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IGOR STRAWINSKY 1918 GRANDE SUITE L’histoire du Soldat ARRANGEMENT POUR PIANO PAR L’'AUTEUR Prix 10s. (Fr. 15.00) net. J. & W. CHESTER, LTDp., LONDON: Seuts Dépositain ou ROUART, LEROLLE ET CIE, MAISON CHESTER, 2), RUE DIASTORG, PARIS, 8, RUE DE LA MONTAGNE BRUXELLES, Eng Copyright. Mi ‘THE TALE IN BRIEF (Taken from the program of the concert given by the League of Composers) Part I Joseph, a Soldier, penniless, hungry, and weary, is merch-march-merching home for a two weeks! leave Music--MARCHE DU SOLDAT Impatiently he empties the contents of his knap-sack, searching through his few treasures to pick up finally a violin, on which he plays for his own comfort, Music—aU BORD DU RUISSEAU The Devil, disguised as « little old man with a butterfly net, appears suddenly Debind the Soldier and offers to exchenge a book for his violin, The Soldier cannot reed, but the Devil presses his gift, a magic book which can produce gold. . The Soldier thereupon takes the book, moves his lips as if reading, but cries that he cannot understand. Promising to teach Joseph to read in exchange for lessons on the violin, the Devil transports him to a place where, for two or three days, he shall “eat, drink end smoke Havana cigars with gold bande on them." dn interval passes, during which Joseph eats, sleeps, drinks and teaches the Devil to play on the violin, and after two or three "well worth-while" days, flice ecross the sky with the Devil. He reaches his hone, but, alae, his mother does not know him, and hie fiancee? Married and the mother of two children He turns aray in wild grief, realizing that three years have passed in three days. The Soldier wanders into the village, where he meets the Devil, outfitted as a horse dealer. He attacks with his sword but is powerless. Divested of his military cap and coat, he is ordered to get the megic book and wander on. During the next interval the Soldier learns to read the book. Money and every- thing it can buy are his, but alas, all is in vein, for he is unhappy and sits at his desk dreaming of death. He mourns his lost joys, the innocence of rustic life, his home, the sight of ell the watering cans in his village. "They have el: have nothing," he cries, "0 Satan, Satan" ‘he telephone interrupts him, Creditors call him to pay his current bills, but he postpones these worldly duties and resunes his reverie. To the Soldier, still at his desk, the Devil reappears as en old peddler woman. ‘From her bag she finally draws out his old violin, and with Joy he takes it up. But he cannot remember how to play. The Devil departs, The Soldier, in despair, turns again to the book, Part II Joseph, the Soldier, is march-march-marching on; no one knows whither nor why. He appears poorer than ever, without even his Imap-sack. He comes to a new country, enters an inn, and here there is a crowd all talking of the princess who is mortally ill and is promised by the king to any man who will cure her. A passer-by suggests to Joseph that he epply; there 1s no risk and every— thing to gain. "Why not?" cries Joseph and is off. TABLE Marcne pu Sovvat Le Vioton pu Soupat . oe mans Marcue Rovare Perit Concert... ‘Trois Danses 24 “Tango—Valse— Ragtime Danse pu Diaste 39 CHORAL oe see te Marcue TriompHae pu Diasie