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JULY 2019


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing,
so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” - Romans 15: 13

Rev. Leigh Benish

10:30 A.M.—Worship Service Elder Louise Evans
11:30 A.M.—Coffee, Snacks, and Fellowship Time in the Fellowship Hall
Jenny Martin, Choir Director

Nancy Slezak, Memorial Handbell

Director and Organist

Kathleen Davis

Elean Heist, Administrative Assistant

and Financial Secretary

Lyn Goehring, Treasurer

John D. Whittington
Don’t forget to take your flat Jesus with you this summer!

501 Second Street

Butler, Pennsylvania 16001
E-mail: hillup@zoominternet.net
10:30 - 11:30 A.M.

JULY 7, 2019
4th Sunday After Pentecost
Lord’s Supper - By Intinction

Rev. Leigh Benish

Scripture: Revelation 1: 9-19; Genesis 15: 1-6

JULY 14, 2019

5th Sunday After Pentecost

Rev. Leigh Benish

Scripture: 1 Kings 8: 1-13; Psalm 121

JULY 21, 2019

6th Sunday After Pentecost
Christmas In July

Rev. Leigh Benish

Scripture: Isaiah 9: 2-7; Matthew 1: 18-25

JULY 28, 2019

7th Sunday After Pentecost

Brian Graff

Scripture: Psalm 13 and Galatians 3: 23-29

And let us consider each other carefully for the purpose of sparking love
and good deeds. Don’t stop meeting together with other believers, which
some people have gotten into the habit of doing. Instead, encourage each
other, especially as you see the day drawing near.
-Hebrews 10:24-25

One of the requirements for Presbyterian pastors seeking calls is to write a Statement of
Faith. This is so that the pastor takes some time to articulate what they believe and so that
the church can make sure they are a good match. Part of my most recent Statement of
Faith states:

The Church is a community, and God is a God of community. Because the God we
worship is Triune, relationship is inherent to who we are. When we come together
in worship, when we participate together in the sacraments of baptism and the
Lord’s Supper, when we serve our siblings in need, and when we share our lives
with one another, we experience God’s grace and live into our identity as relational

This concept of a relational God creating relational beings has become pretty fundamental
for my faith. We are made to be in community. We are made to interact with one another.
None of us can do it alone.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t try. Our culture tells us that we need to be independent,
that we are the “masters of our own destiny,” that when we start to seek help, we become
weak. However, this is completely antithetical to who we are at our core.

In his book The Divine Dance, Richard Rohr posits that “the greatest dis-ease facing
humanity right now is our profound and painful sense of disconnection.” Many recent
studies have shown that an increased use of social media actually leads to an increase in
social isolation. The more we seem to be connecting with people – old friends, family,
and colleagues around the world – the more disconnected we truly are.

That’s because there’s a lot to be said for face-to-face, in person relationships. I love my
family in the Midwest, and I adore my virtual friends and colleagues all over the world,
but there’s no substitute for a real hug or sitting down to coffee with a friend. As the
author of Hebrews says, we should not stop meeting with one another, which some have
gotten into the habit of doing. Weekly worship services, fellowship events, and just
enjoying casual outings together is part of being the community of faith.

Especially as summer goes into full swing, I hope to see you, not just virtually, but in
person. Because that’s what being a community of faith is all about.

