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HE RECEIVER RESTI HE OPERATIONS OF THE HARRISBURG SCHOOL DISTRICT JUNE 27, 2019 WHEREAS, the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County has recently appointed Dr. Janet C. Samuels as Receiver of the Harrisburg School District (“Distit”) fora three (3) year term; WHEREAS, asthe Receiver, Dr. Janet C. Samuels has taken operational contro ofthe District, assuming all of her prior powers as Chief Recovery Officer and all ofthe powers ofthe Board of School Directors of the District, except the power to levy and raise taxes; WHEREAS, the District has been in financial recovery status since December 2012 and since last fall, Dr Janet C. Samuels was named by Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera as the Chief Recovery Officer and has been studying the positive attributes, as well asthe areas of ‘needed improvement, to improve the efficiency and educational outcomes of the District; ‘WHEREAS, its the intent of the Receiver to achieve as quickly as possible substantive ‘improvements in District operations, financial efficiencies, organizational control, labor peace, and most importantly, improving the lot, well-being, and educational outcomes ofthe District's student population; WHEREAS, the Receiver has formulated a bold plan modeled in part after the successful ‘ansformation ofthe Reading School District in Berks County in an effort to tum around the District; WHEREAS, the Receiver has interfaced with Dr.John J. George, the current Executive Director of Montgomery County Intermediate Unit No, 23, the former Acting Superintendent of the Reading School District, and the former Executive Director of the Berks County Intermediate Unit, who without Receiver powers, was able to effectuate dramatic financial improvements and educational improvements in the Reading School District, along with Christopher Celmer, whois the current Assistant Superintendent ofthe Reading School District; WHEREAS, the Receiver has negotiated a new Recovery Plan Service Parinership with Montgomery County Intermediate Unit No. 23 to provide key administrative functions ofthe District and develop an intervention plan designed to stabilize and rebuild the financial and ‘human resources systems ofthe District, design and implement K-12 academic plan, design a ‘governance plan, hire key administrative positions, and eventually retum the Distit to local ‘control; WHEREAS, itis expected that as the result ofthe entry into the negotiated ContractRecovery Plan Service Partnership with Montgomery County Intermediate Unit No. 23, that the District will sustain asthe result of various position eliminations and/or terminations an overall savings in annual operations going dow ftom $1.6 million per year to $1.2 million per year; WHEREAS, through this innovative reorganization plan, the Receiver and Montgomery ‘County Intermediate Unit No. 23 propose to partner with the District by supplying a team of highly qualified individuals to provide leadership and administration of the business services, ‘human resources, intemal operations, academic services, and student services operations; WHEREAS, Dr. John J. George will serve as the Financial Recovery Plan Service Director reporting tothe Receiver and the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit No. 23 will provide a reorganization plan forthe District leadership team, wil realign administrative functions to align with a new organization chat, will provide personnel to administer the office ‘of business services, office of human resources, office of academics, and office of student srssio services, and will tothe greatest extent practical collaborate withthe euent istrict stat smembers and assume that all employees are working with Sdeliy; WHEREAS, though this negotited ContractRecovery Pan Service Partnership, Montgomery County Intermediate Unit No. 23, as requested bythe Receiver, wil provide public briefings to build public trast and confidence trough an open, honest communication with personnel groups, parents, business and community leaders, and other constituents; NOW, THEREFORE, ths 27 of une, 2019, the Receiver, with «view toward pemanently changing the educational fortune ofthe students served by the District esolves as follows: 1. TheDistrc’s Recovery Plan Parmership Agreement with the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit No. 23 to provide managerial functions and services forthe District, effective July 1, 2019, and temminating June 30, 2022, a copy of whichis attached hereto, made a parthereof, and marked Exhibit“A,” i hereby approved andor ratified. 2. Asthe result ofthe subcontracting ofthe management functions to Montgomery County Intermediate Unit No. 23 as stated, the following positions shal be eliminated effective as of the close of business on June 30, 2019, a they are no longer needed to provide services to the District: Position ‘Superintendent Dr. Sybil Knight Bumey | Dr. Sybil Knight-Bumey's ‘most recent appointment as Superintendent was non- compliant with Act 82 of 2012, as she was appointed ‘without the required written contract of employment and