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DAY: Thursday

9:45am- 1. Read an This week I

10:45am increasing will collect 1. Introduction (10 minutes) PowerPoint
range of work - Talk students through the PowerPoint to remind them what
different types samples and visualisation is as a reading strategy.
of texts by … write - Each slide will give more context for them in relation to
using text proce anecdotal visualisation as a way of making a movie in your mind to better
ssing strategies, notes for the understand a text.
for example focus
visualisation. (A students and 2. Guided Visualisation (Focus on each sense) (10 minutes)
CELY1679) put them - I will read a passage from “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”
together at - First, I will read it through once and they will just listen
the end of - Then I will read it again and they will focus on what they might
the week. SMELL
1. Use their five
senses to create - We will brainstorm these ideas on the board.
images in their - Then I will read it again and they will focus on what they might
minds in HEAR
response to a - We will brainstorm these ideas on the board.
text or passage. - Finally, I will read it once more and focus on what they might
- We will brainstorm these ideas on the board. Blank paper
and English
3. Using our senses to DRAW what we imagine (25 minutes) books
- Students will go back to their desks and use the information on
the board to show me what they can see in their mind when they
read this passage, having used all of their senses to analyse it.
- They will draw this AND LABEL IT onto a blank piece of paper to
be glued into their English book.
- Remind students how important it is to use colour because it is
the little details that change the image/movie in our minds
4. Early Finishers and markers
- Students that finish their drawing to a top standard showing me
what they can do, will reread the passage and identify what little
details would change their visualisation if they were slightly
different. E.g. instead of a ‘brief shower’ a ‘pouring shower’
- They will write these down then alter their initial drawing to
reflect changes

5. Conclusion (10 minutes)

- Yesterday we didn’t get through the passages for practice so we
will repeat this activity back on the mat.
- Every student will have a whiteboard and I will read them a
passage line by line. As I read each line, they will add to their
- Discuss with them how the image in their mind would change if I
changed small details e..g colours, size of objects, characters etc.