Rev. Leigh


Morning Evening
1 Job 20, 21 Acts 10: 24-48
7th - Lois Minich and Chris Leroy 2 Job 22, 23, 24 Acts 11
9th - Nancy Slezak and Kaitlyn Pesci 3
Job 25, 26, 27
Job 28, 29
Acts 12
Acts 13: 1-25
10th - Ruth McKinney 5 Job 30, 31 Acts 13: 26-52
11th - Mason Montag 6
Job 32, 33
Job 34, 35
Acts 14
Acts 15: 1-21
12th - Robert Kennedy 8 Job 36, 37 Acts 15: 22-41
9 Job 38, 39, 40 Acts 16: 1-21
15th - Sami Roth 10 Job 41, 42 Acts 16: 22-40
17th - Helen Knauer 11 Ps. 1, 2, 3 Acts 17: 1-15
12 Ps. 4, 5, 6 Acts 17: 16-34
19th - Jane Kennedy 13 Ps. 7, 8, 9 Acts 18
20th - Don Lane 14
Ps. 10, 11, 12
Ps. 13, 14, 15
Acts 19: 1-20
Acts 19: 21-41
21st - Jim Ihlenfeld 16 Ps. 16, 17 Acts 20: 1-16
17 Ps. 18, 19 Acts 20: 17-38
22nd - Betty Scarnato and Jared Hinkle 18 Ps. 20, 21, 22 Acts 21: 1-17
23rd - Marge Corona and Bev Montag 19 Ps. 23, 24, 25 Acts 21: 18-40
20 Ps. 26, 27, 28 Acts 22
24th - Corah Hawk 21 Ps. 29, 30 Acts 23: 1-15
25th - Lauren McElhaney 22
Ps. 31, 32
Ps. 33, 34
Acts 23: 16-35
Acts 24
27th - Kaydence Hall 24 Ps. 35, 36 Acts 25
25 Ps. 37, 38, 39 Acts 26
30th - Patti Donaldson 26 Ps. 40, 41, 42 Acts 27: 1-26
31st - Emily Rogers and Jennifer Miller 27 Ps. 43, 44, 45 Acts 27: 27-44
28 Ps. 46, 47, 48 Acts 28
Session Notes 29 Ps. 49, 50 Rom. 1
30 Ps. 51, 52, 53 Rom. 2
31 Ps. 54, 55, 56 Rom. 3
The Session held its postponed May monthly meeting on June 2, 2019.
The following actions were taken:
++ Approved spending up to $900 to purchase and replace the round tables in
the fellowship hall with funding to come from the Memorial Funds.
++ Accepted the Hill Church Review of Financial Information (Audit Report)
for the period January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018.
++ Approved motion to hold a congregational meeting on June 23, 2019 to
elect church officers and at-large members for the 2020 Nominating WORSHIP ATTENDANCE
Committee. IN MAY AND JUNE
++ Approved the church's participation in the "Healthy Pastors, Healthy
Congregations" program. Sunday
The Session held its monthly meeting on June 10, 2019. The following actions were 5/5 89
++ Approved the motion by Mission Support to sponsor a collection of 5/12 84
personal hygiene items for the residents of Robin's Home from June 16
through July 7. 5/19 84
++ Approved the session minutes for April 8, 2019 and June 2, 2019 as
5/26 84
There will be no session meeting in July. The Session will next meet August 12,
6/2 88
2019. 6/9 100
Respectfully submitted, 6/16 57
Louise Evans, Clerk
4 6/23 107
Thank you to each one of you for the beautiful recognition and reception I received
on June 9th. It was my pleasure to bake communion bread through those years because
it was a way to thank God for all He has done for me and a way to serve the church as
well. I have been blessed so much to be in such a loving and caring church. Give your
thanks now to Kerry McElhaney who is currently making the communion bread.
Also, I thank the whole congregation for the beautiful hydrangea plant I received.
It is planted in my garden and I look forward to seeing it bloom this summer.
Thank you especially to the Nurture and Worship Committees for a very special
With much love, Bea Welch
Eighteen volunteers served Community Dinner to 94 guests on June 12th. The menu was pork
barbecue, coleslaw, chips, fruit, and ice cream sandwich or pudding for dessert. Cake bakers are needed
for the July meal. Mixes provided. If you can help, call or text Barb Kamerer at 724.487.3675.

couple weeks left until we fire up the grill and get the dogs and burgers ready.
After a devotional time, when we’ll hear some great stories from the Bible, kids will
find some amazing volunteers leading our workshops. Here’s just a sample to get
you excited- Miss Karen is back with the preschoolers! The guy in the chef outfit,
Mr. David, was recruited for the cooking workshop because he brings Pastor Leigh
amazing lunches. And among the sports leaders will be our own Olympic hopeful,
Miss Judy, leading tennis. Soooo much more will be going on. If you know some
kids, get ‘em signed up today!

TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY participants – Thursday looks like the best day for our trip to
Kelso Bible Museum. If you haven’t replied to the emailed survey, please do so as soon as possible.

The National Youth Triennium is almost here! From July 16 to 20, hundreds and
hundreds of youth will gather at Purdue University to explore the theme “Here’s My
Heart” through discussions, worship, recreation and more. After a late round panic, when
the transportation arrangements fell through, we are back in business. A big thanks to our
adult leaders, Steve Arn and Barb Graham, for agreeing to drive the giant rented van!
And a big thank you to the donors who are helping individual students with expenses. It is
MUCH appreciated.

