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Implementation Project Dashboard

Customer Information CUSTOMER NAME

Customer Installation Address:
Athleta #4781
SF - Fillmore Street
2226 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
Onsite or
Name / Email / Numbers Remote
Primary project contact Mark Samonte; Mark_Samonte@gap.com, 415 832-8787
Steve Jaroslovsky, steven_jaroslovsky@gap.com 415 427- Remote

Customer / Site contact

Guy Amato Onsite

(909) 276-0258
Store Telephone Number
(415) 345-8501

Telecom Administrator
Steve Jaroslovsky 415 427-2929 Remote

WLAN Administrator

WLAN Security contact


Spectralink Information

Customer PO Number(s):
Spectralink Sales Order #:

Name / Email / Numbers

Spectralink Project Manager Chris Deboer chris.deboer@spectralink.com, 720-224-1430

Spectralink Technical Named Tier 3

Individual/Tier 3

Spectralink Field Engineer

Spectralink Sales
Engineer / Account
Partner main contact

Service Information
Service Name Quantity Notes

1 8400 Handset Implementation 3

Product Information
Product Name Quantity Notes

1 8440 Wireless Handsets 3

8400 Handset Implementation
Additional Handset Implementation
OAI Gateway Integration
End User Training

OAI Gateway
8440 Wireless Handsets
8450 Wireless Handsets
Single Charger
Double Charger
Quad Charger
Customer Questionnaire for the preparation of the onsite implementation

On-site Access and Safety information

Does the Spectralink Field Engineer need to provide any

specific credentials in advance of their on-site arrival? unknown
Do you have security requirements that will limit the
Spectralink Field Engineer's access to the equipment once
racked? n/a
Is the implementation site under Union rules? unknown
Is the implementation site under construction?
Will the Field Engineer need special safety equipment? no

Spectralink® 8400
Spectralink 8400 IP Overview 8400 Deployment Guide

Administrator Guide

SIP Call Sever Interoperability Matix

WLAN Best Practices for Deploying Spectralink 8400 Handsets

Cisco UCM Application Notes

VIEW Certified Access Point notes:

The WLAN infrastructure listed in the link to the right have VIEW Certified Access Points & Controllers
passed rigorous interoperability and performance testing
to ensure excellent support of Spectralink 8400 Wireless

Telecom Preparation
Note: Telecom preparation is to be completed by customer or PBX/SIP vendor prior to Spectralink
Field Engineer arriving on site. It is out of the scope of the Spectralink implementation to complete
the PBX or SIP programming.

What SIP Server Manufacturer, model and SW will be used on

this 8400 integration? Avaya IP Office
Has the SIP server been installed? If not, please note the
scheduled date of installation. Yes
Has the Spectralink SIP Interoperability guide been
What date will the programming of the Spectralink handset
extensions and features in the SIP server be completed?
(Spectralink Install Day) see schedule

Does the site have enough licenses for the new SIP Spectralink
handsets? Yes
It is a requirement for successful implementation of the 8400
handsets that a SIP soft phone or deskset be tested across the
WLAN prior to scheduling an on-site date. Please indicate if you
have concerns or need support with testing prior to the onsite
date? N/A
Feature Integration per the PBX/SIP setup (for testing during the installation)
Conference Yes
Transfer Yes
Mute Yes
Park calls Yes
Call pick up Yes
Hold Yes
Paging Yes
Nurse call / messaging No
Voice mail / indicator light No
Push-to-talk No
Spectralink SAFE No
Provisioning Server Network Information

NOTE: The wireless telephones will utilize what is referred to as a Provisioning server. This is simply a file transfer
system such as FTP, HTTP or HTTPs. It is recommended that the Provisioning Servers be on a server or computer that
will be available at all times. It is highly recommended that a Provisioning Server is deployed.
Provisioning Server IP address TBD
Provisioning Server Protocol Type (FTP, HTTP, HTTPS) FTPS

Provisioning Username & Password if applicable TBD

Wireless Network Setup

Have the WLAN and Wireless Controller/AP's been installed and
Meraki MR18
What Access Points and will be used with the wireless
telephone's? (Manufacturer / Model / SW version)

Access Points used for the integration must be configured to

Spectralink recommended setting prior to the wireless phone VIEW Certified Products and Notes
implementation. See the Spectralink View Certification notes for
all the requirements.
Have the Spectralink View Certification notes been implemented?
If possible, would you be able to provide the WLAN configuration
for our records?
Please note if you have any concerns or questions about the None
View Certification notes.
Has a RF site survey optimized for wireless voice been No
performed on the WLAN?
NOTE: Security Key
WPA-PSK mode Requires TKIPWPA2-PSK Mode Requires AES Only *****Do Not enable TKIP and AES at the same time****
Security Type utilized (WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc)
If using WEP, what is the key index?
If WPA2-Enterprise, what is the username and password
WPA2-Enterprise Certificate type

NOTE: For WPA Enterprise, a copy of the ROOT certificate (file) is required in .cer or .der format.

