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abscbn vs ca- (case after exceptions to parol evidence from another english country) abs amd viva were

negotiating for an agreement wherein abs will have exclusive rights to viva's 24 films. no contract was
created between the therefore viva gave the rights to rbs. abs then filed a case in rtc. sc states that abs
and viva have no contract since abs rejected the 24 films viva offered and the 53 films offered by del
rosario are not authorized by viva board of directors who under corpo code are the only ones who can
enter into a contract. rbs has no claim of actual damages which are due to pecuniary loss since rbs's
counterclaim states that it lost earning of 6m due to abs complaint against it the latter knowing full well
that it has no cause of action. moral damages cannot be awarded to a corporation since it is not a
natural person it is only artificial being in existence due to law, it has no feelings or emotions amd it
cannot experience physical or mental anguish. abs cannot be made liable for the advertisements of
subject flim maging sino ka man for lack of legal basis.