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Ring Documentation, Release 1.

12. QQuaternion
13. QMatrix4x4
14. QOpenGLPaintDevice
15. QPaintDevice
16. QOpenGLTimerQuery
17. QOpenGLDebugLogger
18. QOpenGLFramebufferObject
19. QOpenGLVertexArrayObject
20. QOpenGLBuffer
21. QOpenGLShaderProgram
22. QOpenGLShader
23. QOpenGLTexture

4.8 Better Ring2EXE

Ring2EXE is updated to works as expected when we don’t have a C/C++ compiler

Where we can distribute applications and get (exe file and ringo file) in this case.

4.9 Better RingZip

The library is updated to support extracting files contains sub folders!

4.10 Better Documentation

1. RingQt Classes Chapter - The classes are sorted.

4.11 Better Ring VM

1. Better Error Message

2. List2Str() function support lists contains numbers
3. Correct support for numbers contains _ as separator
4. Creating lists without variables (statement –> Expression –> List)
5. IsNULL() - Not case sensitive - treat Null and null like NULL
6. Support adding the Self object to an attribute in this object
7. Using ‘:’ operator then keyword will create lower case literal
8. Printing objects - respect decimals() function
9. When literal is not closed - determine the start of the literal

4.8. Better Ring2EXE 42

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

10. Better message when printing objects contains lists

11. VarPtr() - Support getting a pointer to variables in the local scope
12. replace performance instructions with normal instructions when creating new threads

4.12 RingLibuv Extension

Ring 1.7 comes with the RingLibuv extension

Libuv is a multi-platform support library with a focus on asynchronous I/O.
Example (Events Loop):
load "libuv.ring"

counter = 0
idler = NULL

func main
idler = new_uv_idle_t()
uv_idle_init(uv_default_loop(), idler)
uv_idle_start(idler, "wait()")
? "Idling..."
uv_run(uv_default_loop(), UV_RUN_DEFAULT);

func wait
if counter >= 100000


Example (Server):
load "libuv.ring"
load "objectslib.ring"

? "Testing RingLibuv - Server Side - Using Classes"


class MyServer from ObjectControllerParent


addr = new_sockaddr_in()
server = NULL
client = NULL
myloop = NULL

func start
myloop = uv_default_loop()

4.12. RingLibuv Extension 43

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

server = new_uv_tcp_t()
uv_tcp_init(myloop, server)
uv_ip4_addr("", DEFAULT_PORT, addr)
uv_tcp_bind(server, addr, 0)
r = uv_listen(server, DEFAULT_BACKLOG, Method(:newconnection) )
if r
? "Listen error " + uv_strerror(r)
return 1
uv_run(myloop, UV_RUN_DEFAULT)

func newconnection
? "New Connection"
aPara = uv_Eventpara(server,:connect)
nStatus = aPara[2]
if nStatus < 0
? "New connection error : " + nStatus
client = new_uv_tcp_t()
uv_tcp_init(myloop, client)
if uv_accept(server, client) = 0
uv_read_start(client, uv_myalloccallback(),

func echo_read
aPara = uv_Eventpara(client,:read)
nRead = aPara[2]
buf = aPara[3]
if nRead > 0
req = new_uv_write_t()
wrbuf = uv_buf_init(get_uv_buf_t_base(buf), nread)
uv_write(req, client, wrbuf, 1, Method(:echo_write))
? uv_buf2str(wrbuf)
message = "message from the server to the client"
buf = new_uv_buf_t()
set_uv_buf_t_base(buf,varptr("message","char *"))
uv_write(req, client, buf, 1, Method(:echo_write))

func echo_write
aPara = uv_Eventpara(client,:read)
req = aPara[1]

When we run the client, We will see the message “New Connection”
Then the message “hello from the client”
Testing RingLibuv - Server Side - Using Classes
New Connection
hello from the client

Example (Using Threads):

4.12. RingLibuv Extension 44

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

load "libuv.ring"
load "objectslib.ring"

? "Testing RingLibuv - Threads - Using Classes"


class MyThreads from ObjectControllerParent

func Start
one_id = new_uv_thread_t()
two_id = new_uv_thread_t()
uv_thread_create(one_id, Method(:One))
uv_thread_create(two_id, Method(:Two))

func one
? "Message from the First Thread!"

func Two
? "Message from the Second Thread!"

