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1. Virtual organization – Definition what will be hierarchies in it – BHEL as virtual org.?

2. Buying a car – place in Maslow’s hierarchy. Does background affect level of needs?
3. Cognitive dissonance theory – its use to the employee
4. Managerial implications of the group.
5. Group think” “Group shift”? How to avoid them?
6. Brain storming – effects of group think how will you ratify groupthink?
7. Leadership style in a group
8. Group think and brain storming.
9. Different styles of leadership?
10. Perception? Factors affecting it?
11. Difference between group and system.
12. How to measure performance of a group?
13. Valence? MClellands theory of needs?
14. What is noise?
15. Various positions of power? Are power & influence same or different?
16. Suppose you are the leader of a group in which all the members are extremely
intelligent/talented and well performing individually. But all of them have high ego.
How will you make them perform cohesively as group?
17. Define group – How will you control a group.
18. If you enter the office, how will you identify the culture by the way the furniture are
19. What is organizational culture?
20. Different between contingency & Train theories?
21. Difference between team and group?
22. Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy?
23. What is self-actualization?
24. What is conflict? How will you resolve it?
25. What are groups? Charismatic leader?
26. What concept in OB you have learnt well and think that would help you in your future?
27. Transaction analysis?
28. Johari window?
29. How do you determine the need for manpower planning?
30. Factors affecting manpower planning?
31. Methods for trainee needs assessment?
32. What is 360 degree appraisal? It’s relevance?
33. What is a team? How can you make a group cohesive?
34. What is job enlargement, Job enrichment?
35. How will you design compensation program?
36. What about job designing? Explain.
37. What is Role ambiguity? Role diversity?
38. What is risky shift phenomenon?
39. Group decision making techniques?
40. What is “equity theory”? What is theory & implications of it?
41. What are the perception pitfalls?
42. You are buying a house, where will you put this is Maslow’s Triangle? That too without
knowing your financial position?
43. What is empowerment?
44. What is Managerial grid?
45. What is classical conditioning?
46. What is operant conditioning?
47. Positive & Negative reinforcement.
48. What is the learning from the Hawthorne study?
49. When will you avoid resolving a conflict
50. What do you know of the trade union movement in the country?
51. What is personality?
52. What is Johari’s window?
53. Contingency school of thought?
54. Contribution of Mary Parker Follet
55. What are the components of value?
56. What is organization development?
57. Methods of organization development
58. Contributions of Fredrick Taylor.
59. Define attitude. How does it differs from value.
60. Define OB. What are its components?
61. What is attitude? How is it measured?
62. What does personality mean? What is the Big Five
63. What is so special about the Victor Vrooms model?
64. What is Horn Effect/Halo Effect?
65. What are Terminal Values and Interim Values?
66. Does attitude always predict behavior?
67. What are in-groups/out-groups?
68. What is ‘Noise’ in communication?
69. What are the uses of grape vine?
70. What is garbage can model of decision’s making?
71. What is ‘Bounded rationality’?
72. What are the bases and contingencies of power?
73. What do you mean by extra-organizational stressor?
74. What are the substitutes of leadership?
75. Name some intra-personal conflicts.
76. What are the various schedules of reinforcement in learning?
77. What are “artifacts”. Give some examples.
78. How do you correct performance – the steps?
79. What is OD? Name some techniques.
80. What is force field analysis?
81. Name some contributors to OB.