shall consider Differential pressure DP transmitter shall be followed as per delete if not applicable.
transmitter as per the datasheet provided during Please update it in GA. GA shows a CONTROL CIRCUIT IS UPDATED FOR attached datasheet. Accordingly (Refer last page of the
Noted. Vendor to add the same in the
I1 Bid. Same shall be wired to LCP. Further this signal Confirmed ok pressure switch we have asked for a Done. GA updated. However control circuit is not updated. DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE updater the wiring diagram & submit Attached document) Open
shall be provided to DCS for indication. Update pressure transmitter. TRANSMITTER. the datasheet along with catalog.

Noted for LCP. Please note that following signals shall be provide
for DCS interfcae. Add the same in the control wiring.
1) GTG ACW STRNR1 DP (Analog Input) The terminal details shall
2) GTG ACW STRNR1 ON (Digital Input) be provided with the fully
3) GTG ACW STRNR1 FAULT (Digital Input) wired panel and in the As-
Vendor to note that microprocessor 4) GTG ACW STRNR2 DP (Analog Input) built drawing which will be
Vendor to provide microprocessor based control Unable to find the details. Please As discussed over phone, Indicate DCS Noted. Please indicate the
based control panel is required as per Indivisual GAD prepared and attached 5) GTG ACW STRNR2 ON (Digital Input) dispatched along with the Open
I2 panel with canopy. Vendor to provide further details Confirmed with Cost Implication Confirmed. provide additional C&I documents like AGREED,WITH PRICE IMPLICATIONS interface signals in the control wiring Done terminal numbers for DCS
speccification requirement. Cost with strainer GAD. 6) GTG ACW STRNR2 FAULT (Digital Input) panel. As the mounting
of the same like GA & wiring diagram. wiring diagram. drawing. interface signals.
implication is not acceptable. 7) STG ACW STRNR1 DP (Analog Input) arrangement of the
8) STG ACW STRNR1 ON (Digital Input) instruments and
9) STG ACW STRNR1 FAULT (Digital Input) switchgear are not fixed at
10) STG ACW STRNR2 DP (Analog Input) this stage.
11) STG ACW STRNR2 ON (Digital Input)
12) STG ACW STRNR2 FAULT (Digital Input)

Noted. Vendor to update the same in Not updated. Refer page 9 of 12. Item Closed
I3 Unit shall be Barg Confirmed ok Please update this in GA. Done Not updated. UPDATED Done Noted.
the document. no 16 in the table.
Noted. Vendor to add the same in the Vendor shall confirm to follow the Noted for submission of The make of DPT is not
document. specifications of the pressure gauges as excel datasheets for mentioned in the Sub
Vendor to provide 6" dial size & other specifications as per
Indicate dial size. Also submit the datasheet Datasheet shall be submited separately Size of dial is 4'' & datasheet for the attached file. Please confirm to follow the speccifications of the DIAL SIZE CHANGED FROM 4" TO 6" per attached datasheet. Please confirm instruments. Please note Vendor list.
I4 4" as per attached format. ok Update in Datasheet. & provide the filled datasheet. Done that make of the Open
separately same will be submitted by separately. instruments as per attached file. Submit the filled in datasheet COST IMPLICATIONS
instruments shall be
for review.
selected from attached file.
Please confirm.

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