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NWCDTP Workshop - July 5th

Impact & Research

Communication Skills
Hosted by the
University of
Workshop - July 5th
Impact & Research Communication Skills
9.30 - 16.00

This workshop for postgraduates and postdocs is designed to develop the necessary skills
for effectively communicating the significance of your research, particularly outside the
immediate environment of fellow-specialists in your own discipline or subject area.

The workshop coverage will be as follows: 

- Key skills for engaging non-specialists

- The micro and the macro dimensions of your research

- What is the nature of your intervention, and what difference

will it make?

- Finding the story in your research, and how to announce it

- Nailing the facts / pointing outward and onward

- Where does it lead, beyond the case you have chosen to study?

- What further research will it help to stimulate and promote?

- Implications and applications

- Brainstorming ideas for your project