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"· VIOL p b J1, e-x;s pie 01 mous 11 vu•,� �oftwote
0Jlaba m<.nagt:,11ent s stem 1s u�etlll 1n encomp a,sing the processes o1
a1 " 18 r ,.aies u-.h as d g1lal pho1ographs analog graphics, dlu lralH'" t:ic
, 'I. ''·" Iris_ 1s d co,npute, progra, ih,it converls the inpllt/Oulpllt inslruc11ons
op<'a1,ng ,y,rem ,;o t at they a" he under loud by th" devices.
D Wn three -examples or each of he followi n.g stems.
1 �1gh-level prog,amm,n0 !Jnguage,
! lnt"rpret"r
4 Assembler
:; Apphc3t,on software

E rt answer type questions.

Name the program that allows l11gh-level language to ,nterrel ate w11h a hardware dev1te
Which program translatesa progrnm w11tte11 1n as,t1nbly language into the machine langu�ge?
1 '\lame the ,oitware that act, as an 111ten0ce betwc,e11 bordware and <OIM·are
4 What ,� boot111g?
5 What 1s an d11t1v1rus program?
F Long er type questions.
rte the d1/terence be:tween low-lf'vt:I l.:inguages and high-level lan!;uages with ex; rnµles
What rs applrca1ion software/ Give examples.
3. WI ea note on machine language.
What 1s an operating system? Give example,
5. Wr'te short notes on-
a1 compilers lb) interpreters (c) assemble,,

» HOfS Hnm1>r
t Given below are som
A program goe5 through vanou� stages before ,ts execu ,on
are followed before a program 1s loaded as a running
program in the computer rnem r r rg

the stages in the correct sequence.

r, Loader
ource code Linker Compiler, Assemble

Hod , discussion in you
l,is, on he s,mil n1 es ,cl d1t!
pr ter,
1he a embly
thy,u partner tht nt:ed,1
h c rouow, g tff'crmal numb.- hei binary equiv I
,Of (al 110010
2 I'0 (I.,) I 1000000
341 {c)11(101000
4 50 (d) 1100100
) 192 le) 1010101 10

How are negative b inary numbers represented/

\ bvt ,s formetf by 8 bus. How many d1sllna values can be• rep resented with 4 hits?

Di"de ,he class into 1wo i;roups Discu< s the importance of binary number 5 5te
computer sysiem Y m in hu1iding •

Do Js d1rerred·
1 Convert the decimal number 186 ro 8-b1
r binar y number
Convert the binary number 11111111
tolls dec1rnal eqwvalent
Wn(c th� one s <:omp ement ot 01011
Write the tv,;0'5 <omplerncnt of 110110
Suhtrac..t 1, 1 from l 101 using the
tv,o·s cumplement melh(ld.
Write an algoflthm ilnd draw J flo
wchdrt showmg the conversion
numbe,r �) stem 01 decimal 11umbe1 lo btndry
Col/�r mformiltron abou1 Un
iwde and '\SCII. Cre.ite a
word document lor th� 5a11
Make d PowerP(J1nl prt>5ernat,on on the 1e
iopic Octal and hexadec
imal number ,ysroo,,.

riot·. 1Jn be, v t<-1l- 11 1p ,


I n,nf
I I u
1b) e n,mti

r di tt ,en

<.et t eri )rni alled

ITl u ti n used

a) I } Progr m

lni;t ur::t101 (d) Layout

tran late sourct' cod·
1 terp1eter 1s o xecute 1e sourc code directly,
..ompilerl co d e ma d e
r !i ntatiori codeJ 11d 1mmt:diat ly execute the prec

Deb gger {I ) Trari:;lato

.c lnterprete d) Compile
Mi rosoft Excel r n t amp!
al Word Proce. l r bl Image -d1 >r
tc:} EJ oft.ware
S. : id o the tollowm,, 1c; not -Y tern uuli y sottv�·are ?
Backup uh u�.,, nl1 , ru� progr rns
(c) Databas n1anagemen s�1 .tern d) file c m e'i·,on 111 t

1 re ,vnt_t n rn the orm of

l The t\. o _ road .categor" es of softw� e are

3. prog am th e ul tte

4 h 1ze t nle·.
lO creare th d s n nt la o
, ca loguc. e .

h I J I u uage r ) m. 1

rP � nowl' a mp,
Let us Practise
rrect option
T fhr rul, of a programm1n IJnguaf\ 1s know s
<al 'iyrtax 1b) Sem r1t1 ,,

c) Tags (dl El nt11t�

A set ot instr ct,uns u 1t1 I �rfo1n1, peuf rask 1s c, llecf

(a G1anm1ar (b Progr.im
(CI Instruction (d) ayom
3 The role of an 1nt1'rpr te > to execute rhi ource code d1r ell>, lra1 1c <- ouru code
int> int<' ,n4d1ate repre5E: tat1on (cod,1 and mmed•ately execute the preromp led c de macle
·� a
al D.-bugger b) T1dnsla or
IC) Interpreter (ii (01 pl' ·r
4 Mrcrosott ExLe1 1s .in exarnpiE ol
(a/ \Nord Processor (b) Image r

ld Elecrron,c Spreadsheet (di Re ovn <;ottware

5 Which of the following ,snot a sy,tcm ut1hty �oflwa 1
(a) Backup utd,r,e• fbJ A,!v• rn r ms
(c Dat.3bas(- manag(me'lt system id, FI

F the blank.
IP an ol�t'mblv language !11 ,nstrucwin, ore w,1 0

The two broad cdtegoru'.s 01 ttw,Hf' d


progr rn hat x tt s rJc

4 '" <iz 0 le�.

g ' ,.;id y u
d F t r 111 .
Th firs1 high-le el prugr�in01111 fan uage
Pia,�all<u � ch r JI.d b l<.onra:l \J,
IrI 1p; f:rus,•d or 11\i "I I '8 high lev 1,,,
'•es uin rn h I
I UJ ( Jro

\J ar kri wn .i ' rit.'I

n d 11un


wo nu,n I vaJ e __:)

___ an d J___
!_ _ tn l in ry
m,a I nu r by _ re c.on.;en 11 into · h,n rv I rnbcr.
In d I orv ystern, 1 O�_ _ j__
t any H1 r,, n fflOer Ci:lll . obl.d. Ed by nt�rcha1 'bll lf

rte vl luE O ar d

. W� n ls ddc, to 1 in a b111 ry ·ystem 1 the c;um 1 1

The tat Fr n mp Lr 1s rep,esented by CJ
4 a UTlinbn -vriu n up to bit., 1 1s 8 Udl o DO.

result or tn ry addition 1 and 0

l equ1 alent o h bm-ry numb r 011

I e comp! rn nt rt e num er 1 1 I 1

4 L of t e numb r 10 10 0

r Ir 11 (