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Teaching Mathematics for Conceptual Understanding

A Reflection Paper

Name: JUNITO C. COMEROS Reflection Paper No. 1

(What is the article all about) (What is going on in the field/in your class) (What do you plan to do in the future)
Author Christopher Rakes came out Being in the teaching profession for thirteen One important lesson that can be withdrawn
with this very interesting article related to years, I have observed that large number from this article is the repeated finding that
mathematics teaching. In this article, he mathematics teachers do not have an optimal teachers are the fulcrum determining whether any
presented some ideas on how mathematics background on the subject because of insufficient school initiative tips toward success or failure.
was taught in the United States preparation in mathematics or in the didactics and Every aspect of school reform depends on highly
traditionally and argued that traditional pedagogy of mathematics. This is because most of skilled teachers for its success. This is especially
teaching can actually hinder the learning of teachers in the elementary level do not have major true as educational standards rise and the
mathematics among students. He further fields during college or in their master’s. We are diversity of the students increases.
stated that the missing ingredient to the considered as generalists. Due to this fact, many As a firm believer of integrating proactive
traditional lessons is conceptual teachers in the elementary level lack the approaches in teaching mathematics in the
understanding. understanding on how to teach mathematics for classroom scenario, I strongly believe that I have to
Accordingly, teaching mathematics for conceptual understanding. Some opted to use the use the rare opportunities given to me to make
conceptual understanding helps the conventional or the procedural way most of the time. positive changes not only to myself but to other
students build relationships between how It is very disheartening to note that here in our people as well. Sharing my skills in teaching
to solve a problem and why it is solved that country, a bulk of educators especially in the mathematics has been my passion. I am fortunate
way which help them what they already elementary level still use the traditional way of enough to be tapped by the regional office to be a
know to solve new problems that they face. teaching the subject. I believe that this is the bottom teacher-demonstrator especially in teaching
He emphasized that conceptual line that our achievement test in the subject cannot mathematics in the elementary level this past three
understanding is a key ingredient to even reach the minimum required standard which is years. One of the trainings I have participated and
helping students think mathematically and 75% even in the national level. While the United facilitated was on the conceptual and procedural
use mathematics outside of a classroom. States is still lagging behind as the 40 th in the world way of teaching mathematics.
In his final note, he posed a challenge in math literacy, evidence would also point out that I shall continue to maximize my potentials and
encouraging those in the educational arena the Philippines is 3rd in rank from the bottom. capabilities in teaching math through conceptual
to rethink both the education system and Currently, I am in the process of applying my understanding. I shall continue to motivate myself
the teaching methods and consider other pedagogical content knowledge in mathematics to grow as an individual and as a professional that
countries’ approaches in mathematics having learned this from my master’s degree and could lead me to be a better teacher each day.
instruction. Moreover, he cited that from the regional trainings that I have attended and Lastly, I want to make the world more beautiful
teaching mathematics conceptually may facilitated as well. I know that it will be tough but I through building good relationships with others
enable students do as well or better on firmly believe that taking small but right steps is just and through my dedication and commitment to
achievement tests. a good beginning of a thousand-mile journey. teaching.