Testing RingLibuv - Threads - Using Classes
Message from the First Thread!
Message from the Second Thread!

For more information about this extension (RingLibuv) check the chapter: Using RingLibuv

4.12. RingLibuv Extension 45




In this chapter we will learn about the changes and new features in Ring 1.6 release.

5.1 List of changes and new features

Ring 1.6 comes with many new features!

• Employee Application
• New Tool: Ring2EXE
• Better Ring For Android
• New Tool : Folder2qrc
• Better Scripts for building Ring
• RingConsoleColors Extension
• RingMurmurHash Extension
• Better Ring Notepad
• Better RingQt
• Better StdLib
• Better RingVM
• Better RingREPL
• Using Tab instead of char(9)
• Using CR as Carriage return
• Using the ! operator as not
• Using && and || operators
• Using ? to print expression then new line

5.2 Employee Application

The Employee application is added to ring/applications

Developer: Ahmed Hassouna

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

5.3 New Tool: Ring2EXE

In Ring 1.6 we have a nice tool called Ring2EXE (Written in Ring itself)
Using Ring2EXE we can distribute applications quickly for Windows, Linux, macOS and Mobile devices
Read the chapter “Distributing Ring Applications using Ring2EXE” for more information!

5.4 Better Ring For Android

Ring For Android (using RingQt) is updated to use the Ring Object File ( *.ringo ) instead of using many source code
files ( *.ring )
The next screen shot is an example of building the cards game for Android
We are using cards.ringo instead of cards.ring
If you have large project (many *.ring files) it will use only one *.ringo file.

5.3. New Tool: Ring2EXE 47

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

To prepare Qt project to distribute RingQt application for Mobile use Ring2EXE

ring2exe cards.ring -dist -mobileqt

Example (2)
ring2exe formdesigner.ring -dist -mobileqt

5.4. Better Ring For Android 48

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

5.5 New Tool: Folder2qrc

When we have large RingQt project that contains a lot of images and files, We need to add these files to the resource
file ( *.qrc ) when distributing applications for Mobile devices.
Instead of adding these files one by one, Ring 1.6 comes with a simple tool that save our time, It’s called Folder2qrc.
folder2qrc formdesigner.ring

We determine the main source file while we are in the application folder, and Folder2qrc will check all of the files in
the current folder and sub folders, Then add them to the resource file after the mainfile.ringo (In our example this will
be formdesigner.ringo)
The output file will be : project.qrc
You can open it and remove the files that you don’t need in the resources!

5.6 Better Scripts for building Ring

Ring 1.6 comes with better scripts for building Ring from source code.
The updates are tested on 32bit and 64bit systems on Windows, Linux (Ubuntu,Fedora) and macOS.
The scripts for Windows are updated to find the Visual C/C++ compiler based on your Visual Studio version.

5.7 RingConsoleColors Extension

Using the RingConsoleColors extension we can easily change the colors used in our console applications

For more information check the RingConsoleColors chapter in the documentation.

5.5. New Tool: Folder2qrc 49

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

5.8 RingMurmurHash Extension

Ring 1.6 comes with the RingMurmurHash extension!

Developer: Hassan Ahmed
load "murmurhashlib.ring"

key = "Ring Language"

see murmurhash3_x86_32(key, 0, 0) + nl // Output: 1894444853

see murmurhash3_x86_32(key, 0, 1) + nl // Output: 70eaef35

For more information check the RingMurmurHash chapter in the documentation.

5.9 Better Ring Notepad

Ring Notepad comes with the next updates

1. Automatic setting for the Main File when we Run the application (using the Main file buttons).
2. Main File - Automatic save before running.
3. When we run GUI application - don’t change the focus to the text box used for the input in the Output Window.
4. A button and option to run web applications

For Windows users, Ring 1.6 comes with Apache Web server!
We can run any web application from any folder directly without doing any configuration.

5.8. RingMurmurHash Extension 50

Ring Documentation, Release 1.7

5. Tools - Operating System - Terminal (Command Prompt) & Files Manager (Explorer).

So we can quickly open the Command Prompt or the Explorer at the application folder.

5.9. Better Ring Notepad 51