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GRADES 1 School Grade Level 12

to 12 Teacher Learning Area

DAILY Teaching Dates and Time Week 3 Quarter First


A. Content Standards The learner understands strategic analysis and intuitive thinking.

B. Performance The learner draws a color-coded map of the networks of power relations
Standards (political, economic, cultural, and kinship ties) within a particular community.

C. Learning HUMSS_MCT12- Ic-e-1 HUMSS_MCT12- Ic-e-1 HUMSS_MCT-12-Ic-e-2 HUMSS_MCT-12-Ic-e-2

Competencies/ Define strategic analysis and Define strategic analysis and Explain Strategic Analysis and Explain Strategic Analysis and
Objectives intuitive thinking intuitive thinking Intuitive Thinking Intuitive Thinking

a. Define strategic b. Define intuitive thinking a. Explain Strategic Analysis b. Explain Intuitive Analysis
II. CONTENT Understanding Local Networks
2.1 Strategic analysis
2.2 Intuitive thinking

A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide
2. Learner’s Materials
3. Textbook pages
4. Additional
Materials from
Learning Resource
(LR) portal
B. Other Learning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S https://www.psychologytoday.c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v Trends, Networks and Critical
Resources WOT_analysis om/blog/.../are-you- =fwicURDoDI8 Thinking in the 21st Century by
https://www.slideshare.net/rush intuitive-or-analytical- Trends, Networks and Critical Gladys P Mangiduyos
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by Gladys P. Mangiduyos, “Should you Trust your gut http://www.problem-
Rex Bookstore, pp.49 -61 Instinct?”-Asap Science, http://dictionary.ca solving-
“What is a Strategy?” – David www.youtube.com/watch?v mbridge.org/us/dict techniques.com/Intuit
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www.youtube.com/watch?v “Learned Intuition”, egic-analysis
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A. Reviewing previous Review questions: Review questions: Review question: Review question:
lesson or presenting - What is the difference - What is strategic-analysis? In your own understanding, give What is Intuitive thinking?
the new lesson between a fad and a - What are the characteristics the definition of Strategic
trend? of a strategic-analytical Analysis
- What are the characteristics thinker?
or elements of a trend?
- Give an example of today’s
5 minutes 5 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes
B. Establishing a “Build a Tower/ Bridge Game” “Great quotes from great Guide questions: Story Telling
purpose for the lesson The class will be divided into personalities”: What is the video all about? Teacher will narrate a story
groups. Using newspapers - Albert Einstein : “There What aspect of the video did you regarding her own personal
and masking tape, the is no logical way to the see strategic analysis experience about intuition.
group that will produce the discovery of these
highest tower or the elemental laws. There Students will watch a 4 minute
strongest bridge will win. is only the way of Video Clip(sad-
a. What did you feel about intuition, which is vertising)https://www.youtube.
the activity? helped by a feeling for com/watch?v=fwicURDoDI8
b. What did the group do to the order lying behind
accomplish and finish the the appearance.” Students through recitation will
task? - Steve Jobs: “Don’t let answer the questions given
the noise of others’ before the video viewing
opinions drown out
your own inner voice.
And most important,
have the courage to
follow your heart and
- Alexis Carrel: “All great
men are gifted with
intuition. They know
without reasoning or
analysis what they
need to know.”
- Lao Tzu: “The power of
intuitive understanding
will protect you from
harm until the end of
your days.”
a. What is common in
their sayings?
b. What are the key
words mentioned in
describing intuition and 5 minutes
intuitive thinking?
5 minutes
10 minutes 5 minutes
C. Presenting examples/ In connection to the game, the In relation to these sayings, Students through recitation will Students will be asked to share their
instances of the new objective of today’s the objective of today’s lesson answer the questions given own stories about their experience
lesson discussion is to define is to define “Intuitive thinking.” before the video viewing on intuition (maximum of 5 students
“strategic analysis”. Let us discover further the will be called
Let us start by looking at the power of “intuition” and how
meaning and importance valuable it is in the way we
of strategy and analogy. think and decide.
5 minutes 13 minutes
D. Discussing new A. Video presentation on A. Video presentation on *What is common among the
concepts and “What is Strategy?” – “Should you trust your Explain strategic analysis based stories?
practicing new skills David Kryscynski, Gut Instinct?” Asap on the video. *In the stories that you narrated,
#1 www.youtube.com/watc Science, Teacher’s discussion on the how was intuition used in
h?v=TD7wSLeQtVw www.youtube.com/watc advantages and solving the problem?
a. What is a strategy h?v=TGx8ijdlxk disadvantages of using *Was it successful or not?
according to the video? or “Learned Intuition” Strategic Analysis *Is there a scientific base or study
b. What are the important www.youtube.com/watch? that says intuition is more
characteristics/elements v=_FfypyFsGhk reliable than strategic analysis?
/abilities necessary to
have a good strategy? a. What is Intuition
according to the
B. “Think-Pair Share” presentation?
Try to create an analogy by b. What are the
doing the following: significant qualities of a
1. Think of a current person who uses
problem or challenge his/her intuition? What
and describe it in terms kind of thinking do we
of a story, a symbol, a have when intuition
natural phenomenon, dominates our actions?
etc, For example: “That
client is like a tornado – A. A list of words will be
he gets us going round posted on the board.
and round and causes The class will
nothing but categorize whether the
destruction.” word is associated with
2. After describing the Analytical or Intuitive
problem, determine the Thinking. For
steps to be done. example:(see appendix
Problem:______________ A)
___ -Experience -heart centered
- Dynamic -big
Story/Symbol:__________ picture
_____________________ - Rational -
______ systematic
Abstraction and - Non-linear -time
Analogy:______________ specific
_________ 10 minutes

