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Subcontracting Process

1) Create Material Master Data For Subcomponent (using material type – ROH) & for
the finished component (using material type – FERT) – MM01
2) Create BOM – CS01
 Enter FG Product , plant and BOM usage = 1
 Enter your components and their quantity
 Item Category should be L.

 Here quantity is 1 and 2 for components. It means for 1 final product, we need 1
quantity of component1 and 2 quantity of component2.
3) Maintain Stock of subcomponents in Plant – MIGO
 Select “Goods Receipt” and “other”
 Movement Type - 501
4) Create Subcontracting info record For finished components – ME11
 Give your subcontracting vendor name, FG material name, purchasing org.,
Plant and select “subcontracting”.
 Enter Std. Quantity, Net Price.
 Go to purchasing org. data and conditions tab. Fill all required fields there.
 Save

5) Create Subcontracting PO – ME21N

 Select Standard Doc. Type or any Z document type available in system
 Enter Vendor and org. data
 Item Category - L
 Enter FG Material, quantity, net price, plant and storage location
 In item details, under material data tab, click on explode BOM if BOM is
maintained or enter manually.
 In invoice tab, click on “GR Based IV” and give tax code
 Check and save
6) Create Transfer Posting – MIGO
 Select “Transfer Posting” and “Purchase Order”
 Movement Type – 541
 Enter Your Purchase Order Number
 Under Where tab, Enter Storage location
 Click on item OK then check and save
 Then go to “display” and “material document”
 Enter your material doc. Number
 Go in doc. Info and click on FI document.
 You will get message “No Accounting document is there”
7) Stocks at Subcontractor – MBLB
8) Monitor Stocks Overview – MMBE
9) Subcontracting Challan with respect to Material Docs. – J1igsubcon
10) Create GR For Finished Material – MIGO
 Select “Goods Receipt” and “Purchase Order”
 Enter Your Purchase Order number
 Movement Type – 101
 Enter Storage Location for FG material
 Click on “Item OK”
 In where tab, you can check movement type for FG material and components.
It Should be 101 for FG material and 543 for component.
 Check and save
11) Monitor Material Document – MIGO
 Select – “Display” & “Material Document”
 Then System Displays Movement Type 101 for finished Component & 543
For all Subcomponents.
 Click on Doc. Info and Click on FI Documents
 Click on Accounting Document
 Click on GOTO and select display as list
 Then Add “transaction”
 Accounting Entries-
o BSX is for FG material
o Opposite to BSX is BSV (Consumption of Components)
o FRL = External Charges/ Subcontracting Charges & WRX is
GR/IR Clearing accounts
o +FRL = - WRX
o For each Raw material consumption BSX is there which is credit
o And opposite to that GBB will be there
o So if two raw materials are there, 2 BSX and 2 GBB will be their.
o If “n” is number of raw materials , then accounting entries will be
4 + 2n

12) Create Invoice - MIRO

o Create With respect to Purchase Order
o Give Tax Code
o Total cost will be = Subcontracting Charges + tax amount
o Save
o Go to MIR4 and Enter your invoice number
o Click on follow on Documents and Click on Accounting Documents
13) Reconciliation of Subcontracting Challan.

Subcontracting Configuration for GST

 Define Shipping Data for Plants: Assign Sales Organization, Distribution Challan
and Division should be maintained for Supplying Plant from which the components are to
be delivered. Table view – V_001W_IV, T. Code – SM30 Or SPRP -> SAP Ref. IMG ->
Materials Managment -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set up Stock Transport Order
-> Define Shipping Data for Plants
 Always make different account group for STO and Subcontracting vendor.
 For subcontracting vendor, create “ZSUB” account group
 Keep same sales area for subcontracting and STO.


 New Billing Type define – ZSN SC Challan (No Taxes), ZSP – SC Invoice (with
 Classify Subcontracting Billing Types: Maintain
View J_1IG_V_SUBINV through Code – SM30 – Company Code, Sales Type, Billing
Type, Billing Class – ZSN for Create Challan and ZSP for Create Invoice
 Use the existing SD Pricing Procedure or define a new Pricing Procedure for
Subcontracting process
 Set up “Delivery to Billing Type” Copy Control. Copied with Billing Type “FX” and
Sales Order “OR

Steps for Subcontracting Process:

 Material Master - Material Master should be available in system for both

Finished and Raw Materials (T. Code – MM01). Components must have stock in the
system. Extend the Sales View for the Raw Materials or Components
 Customer - Create Customer (T. Code – XD01) with necessary details as per
Subcontractor Vendor. (Maintain Subcontractor pricing and partner function). For this,
extend subcontracting vendor as a customer.
 Vendor - Maintain Subcontractor Vendor (T. Code – XK01) and assign Customer
in the Vendor Master data.( In Vendor – General data)
 Sales Condition Record - Maintain Sales Condition Record for Material
Pricing (T. Code – VK11)
 Subcontracting Info Record - Create Subcontracting Info Record (T. Code –
ME11) (Optional)
 Goods Issue to Subcontractor - Enter Transfer Posting with reference to
Subcontracting Purchase Order through (T. Code MIGO/ MB1B)using 541 Movement
type. This will issue the material to the Subcontractor. No Accounting Document generate
at the time of Transfer Posting. This will update the stock of the material in the Stock
Provided to Vendor in Stock Overview.
 If we are using T. Code – ME2O for issuing components to vendor, then system
will create Outbound Delivery. And then Go To Change Delivery (T. Code – VL02N) to
do PGI, which will generate Goods Issue document using Movement Type – 541.
 Subcontracting Challan - Create Subcontracting Challan with reference of
Material Issue Document through T. Code -J1IGSUBCON. Then create Challan using
“With Challan”, this will generate the Billing Document (ZSN – SC Challan Document in
SD). No taxes have been maintained in the Challan Document. Any changes can be
done in the Billing Document by using T. Code – VF02.
 Post Goods Receipt - When Vendor sends the materials, we post the Goods
Receipt in the system using T. Code – MIGO with reference to Subcontracting PO having
Movement Type 101 for final or end products and Mov. Type 543 for Components.
Consumption of Components material from the Vendor Stock and Stock update for the
Final Products.
 Reconcile Challan - Reconcile Challan with reference to goods receipt material
document through T. Code – J1IGRECON. Select Manual and enter the Challan No. and
Save the Data.
 Invoice Receipt - Post Invoice Receipt for Subcontracting Vendor for the service
charges paid to the Subcontractor through T. Code – MIRO with reference to
Subcontracting PO


 Refer to the latest GST master note

 In that, apply all notes related to subcontracting

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