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Research & Advocacy: Conducting

Who We Are relevant and incisive research to
effectively advocate for safer and more
The Inter-University LGBT Network
inclusive institutional policies and
collaborates with Singapore universities in
practices in the interest of gender and
fostering safer and more inclusive school
communities for everyone - regardless of
sexual orientation, gender identity and
Our Divisions
Our Vision
One day, all Singapore higher education
We have three main functions.
institutions will be safe and inclusive
campuses for all - regardless of sexual Publicity
orientation, gender identity and expression.
The publicity team raises awareness about
Our Mission important issues and the events that we organise.

Inter-University We aim to foster safer and more inclusive

In addition, they maintain our Telegram,
Facebook, Instagram presence and our website.
school communities in three ways:

LGBT Network Support: Supporting gender

Research & Advocacy

and sexually diverse students The research team conducts research on key
through creating safe and issues concerning the LGBTQ+ community and
inclusive spaces for networking, fills unmet gaps within the information spectrum.
peer support and social
Support & Outreach
Outreach: Raising awareness The support and outreach team organises events
and promoting understanding of to support gender and sexually diverse students,
gender and sexual diversity on as well as raise awareness about diversity
campus through advocacy based/ sharing based events.
Our Research Our Campaigns
We have released many resources over the past
academic year. Memes on Facebook

Gender & Sexual During this academic year, our publicity team has
Trans* In
rolled out many quirky memes campaigns on
College Diversity Facebook, and have reached a large audience.

This resource was This resource explains

produced to help the various labels
transgender attached to the letters
students navigate “LGBTQIA+”
campus life.

Sexual Health Sexual Assault

101 Awareness

This resource offers This guide is about Growing up LGBTQ+ in Singapore

essential information recognising when #IDAHOT2019
on sexual health, that sexual assault takes
is accessible to place so we can better To celebrate IDAHOT (International Day Against
everyone regardless take care of ourselves Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia), we asked
of gender, sexual and people around us. three queer Singapore youths to share about their
orientation and experiences growing up in Singapore and what
gender identity.
allyship means in their lives.
Past Events
Our past academic year has been eventful,
and it is far from over. We are very fortunate to
have worked with many great partners.

Queer & Graduating Workshop

@ 24 January 2019
In this career event, we conducted a panel
discussion where we invite LGBTQ+ Effective Allyship Advocacy
professionals from the industry to discuss Workshop @ 8, 22, 23 June 2019
about their experiences being queer and at
the workplace. We also held a networking In collaboration with Pink Fest, we have
session where participants can be conducted 3 advocacy workshops, due to
Q-Mixer Chill Edition @ 6 October connected to members of law, banking the high demand for such workshops.
2018 and social sectors. During these workshops, we have
discussed about what it means to be an
We organised the first dry Q-mixer, our flagship
ally and how to be a more effective ally.
social event this year, where people can mingle
We also discussed some situations which
with other members of the LGBTQ+ community
allies could face and how to best respond
and allies over board games and great food.

to them.

We have also worked together with Well-Dressed

The Allyship workshops are in
Salad Bar & Cafe for this event, with delicious
collaboration with our video for IDAHOT
food and cosy venue. We are also fortunate to
(International Day Against Homophobia,
have received sponsorship from Oogachaga,
Transphobia & Biphobia).
The Lo & Behold Group and Goldman Sachs.

Future Plans Stay in Touch

We have more events lined up in the future
Our Facebook: https:// Our Gmail: interunilgbt@gmail.com
months, stay tuned on our telegram channel
and facebook page or find out more! InterUniLGBTNetwork/

Meet IULN @ August

Want to join IULN but have queries about our Our Telegram Channel: Our Website: http://
work? Or simply want to meet the team behind stayintouchwithiuln

the scenes? Join us for a picnic at coming

August. Stay tuned for more updates!


University students in Singapore are able to join us

in fostering safer and more inclusive campuses. We
are looking for passionate and committed students
to volunteer with us as Subcommittee Members for
Platform of Original Academic Work
a period of ONE year. We are looking for members in
The research and advocacy team is currently in Public Relations. Interested students may apply by
the process of gathering, curating and creating a
platform of original academic work produced by sending us a message at interunilgbt@gmail.com
students all across Singapore. This platform will
be made public and will act as valuable resource
for anyone and everyone interested in LGBTQ+
issues and research in Singapore!