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Richard Machesky, Ph.D.

, Superintendent of Schools

Hamilton Elementary School Mrs. Sarah Glasser

5625 Northfield Parkway Principal
Troy, MI 48098
Fax: 248-823-4413

April 25, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Miss Lyndsay Vincent, who was my
student teacher during winter semester of the 2017 - 2018 school year. Miss Vincent completed her
student teaching in a fifth grade co-taught classroom having taught all core subjects. Throughout her
student teaching experience it is evident that Lyndsay is an intelligent, reliable, and highly motivated
teacher. It has been my pleasure to observe the growth that Miss Vincent has displayed in such a short
amount of time.
Lyndsay has gone from being a “student teacher” to a teacher in her semester at Hamilton
Elementary. She has developed the ability to implement and adapt Common Core instruction to best meet
individual student needs. Miss Vincent is constantly formatively assessing students during math lessons
by having them show all work on a white board during instruction. Lyndsay will navigate the room
monitoring student progress as the lesson continues. She will then adapt the lesson to cover any
misconceptions that students might be having. She uses this model across the rest of the curriculum to
monitor student work. Miss Vincent will also meet privately with students or in small groups to offer
more assistance when needed.
During her student teaching, I have observed Miss Vincent’s ability to target individual students
learning styles, interests, and multicultural backgrounds. Lyndsay has successfully incorporated Cultures
of Thinking and Visible Thinking routines daily during her instruction. Through such activities as Tug-of-
War, Step-Inside, and Circle of Viewpoints, Miss Vincent has developed the ability to get students to
process their thinking on much deeper levels.
Lyndsay is a passionate, positive teacher who exhibits the importance of a positive classroom
environment. She has displayed the ability to maintain classroom policies and procedures with limited to
no disruption to instructional time. The children know that Miss Vincent always has their best interests at
heart and truly cares for them. They feel comfortable in being themselves and taking risks as learners
when they are around her.
Lyndsay was reliable, responsible, and always professional in her time at Hamilton Elementary.
Not only was she a valuable asset for myself and my students, but the entire Hamilton Community
benefited from her as well. Miss Vincent was constantly volunteering her time for school wide activities.
It is my honor to recommend Miss Vincent for any teaching position within her certification. I
would be more than happy to discuss any further questions you may have regarding Lyndsay Vincent’s
performance during her student teaching.


Kyle Rogers
Fifth Grade Teacher
Hamilton Elementary School, Troy Michigan

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer