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Unit S “WOMEN AND POWER 1. Complete with the suitable express Family Code / Violence / Polygamy / Emancipation / Gender / a Actions or words meant to heart thers. so be Male oF female nn Having more than one ue st 4: Social or political freedom, area © Mudawans. —_— 2 Decide on what is pat ofthe Moroccan family and whats not from the folowing: Mutual comprehension shared responsibity ~ marrige ageis 16 - women can't work - the fist wife must approve polygamy -marroge ages 18 - social emancipation ~ gender equality - vclence is tolerated Partof the Moroccan Family Code Not part ofthe Moroccan Family Code 3+ Rewrite the words below using the comet suffix, Dominate Gover Dependent Improve Ditfer Participate Repuciate Active Feminine Manage Inferior Confer equal Globalae ‘enore Responsible Crtlee United Organize Resist “ation Tent Tanee /-enee Tem “ity 4 Compete the missing words: Nouns ‘Adjectives Nouns ‘Adjectives Power tn vinnie) SHOR Pregnancy sees vevnmnmenannn | emit aw i nisvninccciaes | are etence pti vcinnenanee | erate Heroine aR = ne | Prominent ‘Guess the answers then read the text and check them: Docior [Businesswoman [ recor | Engineer | Teacher | ‘Salwa Aktrannowch T Nexta Hayat | ‘Amina Benkiad I ‘Salwa Akhannouch Head of Akwa Group, a distrbutor of petroleum products, Salwa Akhannouch is 2 prominent Moroccan businesswoman who heads the franchise group Aksal, founded in 2004, Her ambitious project, Morocco Mall, Is the largest shopaing center of africa and the “Middle ast and inthe world top five. Her father, the famous Berber businessman Ahmed Haj Bligh, made his frtune inthe tes trade, she ie married to Asi Akhannouch, Miniter of Agrcuture. Nezha Hayat Nezha Hayat is one of Morocco’ leading compony directors and an avowed campoigrer for women in business. Founder and deputy chai of the Association des Femmes chefs Entreprises du Marce, (Assocation of Women Business Managers in Mroceo} Nezha i very attached to the presence of women on boards of directors, and the fist woman ‘member of the Executive Board in 2007 to Societe Generale Morocco. ‘Amina Berkhadra Amina Benkhadra ie a Morocean engineer and politician of the National Rally of Independents party. She was Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment of Morocco In El Fase’ government between 2007 and 2012. Currently, she is General Director of the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines. PETER STOTT 6 True or Fale? Justify a Saha Aannouch is single. b+ Nezha Hayat is prominent company director Amina Benthadrais now retired... 7. Anewar the following questions: a Whats Saat spree? an 'b- What associations has Nezhaestablshed? What does Amina do nowadays? 8 Find synonyms: [Noted tea) ‘Mestimportart tor 2) Gathering text 3)