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Assignment (Aspen)

Name- Sayani Rakshit (041), Maharghya Biswas (024)

Q. A hot fluid at 10000 kg/hr consisting 50% benzene, 20% styrene, 20%
ethylbenzene and 10% water by mass enters a counter current heat exchanger
at 200℃ and 4 bar. Water at 60000 kg/hr enters the exchanger at 20℃ and 10
bar. Find out the output parameters of two fluid and heat duty.
 Exchanger specification: Hot stream outlet vapour fraction is zero
 No. of shell: 1
 Hot fluid is in tube side
 TEMA shell type: E- one pass shell
 No. of tube passes: 1
 Exchanger orientation: Horizontal
 Inside shell diameter: 1 meter
 Tube layout:
Total number: 300, length: 3 meter, Pattern: Triangular, pitch:
0.031 meter, material: Carbon steel
 Tube size:
Inner diameter: 0.021 meter, Outer diameter: 0.025 meter
 No. of baffles, all passes: 5
 Baffle cut: 15%
 All nozzles are 0.1 meter

For Shortcut Heat Exchanger Method:


For detailed Heat Exchanger Method:


Q. design is onetime rating and another time simulation….accurate result in

simulation, why?
In cold feed NRTL-RK should be changed in STEAM-TA, why?