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6/24/2019 https://mybookings.easemytrip.com/MyBooking/ReqPrintTicketDetail?


Booking Date: Sun , 23 Jun 2019 | Booking Time: 20:50

Hi ,

Your flight ticket for Hyderabad-Goa is confirm. Your ticket is attached along with the email.

Your Booking ID is EMT59615404 . Please use it for any further communication with us.

Air India Hyderabad 23:25 Mumbai 00:55

Sun-23Jun2019 1h 30m Mon-24Jun2019
Terminal Terminal2

Air India
Mumbai 02:00 Goa 03:20
Mon-24Jun2019 1h 20m Mon-24Jun2019
Terminal 2 Terminal
Passengers - 2 Adults

AirLine Seat
Passenger Airline Status Sector Ticket Number

Mrs. Mrs UJWALA AI Confirm JFSE3 0989572624332/1/1


AI Confirm JFSE3 0989572624333/2/1

Flight Inclusion
Flight Insurance
Passenger Sector Airline Cancellation Meal Type
Insurance Status
Mrs Mrs UJWALA AI Not Confirmed Not Confirmed Not Confirmed
KRISHNA AI Not Confirmed Not Confirmed Not Confirmed

Baggage Info

Airline Sector
Check in Cabin


Fare Details Amount (INR)

Total Basic Fare : Rs. 18598.00
Other Charges : Rs. 3032.00
Discount : Rs. (-) 0.00
Insurance Fee : Rs. 0.00
Meal Amount : Rs. 0.00
Bagg. Amount : Rs. 0.00
Seat. Amount : Rs. 0.00
Reschedule Charges : Rs. 0.00
Cancellation Ins Charges : Rs. 0.00

Total Rs. 21630.00

https://mybookings.easemytrip.com/MyBooking/ReqPrintTicketDetail?bid=zT/i3Bjcr2O3zTujvg5d+w== 1/2
6/24/2019 https://mybookings.easemytrip.com/MyBooking/ReqPrintTicketDetail?bid=zT/i3Bjcr2O3zTujvg5d+w==

Cancellation Charges
EaseMyTrip Fee: Rs. 250 per pax per sector

Airline Fee:

Airline Charges
Air India Before 4 hours of departure Rs.5300 (per pax per sector)

Terms & Conditions

All passengers, including children and infants, have to present their valid ID proof at the time of check-in.
We recommend you checkin at least 2 hours prior to departure of your domestic flight and 3 hours prior to your
international flight
Carriage and other facilities provided by the carrier are subject to their Terms and Condition. We are not liable for
missing any facility of the carrier.
To cancel tickets in less than 6 hours prior to departure, please contact the airlines directly. We are not at all
responsible for any losses on receiving the request in such cases.
Recheck your baggage with your respective airline before travelling for hassle-free travel experience.
Due to the security reasons and Government regulations, passengers flying on destination like Jammu and Srinagar
are not allowed to carry any Hand Baggage.
Free baggage allowance: 25KG checked baggage and 7 KG cabin baggage-OutBound, Baggage more than
specified units is subject to a charge to be paid at the airport during check-in. (Baggage allowance differ for
Partial cancellation is not allowed for Round-trip fares.
Partial cancellation is not allowed for tickets booked under Friends & Family fares.
The No Show refund* should be collected within 90 days from date of departure.
Group Booking Rules will be applicable if passengers are 9 or more in numbers.
Company is not responsible for any delay or cancellation of flights from airline's end.
Kindly contact the airline at least 24 hrs before to reconfirm your flight details giving reference of Airline PNR
All reservations done through our website are as per the terms and conditions of the concerned airlines. Any
modification, cancellation and refund of the airline tickets shall be strictly as per the policy of the concerned airlines
and we deny all liability in connection thereof.
Unaccompanied Child: Children below the age of 12 will not be accepted for carriage unless they are accompanied
by a person of at least 18 years of age. Such child/children must be seated next to the accompanying adult. The
accompanying adult is solely responsible for the well-being of the child/children traveling together with him/her.
This also includes ensuring that seats are booked to ensure child/children and an accompanying adult are seated
All time indicated are the local times (in 24 hrs. format) at the relevant airport.
Cancellation and date change fees are applicable before departure and per passenger basis. In case of
amendment, along with the airline and EMT fees, you will also have to pay fare difference, if any.
Please reference the Airline PNR Number when communicating with the airline regarding this booking.
Some airports have multiple terminals catering to domestic/international flights, please check the departure/arrival
terminal of your flight with the airlines before reaching airport.

Contact Information
Airline Contact Information : Air India - 18602331407, 011-24667473
EaseMyTrip Contact Information : 011-43131313
Please reference the Airline PNR Number when communicating with the airline regarding this booking.

Any Help call us : 011 43131313, 43030303

For Escalation: 9990980980

https://mybookings.easemytrip.com/MyBooking/ReqPrintTicketDetail?bid=zT/i3Bjcr2O3zTujvg5d+w== 2/2

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