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Free Nutrition Plan

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There are four macronutrients the human body can get energy from: carbohydrates,
proteins, and fats. Calories are the amount of energy your body can derive from these

Caloric content of all four macronutrients is mentioned below. You can adjust the
amount of calories in this diet based on your calculated maintenance calories and rate
of fat loss.

Macronutrient Calories per gram

Carbohydrates 4

Protein 4

Fats 9

Alcohol 7

Maintenance Calories*

The amount of calories your body needs to maintain your current bodyweight.

How to Calculate it?

Take your​ bodyweight in pounds​ and multiply it by 9-14 . The no. you multiply it by
depends on your activity levels.

● If you’re a sedentary female (think office job) who trains anywhere from
3-5x per week: go with the lower end (9-10).
● If you’re a female who works a fairly active job or any job that has you on
your feet quite a bit and you’re training 3-5x per week: go with the mid
range (10-12).

● If you’re a sedentary male (office job) who trains 3-5x per week: go with
the low to mid-range (10-12).
● If you’re a male who works a fairly active job, and you’re training 3-5x per
week: go with the higher end (12-14)

> ​For a standard rate of fat loss consume 250-300 calories less than your maintenance
everyday. For faster fat loss 500-600 can be reduced.

> ​For muscle/weight gain consume 200-400 calories more than your maintenance
calories everyday.

Assuming you are an 85 Kg (~190 lbs) man with a desk job, who trains 3-5 times/week.

Your estimated maintenance calories will be 190x12 i.e. around 2300 Kcal/day. For
creating a decent caloric deficit let’s reduce 300 calories. Therefore, your daily caloric
intake will be around 2000 calories for fat loss.
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Calories:​ 2000

Protein : 150g
Carbs : 200g
Fats : 65g

All Weights Are Mentioned Raw

Meal 1

Food Item Protein Fats Carbs

2 whole eggs 18 10 1
2 egg whites

Oats 40g 4 3 30

Almonds 10g 2 5 2

Fruits 100g 1 - 23

Meal 2

Food Item Protein Fats Carbs

Rice 50g 4.5 1 35

Chicken 150g 37 12 0

Daal 1 Bowl 4 - 12

Fibrous Vegetables - - -
As Much As You
Meal 3 Pre Workout

Food Item Protein Fats Carbs

Brown Bread 4 4 2 50

1 Scoop whey 24 - -
protein or 8 egg

10g Peanut Butter 2 5 2

Meal 4

Food Item Protein Fats Carbs

2 Roti 6 1 46

Chicken 150g 37 12 0

Fibrous Vegetables - - -
As Much As You

Meal 5 Before Bed ​(Optional)

Food Item Protein Fats Carbs

Double toned Milk 15 7.5 25

500 Ml
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Essential Supplements

Supplement Dosage Time


Multivitamin 1 serving Breakfast

Vitamin D 5000 IU Breakfast

Creatine 5g Post workout

Ashwagandha 2 tabs Breakfast & Dinner

Whey Protein As Per Requirement As Per Requirement

Isabgol 1 tb spoon Before Bed

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This is a basic diet plan for improved health & well-being.

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