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A teacher used the materials like TV, radio and radio recordings, and pictures for his lectures.

Which of the following

classification do the materials he used?
A. Abstract
B. Enactive
C. Continuum
D. Iconic

Ans. D

After giving an input on a good paragraph, Teacher Jocelyn asks her students to rate a given paragraph along the
elements of a good paragraph. The students' task is in level of __________.
A. applying
B. analyzing
C. evaluating
D. creating

Ans. C

101. Teacher Y wants to measure student’s ability to organize thoughts and ideas. Which type of test is most appropriate?
Objectives test
Limited response essay
Extended response essay
Short answer type of test

102. Which of the following refers to organized services specially designed to improve the adjustment of students?
Group growth sessions c. Cumulative records
Test profiles d. Guidance program

103. Which tests survey existing problems of academic progress?

Achievement tests c. Problem checklist
Interest inventories d. Aptitude tests

104. Which of the following statements about guidance is NOT true?

Guidance is a continuous process
Guidance is concerned with “ Whole” student, not only with his or her intellectual and academic aspect

Guidance is telling a student what is best for him, and advising him about what he should do
Guidance is primary concerned with prevention rather than cure
105. Which of the following is NOT a guidance service?
Psychological testing
Education placement
106. Which of the following tests is given at the end of instruction?
Summative c. formative test
Placement test d. diagnostic test
107. Special or exceptional students are such in certain aspects, Except for one:
Sensory abilities
Gender orientation
Mental characteristics
Communication abilities
108. Information from achievement tests can be used in the following, Except in:
Grading a student
Labeling pupils
Establishing proficiency
Giving feedback regarding effectiveness of learning
109. Which of the following occurs when the teachers have a general tendency to rate all individuals’ performance at
approximately the same position on the rating scale?
Personal bias error c. Logical error
Halo effect d. Severity error
110. The environment must be interactive to facilitate learning, which of the following situations is an example of this?
The class copies a list of facts concerning the habitat of insects
The teacher lectures on the habitat of insects
The class goes out and discovers the habitat of insects
The teacher shows posters of the habitat of insects
111. When teachers, administrators and counselors come together to synthesize or coordinate in interpreting data about a
student for the purpose of a more intensive study, this is called
Longitudinal study c. Case conference
Case study d. Case analysis
112. Which type of test can help teachers predict the probability of success of students in certain areas or endeavors?
Achievement c. Aptitude