If using Fast Access Point Handoff, which method is employed,

NOTE: If MAC address filtering for security is utilized, all of the wireless telephone MAC addresses will need to be entered into the
MAC Filter Table prior to the installation onsite date.***
Which 802.11 band will you be using? 5.0Ghz
The phones are frequency agile and may utilize both 2.4Ghz and
5Ghz frequencys at the same time.
If using 802.11a please select Sub-band (UNII1, UNII2, UNII-Ext,
Are the channels and power settings Fixed or Dynamic?
Will Admission Control be utilized on your network?
NOTE: Admission Control
Some AP manufacturers utilize a mechanism known as Admission Control to manage an AP’s bandwidth utilization. Use of
Admission Control is supported on the wireless phones but may present performance issues. The purpose of Admission Control is to
not allow a new client to utilize an AP if it is already heavily utilized, in which case the client, the wireless phone, may have to use a
lesser AP instead of its primary choice. This may result in poor sound quality, dropped audio etc.

Network IP addressing
Is DHCP enabled for the wireless phones? This is the
recommended setting and requires Options 3-default gateway, 6- Yes
DNS Server, 7-Syslog Server (if utilized) and 15-DNS Name be
If static IP addresses will be utilized, please provide the following prior to on-site date
IP address range for phone
Subnet Mask
Voice SSID
Default Gateway IP address
Time Server IP address
DNS Server IP address
Your DNS Domain Name TBD
Provisioning Server IP address
SIP Server IP address (What IP address will the wireless SIP
phones register to?)
What SIP port will you utilize? 5060 or 5070 5060
Syslog Server IP address (if utilized) N/A
What date will the programming of the Spectralink handset
extensions and features in the SIP server be completed?
Spectralink Install Day) see schedule


Important links for

Spectralink 8400
Wireless Handsets

X/SIP vendor prior to Spectralink

ralink implementation to complete
g server. This is simply a file transfer
g Servers be on a server or computer that
ver is deployed.


able TKIP and AES at the same time****

The security information can be
provided onsite

der format.

C addresses will need to be entered into the

an AP’s bandwidth utilization. Use of

ssues. The purpose of Admission Control is to
lient, the wireless phone, may have to use a
audio etc.

DHCP Scope Options

Option # Value(s) Description

3 Default Gateway: Note: The RFC states that there can be

#.#.#.# #.#.#.# … #.#.#.# multiple entries with the first being highest priority.

6 DNS server: Note the RFC states that there can be multiple
#.#.#.# #.#.#.# … #.#.#.# entries with the first being highest priority.

7 Syslog server: Note the RFC states that there can be multiple
#.#.#.# #.#.#.# … #.#.#.# entries with the first being highest priority.

String DNS Domain Name

Not ready yet PACIFIC

The RFC states that there can be
first being highest priority.
FC states that there can be multiple
ng highest priority.

RFC states that there can be multiple

ng highest priority.
8400 SIP Phone Extension List
SIP SIP Caller User ID User User User
Extension: Extension ID/Label: Profile Profile Profile
Password: (Y or N): Login ID: Password:
130 130 130-BOH 130 N n/a
131 131 131-Sales1 131 n n/a
132 132 132-Sales2 132 n n/a
MAC Address (Needed for the
Display Name Serial #
middleware integration)

Sales 1
Sales 2
Telephone Number Name
9-1-877-267-1303 Conference Call
9-1-877-737-8405 Customer Support
9-1-800-241-2626 Store Support
9-1-700-284-4630 Burlingame
9-1-700-284-7073 Corte Madera
9-1-700-284-4782 Broadway Plaza
9-1-700-284-4893 Bay Street
9-1-700-284-4146 Sutter
9-1-700-284-4902 Roseville
9-1-700-284-4960 Bishop Ranch
9-1-700-284-4936 Rampart Commons
9-1-700-284-4632 Green Valley


Digitmap: x.T
Directory will be manually entered on-site so that the wireless can obtain the directory descrption from the PBX