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Terminal Lubrication General Guidelines

The lubrication of terminals during the crimping cycle may extend tooling life; reduce problems such as
terminals sticking within crimp tooling, and help maintain consistent crimp quality. For these reasons, it
may be beneficial to use lubrication on certain products, but not necessarily required for all terminal to
wire crimp combinations.

Lubrication is recommended when using stainless steel terminals; terminals plated with gold, silver or
nickel and all AMPLIVAR series terminals. This is because harder metals such as stainless steel and nickel
tend to wear tooling faster than softer metals. Lubrication also allows for terminals to crimp with less
friction, reducing the potential of damaging terminals made of softer metals (such as brass) and with
plating (such as gold or silver). Using a lubricant will also improve the ease of removing certain terminal
and wire combinations from the crimper(s) after crimping is complete.

. TE Connectivity has worked with lubricant suppliers to help define a terminal lubricant that is di-
electrically stable and will not interfere with the crimping process, such as lubrication “gum up”, and
prevents the discoloration and staining of terminals, especially brass. One suggested terminal lubricant for
these applications is CHEMLUBE 1102 developed by ULTRACHEM Inc. Questions regarding the properties
of the lubricant should be directed to ULTRACHEM Inc.

CHEMLUBE 1102 can be purchased directly* from:

Stoner Inc. or ULTRACHEM Inc.

www.stonersolutions.com www.ultracheminc.com

*Contact each manufacturer to confirm MOQ & available quantities for ordering.

Additional information can be requested from within TE Connectivity, contacting:

TE Connectivity Product Information Center (US): pic.us@te.com

TE Connectivity Tooling Assistance Center (EMEA): tac-emea@te.com

Please contact the relevant TE Connectivity region to obtain the part number of the appropriate lubricator
assembly for your particular application, or to order replacement component parts.
(Recommendation is to replace the corresponding Wick and O-Ring when refilling lubricator bowl)

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