Spread the word amongst friends and fellow Presbyterians! The Education committee is sponsoring a new
activity at Worship Without Walls- The Butler Highland Games. Kids of all ages can join in some
unusual adaptations of traditional Scottish sports after lunch. Pastors of the participating churches will
be standing beneath the traditional weight toss (although the weights will actually be water balloons).
Gentlemen! Tryouts for the kilt contest will be held in early August. Neutral judges from the church
staff will evaluate the contestants. We feel the Hill Church has the quality of gentleman who will put the
other teams to shame. Get your plaid ready. If you cannot afford a kilt, a kilt will be provided for you. Oh
wait. That’s a lawyer. But we’ll find any man who participates a lovely kilt. (God bless the girls from St
Joseph’s and Central Catholic who have donated to the Reformed brethren their uniform skirts since
graduation. What a blessing they were a bit stout. {seriously- I made that part up. But the contest is real}).


Alan None due to

Milanovich Elder
Ladies’ Kendall Alan the
JULY 7 Becky
Team Ruth Nace Milanovich Independence
Scott Day Holiday
Miller Elder
Ladies’ Lena Anne Volunteer
JULY 14 Bob
Team Barb Provident Miller Needed
Graham Elder
Men’s Maddy Bob
JULY 21 Jack Deacons
Team Dale Hall Kennedy
Men’s Lauren Caroline Pete Volunteer
Team Leroy McElhaney Freeze McElhaney Needed

Communion Team – Team A

Newsletter Team in JULY (for August) – Team A (The Hoover Family)
Sunday morning ride service driver for JULY - Marsh Miller (724-287-5444)

Donated with love in Donated with love in Donated with love in Donated with love
memory of memory of memory of in honor of Kaydi Hall’s
Ivan Reimold by the Betty Kamerer Bert Knauer birthday and in memory
Reimold, Burtner, and by Jim and Barb by of Elma Hall by Mark
Freeze Family. Kamerer. Edna Mae Knauer. Hall.
Hill Church for many years was known as “The Glad Hand Church.” The Nurture
Committee wants to continue this tradition. Pew Greeters will now welcome visitors,
encourage them to sign the guest registry, and invite them to Fellowship Hour on
JULY 7 Sharon Montag, 724-285-3231 Karen Shultz, 724-283-2413
JULY 14 Nancy Daugherty, 724-285-1013 Janet Edinger, 724-282-7782
JULY 21 Lois Minich, 724-283-1875 Volunteer Needed
JULY 28 Volunteer Needed Volunteer Needed
MON WED Church Office
Church Office
Closed Closed
1 2 3 4 5 6
11:00am - Staff Meeting 8:00am - Women’s 9:00am - Hill Quilters 11:00am - AA
Fellowship Breakfast at
Mac’s Café

4th Sunday
After Pentecost
7 Lord’s Supper- 8 9 10 11 12 13
11:00am - Staff Meeting 8:00am - Women’s 11:00am - AA
10:30am - Worship - Rev. Fellowship Breakfast at
Leigh Benish preaching Mac’s Café
9:30am - Willing Workers
5:00pm - Community
6-7:30pm - Wednesdays
Around The World

5th Sunday
After Pentecost
14 15 16 17 18 19 20
9:30am - Community 11:00am - Staff Meeting 8:00am - Women’s 6:45pm - Choir Practice 11:00am - AA
Lunches Fellowship Breakfast at
10:30am - Worship - Rev. Mac’s Café
Leigh Benish preaching 9:30am - Willing Workers
11:30am - Fellowship Hour 6-7:30pm - Wednesdays
Around The World

“The Lord is my
strength and my 6th Sunday
After Pentecost
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
shield; in Him my 10:30am - Worship - Rev. 11:00am - Staff Meeting 8:00am - Women’s 11:00am - AA
Leigh Benish preaching 6:00pm - Presbytery Fellowship Breakfast at
11:30am - Fellowship Hour Meeting at Mt. Chestnut Mac’s Café
Presbyterian Church 6-7:30pm - Wednesdays
heart trusts; so I Around The World

am helped, and my
Pastor Leigh is out of the office from July 22nd through August 1st.
7th Sunday
heart exults, and with After
Pentecost 29 30 31
11:00am - Staff Meeting 8:00am - Women’s
my song I give 28
10:30am - Worship - Brian Fellowship Breakfast at
Graff preaching Mac’s Café
11:30am - Fellowship Hour 6-7:30pm - Wednesdays
Around The World
thanks to Him.”
- Psalm 28: 7
Pastor Leigh is out of the office from July 22nd through August 1st.
Cut out the picture and Bible verse and use it as your bookmark for your Bible for the month of July!