15 minutes 16 minutes 5 minutes

E. Discussing new
concepts and
practicing new skills
F. Developing Mastery A. Presentation and A. Discussion The Students will be divided into 4 *Teacher’s discussion on the
processing Guide Questions: groups. Each group will be advantages and disadvantages
questions 1. What are the assigned a particular aspect in of using intuitive thinking.
- Was it easy or difficult differences our society. They are to *When is the best time to use
to use analogy? Why? between Analytical create a short skit on a intuition?
- Is having a strategy and Intuitive particular problem in the unit *What is the best situation to use
and using analogy thinking? and use Strategic Analysis in intuition?
helpful in coming up 2. What will you do in solving the problem
with good solutions? the following Political
(see appendix A) circumstances? Economic
-Flash flood/ Socio-Cultural
B. Graphic Organizer: earthquake/ fire Kinship Ties/Family
Concept Map (see -getting lost
appendix B) -meeting a very
From the discussion, the pair popular person
will come up with their -wallet/gadget is
descriptions and definition suddenly lost
of “strategic analysis” -surprise graded
What is the meaning of recitation
strategic analysis? 3. Why is it significant
to pay attention to
our intuition or
intuitive thinking?

Graphic Organizer: Bubble

(see appendix C)

From the discussion, the pair

will come up with their 35 minutes - 10 minutes
descriptions and definition of preparation, 25 minutes
“intuitive thinking” presentation
What is the meaning of
intuitive thinking? 10 minutes
20 minutes 20 minutes
G. Finding Practical When you are assigned to Is intuitive thinking useful and As a student, how can you use Can we rely on intuition in making
applications of accomplish a school relevant in developing Strategic analysis in your daily our decisions? How can we use
concepts and skills in project or group activity, good study habits? life? intuitive thinking in our daily
daily living how will strategic and activities
analytical abilities help you
as a student?
5 minutes
3 minutes 3 minutes 5 minutes
H. Making What is Strategic Analysis? What is Intuitive Thinking? How can society in general benefit Short Debate:
Generalizations and -Strategic – Analysis involves Intuitive thinking is “quick and from strategic analysis? Students will be divided into 2
Abstractions about the the individual’s capacity for ready insight”. Intuitive groups, they will have a debate.
lesson thinking conceptually, decision making is far Proposition:
imaginatively, more than using common Strategic Analysis vs Intuitive
systematically, and sense because it involves thinking: Which is more
opportunistically with additional sensors to beneficial?
regard to the attainment of perceive and get aware of
success in the future. The the information from
process requires you to outside. Sometimes it is
follow a pattern to referred to as gut feeling,
creatively address a sixth sense, inner sense,
situation and understand instinct, inner voice,
the environment in which spiritual guide, etc.
an organization is
5 minutes 10 minutes
3minutes 3 minutes
I. Evaluating Learning True/ False: Short Essay: Using the same groupings, draw In a half sheet of paper write your
Identify if the underlined word In 1 paragraph, explain an editorial cartoon explaining own explanation of intuitive
is true or False. If False, whether you consider Strategic Analysis (See thinking. (See Appendix D.1)
replace it with the appropriate yourself strategic- Appendix D.1)
word/s. analytical or intuitive
1. Strategic Analytical (See Appendix D.1)
thinking involves a
logical and step-by-
step process of
2. Being emotional is a
characteristic of a
3. Strategic Analysis
requires an individual’s
capacity for abstract
thinking. 3 minutes 5 minutes
4 minutes 8 minutes
J. Additional Activities
for application or
A. No. of learners who
earned 80% in the
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for remediation
who scored below 80 %
C. Did the remedial lessons
work? No. of learners
who have caught up
with the lesson
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked well?
Why did these work?
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials did I
use/discover which I
wish to share with other