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1. drop separator tank

This is the liquefaction process start machine. The gas coming from Chiquintirca
of Ayacucho enters this equipment whose purpose is to separate the gas from
the moisture, but these quantities of recovered liquid are minimal.
2. Utility area
In this second part we find turbo generators, these machines have the purpose
of supplying power to the plant since part of the gas coming from the tank
separator drops is used by this type of machine.
3. process train
Here three types of chemical treatments are carried out to eliminate; carbon
dioxide, water and mercury, which are eliminated by obstructing the production
process due to corrosion.
4. cryogenic heat exchanger
In this stage of the process this thermal machine performs two interesting
processes first and then subcooling in order to obtain liquid natural gas.
5. storage tanks
These tanks are of large dimensions approximately can reach 55 meters high
and 78 meters in diameter and as the name says they store liquefied natural gas
or LNG.
6. maritime facilities
In our country, natural gas is exported to different parts of the world, mainly to
the United States.
Natural gas enters the tanks of methane tankers.

1. The effects of cold in settlers are a problem still without solution because the
government finally does not consider a serious and complete investigation
about this

2. The habitants will migrate to other regions of the country where the optimum
environmental conditions for their development are found, but this means an
increase in the population in the cities of our country.

3. The environmental conditions are characteristic of each region and people

live in places like these for a long time so this is not a social problem on the
contrary is part of life of the settlers in spite of the effects of cold.


1. The investigations have to be carried out in a multiple way first to solve the
problem and then investigate the social cause.

2. The most efficient technique is the will warm the air and people in different
ways; Radiant and convective in this way the heat transfers of people to the
air is reduced for offering thermal comfort.

3. One way to help reducing respiratory diseases is to change the current way
that people wear their clothes to wear warm clothing throughout the day
avoiding thermal shock, in food is to increase iron-rich foods, in fact, The
nutrition of children is the key to the development of healthy adults in these