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Behaviorist Lesson Plan

GRADE 9th-12th Grade

SUBJECT Right Triangle Trigonometry, Introduction to Sine and Cosine,

LESSON SUMMARY Discuss angles in triangles and their relation to the sides of the triangles. Teach sine and cosine,
and how to find the lengths of sides using sine and cosine.
How is Theory applied Using the idea of Operant Conditioning, I will provide students with problems to solve and
in this lesson? receive rewards for answering correctly.
What will your students be able to do?

The students will be able to find the lengths of the sides of a triangle using the sine and cosine functions. They also learn
some special right triangles; their angles and side ratios.

How will you know whether your students have made progress toward the objective?
How and when will you assess mastery?
As the students work out problems on their own I will walk around to see if they are having any issues. After a few days, I will
give a warm-up to start the class, which will include the information in this lesson. If they struggle with this warm-up, we will
review the lesson. Once we have finished learning trigonometry, I will test them on this lesson again.

How will you address Common Core standards?
This lesson will address CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.HSG.SRT.C.6-8. We will discuss relation between ratios of the sides of a
triangle with the angles of a triangle and introduce the sine and cosine functions.

How will you differentiate your instruction to reach the diversity of learners in your classroom?
How will you address your English Learners?
List the specific strategies you will use.
I will provide a print out of notes for these students to take home and read over. I will allow them additional time to work on in-
class assignments. These students will be able to work together on problems as well.

OPENING (10 minutes – suggested) MATERIALS/STRATEGIES

How will you communicate what is about to happen? How will you communicate how it will
How will you communicate its importance? How will you communicate connections to
previous & future lessons?
How will you engage students and capture their interest?
I will have students look over and discuss a picture I hope to capture the Draw a picture on the
10min of similar triangles. This will introduce a topic they students’ interest by showing whiteboard. Have students
have already seen and will go more in depth. them interesting pictures of group together and
triangles. brainstorm.

INTRODUCTION OF NEW MATERIAL (10 minutes – suggested)

What key points will you emphasize and reiterate?
How will you ensure that students actively take-in information?
How will you vary your approach to make information accessible to all students?
Which potential misunderstandings will you anticipate?
Why will students be engaged and interested?

Version 1
10min The key points of the lesson will be finding the Students often struggle with I will use the whiteboard to
relation between angles and sides and letters in mathematics. I will make notes and solve
SOHCAHTOA. I will go over many basic problems to emphasize the meaning of problems.
ensure they understand. I will use triangles in the sin and cos functions to
applied ways, including sports and art. alleviate any
GUIDED PRACTICE (15 minutes – suggested)
How will you clearly state and model behavioral expectations?
How will you ensure that all students have multiple opportunities to practice?
How will you scaffold practice exercises from easy to hard?
How will you monitor and correct student performance?
Why will students be engaged and interested?

15min Behavioral expectations were made at the beginning I hope for the students to be I will write out problems on
of the year and are modeled throughout the school engaged for the reason that the whiteboard for them to
year, or consequences will follow as discussed in we are working together on work on their own paper.
these expectations. We will work together as a class challenging problems.
to solve some problems. To test their abilities, I will
use a word problem that they use to draw a picture
and solve. I will call on students to demonstrate
these problems.
INDEPENDENT PRACTICE ( 25 minutes – suggested)
How will you clearly state and model behavioral expectations?
In what ways will students attempt to demonstrate independent mastery of the objective?
How will you provide opportunities for extension?
Why will students be engaged and interested?

20min Many problems will be given for them to work on. I Students will try to solve each A worksheet that includes
will help them with their individual struggles as I walk of the problems, even the pictures of trig problems and
around the room. These practice problems will more challenging ones to word problems.
include some word problems that they must draw demonstrate their mastery.
out pictures for. I will also add problems that
combine trig and the
Pythagorean Theorem, which
was from a previous lesson
CLOSING ( 5 minutes – suggested)
How will students summarize what they learned?
How will students be asked to state the significance of what they learned?
How will you provide all students with opportunities to demonstrate mastery of (or progress
toward) the objective?


10min To summarize, I will have students write out the This closing activity will give
students the opportunity to
steps to solving for a side of a triangle using trig in a
specific problem and turn it in. demonstrate what they
learned and allow me to
assess them.
HOMEWORK (if appropriate). How will students practice what they learned?

I will have students finish the worksheet from class, if not finished. If they did finish, they should study the steps of the

Version 1