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Detailed Lesson Plan

TLE / ICT – Entrepreneurship 6
(This lesson is good for 2 days)

I. Objectives
Uses an e-group to share ideas and work with others.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic – Communicating and Collaborating Using ICT
B. Sub Topic: Using e-group to Share Ideas and Work with Others
C. Materials – pictures, video clip, LCD projector
D. References – Technology and Livelihood Education 6 pp. 35 – 40
Home Economics and Livelihood Education 6 pp. 23 – 24 & 39 -40
TLE6IE – 0h – 14 pp. 32

E. Values – Awareness

III. Learning Activities

A. Review
o What are the factors to consider in conducting a video conference?
o Sharing of experiences met during the application of video conference

B. Motivation
- Showing of pictures in a power point presentation

C. Unlocking of Difficulties through semantic webbing


D. Presentation
Asking question about the pictures like:
What can you say about the pictures?
What are the people doing in the pictures?
E. Deepening
Explicit Teaching
The teacher will participate in an e-group through Facebook with the pupils around,
then the pupils will try to participate in the group with the teacher as the main source of

F. Generalization
Ask the pupils to share the important concepts they have learned from the lesson.

G. Application
Group Activity
Through a different application, share/collaborate and communicate with the

Group I
Communicate with your classmate through sharing of ideas on the topic yesterday
using Twitter

Group II
Communicate and collaborate in making your project with your groupmate using
Group III
Share your ideas on presenting your group work through Edmodo

Group IV
Make instructions on your members on the task given to you by your teacher through
Titan Pad

Group V
Create a group chat and discuss with your group on how to make a power point

C. Assessment
How do you feel after using the different e-group applications?

D. Remedial Teaching
Continue exploring the different e-group applications at home.

E. Reflection