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Purple-Metaphor Blue and Red-Rhyme Scheme

“This train is a portal”. The
metaphor here helps show the
The train horn blares A-B-A-B-A. The rhyme scheme
here creates a flow and can be
poets’ perspective on fear, seeing I want to ride perceived to show contrasts. For
the train as a portal and an escape example, pride and cried would
from the harshness of reality. away from here are distant in relations as you
wouldn’t envision crying if you
and say goodbye. were proud. An allusion can be
drawn between here and fear as
The distance travelled the poem is about leaving the
to forget my pride place with fear.

if I could lose all my fear

and never have cried.

The smoke would obscure Green-Personified Metaphor
The use of onomatopoeia here
appeals to the sound of the poem
and the tracks they would clink “A whistle so loud to cut through
the din” You cannot literally cut
and adds another layer of sensory as I was carried away, through din so as this is the
metaphoric phrase, also a whistle
to it that previously wasn’t there.
saved from the brink cutting something is
A whistle so loud
to cut through the din
I will leave here forever
never come back again.

This train is a portal

this train it can fly
away from the truths
and away from their lies.

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