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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region V – Bicol
Division of Camarines Norte
Daet North District

DLP No.: 9 Learning Area: Math Grade Level: 5 Quarter: 3 Duration: 50min

Competency/ies: Find the percentage in a given problem Code: M5NS-lllb-139
Key Concepts /
Understandings to be
Developed: Finding thee percentage in a given problem
Knowledge Find the percentage in a given problem
Skills Solve the percentage in a given problem
Attitudes Give the correct percentage in a given problem
Values Being studios and participative
2. Content Finding the percentage inn given Problem

3. Learning Lesson Guide in Elementary Mathematics Grade 5 2010 pp.345-350

Resources/Materials/ Worktext pages 6-7
Equipment Materials: flashcards
4. Procedures (indicate the steps you will undertake to teach the lesson and indicate the no. of minutes each
step will consume)
4.1 Introductory Activity 1. Drill
5 minutes (Mental computation on changing percent to a ration, decimal to percent, fraction to percent
and vice versa)
Materials: flash cards, answer sheets
2. Review
(Answer the following questions)
Which element represents the whole?
Which represent part of a whole?
Which element has the symbol percent (%)
What’s your target score in a 20-item test? What passing grade is it? (75%, 80%, 90%, or
100%? The pupils have the freedom to choose.
Ask: Do you need to study your lesson every day? Do you listen well and participate in class
Ask: Why do you need to study? Will it help you prepare for your future? Emphasize the value of
being studious and participative.
4.2 Presentation
5 minutes 1. Presentation:
Allan, a boy from a fishing village is a diligent and studious pupil. He goes to school ever day
and does his work well. He never skip studying his lesson every night. When he took their 50-item
quarter examination he got 96% of it correctly? What is his score?

*Who is the boy from the fishing village?
*How is he as a pupil?
*Did he do well in school? How do you know?
*What rating does Allan get in the test? Is this a high rating? How do you know?
*Will you do thee same? Why?
2. Performing Activity
Ask the pupil to work in 4 groups in solving the problem.
Use the formula: P=R x B
P = 96% x 50
P = 0.96 xx 50 Change 96% to decimal = 0.96
P = 48
Allan got a score of 48
* How do we solve for the percentage?
* Did you move the decimal point of the rate from right to left?
* How many move of decimal point do we move?
Explain how to find the percentage. Use this problem.
Gonzales’ Family Weekly Budget of P2 000..00

Food 65% of P 2 000 = P1 300

School Supplies 7% of P2 000 = P 140
Fare 8% of P 2 000 = P 160
Savings 20% of P 2 000 = P 400
Use the formula: P = R x B
Find the percentage of each by changing percent to decimal.
1. 12% of 40 = ___________ 3. 11% of 90 = _____________
2. 75% of 300 = ___________ 4. 36% of 150 = _____________

5. Summarizing the Lesson

Elicit from the pupils the ways of finding the percent of thee given number. Guide them to
generalize that finding thee percent of a whole is also finding part of the whole.
To find the percentage use the formula: Percentage = Rate x Base (P = R x B)
4.3 Performing the Direction: Complete the Table
Activities Base Rate Percentage
10minutes 80 5%
150 12%
5. Assessment (indicate whether it is thru Observation and/ or Talking/conferencing to learners and/or
Analysis of Learner’s Products and/or Tests)
A. Direction: Find the percentage
Written Test 1. 25% of 200 = 2. 15% of 125 =
10minutes B. Solve the following problem:
3.Dorothy pick 16 guavas. She solve 25% of them. How many guavas did she sell?
4. Almost 70% of the species of Philippine eagle is in danger of extinction. How many species
is indangered.
6. Assignment (indicate whether it is for Reinforcement and/or Enrichment and/or Enhancement of the
day’s lesson or Preparation for a new lesson)
Preparation for the next Direction: answer the following.
Lesson 1. What is 25% of 4?
3minutes 2. N is 50% of 2.
7. Wrap- KEEP IN MIND!!!!
up/Concluding Activity DID YOU LEARN SOMETHING TODAY? How do you identify the base, rate or percentage in
2 minutes the problem?
Prepared by:

Teacher III